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Moving Forward

In this fic, it would be 2 weeks after Omelia made up. Owen follows Amelia to LA to visit her first baby’s grave. This would feature the LA gang :)

For the sake of this fic:

a) Amelia had returned home and made up with Owen 2 weeks before this fic

b) They didn’t receive any news about Megan in this fic, and the hospital fire didn’t occur.

Again, thanks to the amazing @jia911 helping me to proofread this! <3

Owen closed his eyes and took a deep breath as the aircraft he was boarding landed. His heart was thumping fast. Although he tried not to show it, he was nervous about meeting Amelia’s LA gang. Although Amelia frequently told him about her LA friends, and he had joined in their FaceTime chats a couple of times, this was the first time he was meeting them face to face. He knew that they meant a lot to Amelia, and were her family when she was working in LA. He was glad that she had found a place where she belonged before she met him. He had heard only good things about this group and couldn’t wait to meet them. At the same time, he couldn’t help but wonder what impression would he be making on them. What if they didn’t like him? He didn’t want to let Amelia down. If Amelia’s friends liked him, she would be happy, and her being happy would make him happy too.

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what do we want? drugs! when do we want them? now! ( requested by anonymous )

The Beginning Of Forever

It was April 9th, the day Owen and Amelia were getting married. They had planned their wedding quickly, not wanting anything too big, just some family, friends and their daughter. They were getting married at park that had a beautiful garden that you could rent of for ceremony’s. Thankfully the sun was high in the sky, it wasn’t too hot or too cold. Everything had been going perfect so far, Amelia’s LA family made it in without any problems, no one out of the Grey-Sloan family had to miss it, nothing could ruin this day.

Amelia sat in the room she was getting ready in. She sat in her slit, hair pulled back into a simple, messy, yet elegant up do. She took a deep breath, and then unclenched the fist she had made with her hand. In her hand she held a white stick that read the word ‘pregnant’. She had been suspicious that she hadn’t gotten her period in two months, but figured it was simply stress from planning a wedding and raising a toddler. She was happy though, her and Owen were getting married, they had a perfectly healthy little girl, proof that she didn’t only make unhealthy babies. She looked back in the mirror and smiled back at herself. She was going to have another baby, a sister or brother to give Lulu and she couldn’t help but smile picturing Owens face when she told him. A tear fell down her cheek, followed by a few more.

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anonymous asked: can you gif this scene in pp s4ep14 when they’re at the door cos she looks ridiculously adorable in that outfit?
         ↳ private practice 4x14 – home again


anonymous asked: can you gif this scene in pp s4ep14 whereby amelia & gang decides to go to connecticut?
          ↳ private practice 4x14 – home again

through the years // private practice 2007-2013