mad max au ideas
  • capable works at a battered womens shelter with her terrifying boss and a bunch of other women who also used to be part of the program. on saturday nights she helps set up the snacks and coffee table at the AA meetings held at the rec center next door, and one day she finds some nineteen year old chemo-bald tweaker in the alley by the dumpsters. blah blah blah, she gets him into recovery they compare trackmarks, he fixes her junkheap car a lot, RESPECTFUL LOVE IS FALLEN INTO. (he eventually goes into remission and gets off narcotics. furiosa eventually revokes his ban from the shelter premises.) 
  • alternate history au where furiosa was never taken from the vuvalini and when the land goes sour, she and the many mothers fall on the citadel like the hammer of heaven to get control of all that water and greenery. the warpups and a handful of the warboys are some of the only survivors- and only because angharad and the wives interceded on their behalf. nux finds out to his horror that he’s phenomenal at fixing irrigation lines. capable wears a post-apocalyptic sunhat and culottes. everything is terrible. 
  • furiosa headlines a thrashpunk band with four other members. max is their nonverbal roadie. nux is the stray methhead they find passed out in the back of their tour bus. they toss him out back a couple times but he keeps magically reappearing whenever they stop to eat or refuel, and then he winds up fixing their ride once they overheat out in the middle of the arizona desert. they end up letting him play bass. 

Hunt’s Point Palm Trees.  Walking around the derelict buildings, scrapyards, and junkheaps of Hunt’s Point at 4 in the morning - something no sane person should probably do, but then, I’ve rarely been lauded on my sanity - I was struck by how much these withering trees looked like some sort of urban palm.  Rising just above the concertina wire atop a corrugated wall, they were backlit by a single light in one of the many junkyards in the area.  I snapped this photograph hand-held with a 50mm f/1.4; one needs to be mobile when wandering Hunt’s Point at 4 AM, in case one needs to run.  So bringing a tripod - that would just be insane, wouldn’t it?