We love Junkfunk’s home - nestled perfectly in the heart of the North Laine; a vibrant area bursting at the seams with vibrancy and uniqueness. But once upon a time it was nothing but a cluster of slums…

Here’s a little history of how it transformed!

A ‘laine’ is an old Sussex term for a piece of land at the foot of the Downs >> The area was once five open farming plots, laid out in strips in traditional Anglo Saxon style >> The 1800s saw the plots surrounded by major roads as Brighton grew. The tracks between the hides soon became streets and the entire area was quickly settled >> The railway arrived in 1840 and Brighton station opened for business >> Between the reigns of George IV and Queen Victoria the North Laine descended into poverty and chaos. It was notorious for its squalor, horrible living conditions. Orange Row, for example, which still runs parallel to Gardner Street, was at the heart of the ‘Pimlico’ slum area, housing a sardine-like 130 people in just 17 homes >> The area was cleaned up in the 1860s and the worst of the old tenement slums knocked down >> The first branch of Anita Roddick’s Body Shop opened at 22 Kensington Gardens.

Today, North Laine is a cultural landmark that attracts thousands of both locals, Brightonians and visitors. The bohemian hub is bursting with local talent, independent shops, cafés, restaurants, bars and entertainment. It is truly vibrant, colourful and a feast for the senses! We feel so lucky to be part of the North Laine community and spirit!

Here are some Krishnas we snapped right outside the shop singing, dancing and spreading happiness!

Oh Brighton, we love you!