I can not stress it enough:

IT IS NOT A DIET, IT IS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE!!! I absolutely hate when people are like “oh yeah you can’t have that because you’re on a diet”. No. I can have whatever I want, I don’t want that unhealthy food because I’m changing my life by loving my body and fuelling it with what it needs. Okay? Okay.

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たま〜〜〜〜〜〜〜に食べたくなるジャンクフード三昧ッ!!( ̄▽ ̄)♪





Am still in Toronto at the mo 🍁so went to Hogtown. Vegan restaurant as my dad is here for the day and as I’ve mentioned before he is very dubious about ‘the whole vegan thing’ 😂🙄. The food there is crazy good🤤 and I would honestly be surprised is anyone ( meat enthusiast or otherwise) said they didn’t like it.
Be warned though the servings are huge and it’s definitely not low fat or salt. This is junk but in the best way.

We had:

Hot wings to share
1 bacon cheese burger
Side of ceasar salad
1 buffalo chicken burger with a side of chilli cheese fries.
2 beers (both excellent)

Managed to eat about half of it 😅
10/10 would recommend to anyone 😍😍