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How about a headcanon for the Chocobros favorite guilty pleasures. Like mine is kdramas.

Hey, K-Dramas are super good, so i don’t blame you for that, Jinju. c; I used to watch a few when I still had control of Netflix, but I sure as heck miss watching a few every now and then.

But guilty pleasures, you say? I bet they all have a few odd ones, but let me see here…

Guilty Pleasures

Noctis Lucis Caelum – He seems like the kind of guy who would probably be a secret anime fan. Like, a big one. If it weren’t for Ignis stopping him, he’d probably be a mega-cosplayer and drag Prompto with him to find a limited edition sculpture figurine of his favorite King’s Knight character. Maybe at one point he did cosplay after staring down Ignis and negotiating with him about making a costume, but it was one time before Ignis refused to let him spend any more money on those sorts of things. So instead, Noctis just admires things mostly now. At least, until he can sneak around Ignis and buy a piece of merch for himself. He plays it off that the design on it is just a cool designs and not the insignia of one of his favorite characters or groups from one of the animes he watches, but Ignis always knows. He just never tells Noctis no. Let the boy have at least something after all. Of course, Noctis has a hard time knowing when to quit, so the time Noctis came back from InsomNime with Prompto with five plush dolls and three wall-scrolls, Ignis had to restrict his funds even more-so than usual.

Prompto Argentum – Besides being a selfie addict, a frequent gamer, a pooch petter, a probable meme boy, and a butt grabber? Prompto’s got a major guilty pleasure for hard rock and death metal music. Full-blast, probably blaring the Regalia whenever he gets a hold of the music. Ignis hates it when he does, but Prompto usually keeps his music tastes to himself. Yeah, he likes some more upbeat tracks that he can sing to, but nothing beats being able to scream at the top of his lungs ‘CRAWLING IN MY SKIIIIIIIN.’ He’d be similar to the mom-monster from Monsters University that goes ‘You guys have fun! I’ll just be here listening to my tunes!’ before he blares Slayer with the biggest smile on his face. The kid likes it so much that he usually can fall asleep with it on. Having Bullet for my Valentine or the equivalent to that just playing in his ears until he passes out with a smile on his face. The others can’t really understand how he can fall asleep to it, but everyone but hey, at least he actually gets some sleep instead of stays up all night playing games on his phone.

Ignis Scientia – This man is all about that self-care. He doesn’t quite deny it to where it becomes something he’s ‘guilty’ of, but he sure as heck doesn’t like to brag about him going into town, getting a manicure and a pedicure, and then spending a good amount of time soaking in the tub with a glass of wine. Despite him always having to do work to maintain the group’s schedules and plans, he definitely makes the most of his personal time by allowing himself to relax one way or another. Or trying to, at least. He still check his phone often in case Noctis and the others call, and he’s always ready (thought reluctant) to cancel an appointment with the masseuse that he booked to tend to the others as needed. But the moment he’s in that bubble bath with a glass of wine and the sound of chillstep playing (and yes, another guilty pleasure for him, I imagine, is that he’s an EDM fan), then you don’t bother him if you want to live.

Gladiolus Amicitia – He’s similar to Ignis in the sense that he likes taking care of himself and taking the moment to relax, just as much as he likes to work out and maintain his fitness. But his sense of self-care is a bit less active and surely alot less healthy than his usual routines dictate. He’d be the kind of guy who would make sure no one else is around before he throws off his clothes, sits on the couch in his boxers, and start watching soap operas with a tub of ice cream. Perhaps not as exaggerated, but generally the same when he had three or four empty cups of noodles sitting around him as he watches TV dramas from noon until midnight. A day to himself, and one that he definitely doesn’t regret. The only thing he finds himself regretted is that he got so emotionally invested in a character, only for them to die in the later season. They had so much potential, dammit! And so, after hearing that the show was based on a book series, he had to go and read that too. He’s a sucker for a good drama. (Bonus too: he probably likes foreign TV dramas too.)

I’m watching The Wedding Planner and they’re showing Jennifer Lopez walking around her place with takeout for one plus wine while watching the Antiques Roadshow and vacuuming her drapes and ceiling and the like, and I’m 100% sure it’s meant to show how “empty and lonely her life without love is”, but honestly that looks like a dream. Like yes, get that place, have that job, eat that food, drink that wine, watch the lame junk TV, clean up after yourself and no one else….

Dating Wanda Maximoff Would Involve

  • Her being extremely protective of you
  • Lots of cuddles
  • Passionate kisses
  • Passionate sex
  • Her knowing immediately when something is wrong with you
  • Her teaching you how to speak Sokovian
  • Pranking Pietro together
  • Being good friends with Pietro
  • Her saving your life, only when you need saving
  • Comforting each other, if one of you is upset
  • Laying in bed cuddling, eating junk food and watching TV and movies
  • Pietro teasing you about how cute the two of you are together
  • Pietro accidentally walking in on the two of you, so he has to quickly speed out of the room

Summary: Rough Sam smut requested by @meangreenlimabean. Hope you enjoy!

Warning: dom!Sam, restraints, spanking, choking

Word Count: 2600

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This is more of a headcanon than an AU, but I feel like Matt and Georgie would get along super well really quickly because they both would stay up till 3 am eating junk food and watching junk TV.

Yes. Just… just yes.

Thank you.