zafinch  asked:

How do you feel about lamia and other monster girls? In G/t situations, of course. Would you count Gigi as one since she's distinctly not human?

Yeah I think they can be cool or cute! Depends on the context and personalities of the characters. Like, I’m less a fan of strait-up porn and junk of monster girls. And I’m really not a fan of monster girl vore or violent stuff. (which is pretty common on the giant side of things)

And… I’m not sure I count Gigi as a monster girl. I’d classify her more with fantasy or alien races than monsters. (It’s a tiny difference.)

A short Horror Story

Your Period
Is Here

I’m in the junkie limbo at the moment.
Too ill to sleep. Too tired to stay awake.
But the sickness is on it’s way.
Sweat, chills, nausea, pain, and craving.
A need like nothing else I’ve ever known will soon take hold of me.
It’s on it’s way.
—  Trainspotting