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A Playlist Based on: Wilford Warfstache

Can’t Help Falling in Love- Elvis Presley [x]

This Town- Niall Horan [x]

Pretty in Pink- The Psychedelic Furs [x]

Sign of the Times- Harry Styles [x]

Nine in the Afternoon- Panic! at the Disco [x]

Victorious- Panic! at the Disco [x]

Zak and Sara- The Benfolds [x]

Junk of the Heart (Happy)- The Kooks [x]

House of Gold- twenty one pilots [x]

Thinking Out Loud- Ed Sheeran [x]

New series!! Playlists based on the Egos!! Heres Will’s, I really like it!
I also made the picture above it! All the songs are linked for y’all on the side! I’ll post another one soon. 

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Please remember that this is just my opinion on what songs should be on these playlists, none of this is canon! 

Gravity Falls sentence starters - Part 6

1. “Zombie attack? Never works, they don’t take orders.” 

2. “My one and only dream, which is to possess money, has come true!” 

3. “That’s a pawn, that’s not your color, and stop stealing the tiny horses.” 

4. “Don’t you see what’s happening, ____? This millimeter is just the beginning. I’m evolving into the superior sibling. Bigger. Stronger!” 

5. “I was awoken by the sound of mockery. Where is it? Show me the object of ridicule.” 

6. “I high-five hard.” 

7. “Is that mountain lion tiny, or just far away in perspective?” 

8. “What can I say, ____? Growth spurt.” 

9. “Maybe s/he didn’t see us use it, and doesn’t know that it’s a magic flashlight that can grow and shrink things.” 

10. “Okay, how are we going to do this? ____’s got magic, and like a zillian inches on us.” 


12. “S/he’s heading to shrink ____!” 

13. “Why are you acting so weird? Why can’t you just accept that I’m a little bit taller than you?” 

14. “I daresay you would have defeated me, if it weren’t for your sibling bickering.” 

15. “Whoa. His/her hair is so shiny.” 

16. “I don’t even know how to respond to this.” 

17. “Hey now, calm down. You’ll get me one of these days. Just run your evil plan by some friends next time, huh? Workshop it.” 

18. “I guess we should destroy this thing. So that it doesn’t ‘fall into the wrong hands’ and junk.” 

19. “Cross this town off our list.” 

20. “The people of this town love Halloween so much, they celebrate it twice a year.” 

21. “When the children come to my door tonight, they’re going to run away screaming from ____: Master of Fright!” 

22. “You paid for this stuff, right?” 

23. “Trick-or-treating is for babies… I guess.” 

24. “You got a cold, ____? Something wrong with your voice there?” 

25. “That is a very good _____ costume.” 

26. “Listen, I can’t go trick-or-treating. I’m… uh… really sick.”

27. “I’m not trick-or-treating.” 

28. “Silence! You have insulted me, and for this you must pay with your lives.” 

29. “It’s the legend ____ told us about. It’s true!” 

30. “A monster is making us trick-or-treat, or else he’s gonna eat us!” 

31. “We’ll get 500 pieces of candy and have fun doing it too, even if it takes all night!” 

32. “Can we have candy now?”

33. “What’s the matter with you kids? That was the scariest thing you’ve ever seen, right?”

34. “We’ve got to up our game, ____! You’ve got to put on your costume.” 

35. “You’re going to a party?” 

36. “If it weren’t for this crazy monster, you were going to ditch me. On our favorite holiday!” 

37. “Don’t blow out that candle!” 

38. “That wasn’t, like, a regular pedestrian, was it?” 

39. “We have to hide!” 

40. “If only there were something we could use to cover our bodies and faces. You know, like a disguise of some kind.” 

41. “Don’t you recognize me? Look at my face. Look closely.” 

42. “At the end of the day, Halloween isn’t about candy, or costumes, or even scaring people. It’s a day when the whole family can get together in one place and celebrate what really matters: pure evil! Mwahahahahaha!” 

How Danse Meets Cutler

“When I was a bit older, and had a few caps to my name, I moved into Rivet City and opened a junk stand. While I was there, I met a guy named Cutler. We got along pretty well, watched each other’s backs and kept each other out of trouble.”

I’ve been thinking a lot on how Danse actually met Cutler, so here are some headcanons on how it all went down.

- All of Danse’s memories before moving into Rivet City are fake. “Finally saving enough caps to open a junk stand,” is a acceptable excuse for being the new face around town, and junk vending is a low profile business so it was the perfect cover when the Railroad relocated him. The Railroad helped Danse escape. Fight me.

- The Railroad gave Danse bare-bones memories of spending his childhood picking scrap. There’s not a lot of detail put into what counts as valuable scrap and what doesn’t. They also didn’t really give him idea of what things are worth.

- Also, “hazy” childhood memories don’t help you build social skills.

- They just drop him into Rivet City with some starter caps, and a collection of junk. Sure, they keep an eye on him to make sure the Institute doesn’t find him, but they’re very hands off otherwise.

- Needless to say, it does not go well. Without a good understanding of the relative value of various pieces of scrap, Danse’s prices are all over the place. He’s under pricing some things while others are wildly overpriced.

- He’s also getting ripped off by scavvers and customers alike since he has no real experience with bartering and often misses social/behavioral cues that mark when people are being dishonest with him.

- Cutler’s been watching this all happen for a while and finally takes pity on Danse when he’s about to get screwed over particularly badly. Danse is flustered and embarrassed, but so, so grateful. He’s barely scraping by by this point and it’s causing so much anxiety.

- Cutler shoos the offending scavver away and starts questioning Danse on his non-existent haggling skills. When Danse admits to scavenging scrap as a kid, he’s shocked. Shouldn’t Danse have a better understanding of all of this if he’d been doing it for as long as he can remember?

- Danse can only mumble and shrug, looking away in embarrassment and shame. He’d been feeling like such a failure since moving into Rivet City and this conversation is just confirming all of that.

- He looks so miserable and pathetic that Cutler can only sigh and offer to show him the ropes, if only so he “doesn’t have to witness another painful episode like the last one.” Danse looks at him with so much hope and gratitude in his expression that Cutler starts to get embarrassed himself.

- Danse catches on fast once given a little instruction, and he and Cutler find that they get along pretty well. Thus, a beautiful friendship begins.