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100% scientific grading of all (most) Dragon Age companions/advisors


Alistair: Is a sweetheart who does his best and is a fantastic tank and has great hair, great sense of humor, I just want to hug him, rating: A+

Dog: Faithful, loyal, pees on things, (Happy bark!), rating: A+

Leliana: looks like a cinnamon roll but can actually kill you, likes the way you do your hair, is a sweetheart, rating: A+

Morrigan: will put a spell on you (and now you’re hers), #1 witch, becomes a great mom even though her own upbringing wasn’t that great, rating: A+

Oghren: goes into the Deep Roads to try to find his wife, doesn’t give a flying nug, rating: A+

Shale: is a giant rock, great voice, great backstory, rating: A+

Sten: so Qunari he makes the Arishok look small-time, learns over time to respect the Warden, rating: A+

Wynne: #1 Grandma, great healer, is playing the long game so she can troll everyone in Asunder, rating: A+

Zevran: Best accent, beautiful hair and skin complexion, “for you I would march into the Black City itself, never doubt it!”, rating: A+

Loghain Mac Tir: honestly you don’t have a daughter like Anora unless you’re kicking ass and taking names yourself, rating: A+


Anders: is fucking adorable, will save all cats, ~Anders’ spicy shimmy~, #1 healer but seriously make him an Arcane Warrior for a good time, rating: A+

Justice: Fade spirit just doing his best, wants to help everyone, looks good in plate, rating: A+

Nathaniel Howe: Loves Amaranthine, defends his family but also learns to see their faults, is definitely gonna bang my Cousland on top of his dad’s grave, rating: A+

Oghren: “You joined the Grey Wardens?  Really?”  “You said it would be hot!”  “WE WERE ROLEPLAYING!” rating: A+

Sigrun: oh my god she’s so cute but also smashes darkspawn in the face, DESERVES A BETTER ENDING for sure, rating: A+

Velanna: Goodnight shemlen b/c Velanna is coming for you, doesn’t give any shits, is prob. one of the biggest badasses in the series, rating: A+


Anders: WAS RIGHT, fuck the templars, how can one feathermage be so pure, has loved Hawke for three years oh my god? voiced by Adam Howden who donated money to a GoFundMe for my sister’s sick cat (true story), rating: A+

Aveline: WILL TANK ALL OF THEDAS, do no harm but take no shit, will beat Hawke’s ass if necessary, “real nice night for an evening!” rating: A+

Bethany: who’s the best BETHANY’S THE BEST, Hawke’s #1 biggest most supportive fan, definitely best haircare routine and the most pure, rating: A+

Carver: does his best, actually secretly loves Hawke deep down inside, they probably built pillow forts together as kids and were def. best friends, rating: A+

Fenris: best spiky broody elf in any franchise, prob. the smartest individual in the entire Kirkwall Crew honestly, trying his hardest to move on, voiced by Gideon Emery and everything that guy touches turns to gold, rating: A+

Isabela: #1 pirate queen, has a heart of gold and loves Hawke, she just loves Hawke so much????? she’s going to let the Kirkwall Crew live happily ever after on her pirate ship I’m so proud of her, rating: A+

Merrill: dESERVED BETTER in every respect, just wants to help everyone??? Loves Mahariel and Tamlen so mucH?? Merrill/FHawke is such a pure ship omg, rating: A+

Sebastian Vael: definitely tries his best and wants so hard to live up to his name, will shot you with bow, makes that outfit look honestly stylin’, #1 accent in all of the Free Marches, rating: A+

Varric: Actual #1 Bro™, there is no bro who has ever bro’d harder, HIS FRIENDSHIP WITH HAWKE IS honestly, probably the best friendship in any game, like this if you cry every tim, rating: A+


Blackwall: Can we discuss that beard tho, just doing his best, honestly the best banter, “What can a grey warden do?” “save the fucking world if pressed”, rating: A+

Cassandra: holy shit is htere a bigger badass in Thedas no there is not, did you guys watch the anime holy shit.  if she met Aveline it would be the unstoppable force meets the immovable object honestly, rating: A+

Cole: pure spirit child, “he’s only 12 years old and already more psychic than his dad” - dril, dies a lot when he’s in my party i’m sorry Cole, rating: A+

Dorian: actual most  styling man out there, had to leave Tevinter because he was so damn stylish he was putting the rest of the Imperium to shame, oh my god he’s just like, best friends with your Inquisitor and it’s so?? pure? rating: A+

Iron Bull: lmao it’s over for you if you get in trouble with this guy also the Chargers are basically? great? and he’s so good to Krem?? voiced by a guy who loves this job and loves video games, rating: A+

Sera: is gonna throw bees at your head and is looks good in plaidweave, deserves better, most unique accent in the series, has good taste in ladies, rating: A+

Solas: it was Egg who caused the trouble but honestly he’s doing his best, gets approval anytime you’re nice to like anyone, GREAT artist, i heard there was a secret chord that david played and it pleased the lord but you don’t really care for music do you? it goes like this the fourth the fifth the minor fall the major lift the baffled king composing hallelujah???  rating: A+

Varric: guess who’s back, back again, Varric’s back, and tbh he’s just so good and he helps everyone and is helping the inquisitor b/c he cares so much, rating: A+

Vivienne: WOW has anyone ever looked so goddamn gorgeous, probably not, way too stylish for you plebeians, i only wish i could raise myself to her level, but i also don’t want her to ever lower her standards which she would have to do to even talk to me, rating: A+

Cullen: has been through a lot of shit and come out surprisingly chill, admits his mistakes, loves dogs like all good Fereldans, definitely got that lip scar from Hawke though, rating: A+

Josephine: honestly the best fashion sense in Skyhold, those ruffles though, is very pure?? I just want to cuddle her on the couch forever, make her some rice krispy treats and then take her on a vacation because she deserves it, rating: A+

Leliana: Murderpope best pope, rating: A+

It’s kind of funny how Rose/Kanaya is one of the biggest ships in the Homestuck fandom with a majority of the big name artists in the fandom shipping it and regularly producing content of it yet people still claim erasure when people produce Grimdorks content like




Nobody is going to forget that Rosemary is canon overnight because someone had the audacity to ship something else. It’s always gonna be there. Constantly and consistently. Always.

This amalgamation of lines right here?

Does not un-do Rose Lalonde’s entire canonical marriage and is not part of some conspiracy to Heteronormify™ Rose Lalonde. It’s two fictional characters holding hands. Don’t like these two particular fictional characters holding hands? Block all tags relative to these two fictional characters holding hands instead of going on long winded rants about characters you don’t want to hold hands.

This has been my long winded rant about people ranting about characters they don’t want to hold hands.

Day 4: Cultures

This is a huge subject, and one that will get divided  up further into later days due to its immensity. Really though, which part of your world couldn’t someone potentially write a book on in its own right within that world?

Culture is the beliefs, the customs, the arts, and all that jazz of a society, group, place or time.

Ripped mostly right from the dictionary, but that should give you an idea on how broad of a subject this is, but it’s time to give those races their cement as people with histories and lives. You could have cultural schisms throughout the same race within the same town creating a tension between neighbors. Your hero may decide it’s their responsibility to undertake a quest due to the momentum of the generations that have come before them shaping who this character is as a person. A character turns the corner of a city and views an ancient fountain that has withstood empires crumbling around it and she feels her place in time as the crafted faces of the statues atop the fountain are worn by time. “This is the way things are” a character says to another, who then after careful contemplation responds defiantly, “No, they can be better.”

Culture will eventually define the rules of the land, and how people live and die within that land. These ways may have come about due to what sort of land they exist within when you decided to place these people on a place on the map you created earlier. For powerful examples you can always look close to home in your own cultural history, ripping apart powerful events, and deciding points that changed history, then asking how they apply to yourself now. Dig into the history, the geography, the people, and ask how they all had a hand in this past.

Once you are done naval gazing, you can then apply those same questions to your races and understand that it’s sometimes a nuanced answer, or an answer that is devilishly simple which creates great waves, waves that you can ride to…


So my father, Who Is Wonderful, came into town Thursday night to help me move apartments. (Very fortuitously, he’s currently commuting every week to a job thirty minutes from me–even if he wasn’t, he probably would’ve driven four hours each way from my parents’ house to help me move, but I would’ve felt bad about it.) I then went back with him to visit my parents for the weekend and borrow one of their air mattresses* since the new room isn’t furnished and I’m hardly renting a truck to move out of a place I’m moving back into in June.**

Anyway, my parents have finished converting the top floor of our house to an apartment, and posted the ad this week. My mom then accidentally scheduled the first potential renter while she was at work today. My dad was, of course, around but…although he is Wonderful, let’s just say that eloquence when nervous/talking to strangers in general is not his strong suit and we all know it. So I got to feel Very Very Useful when I told my parents that I’ve been showing my Shitty Student Apartment™ to various subletters for two years, and could very confidently show their Beautiful And Not Remotely Shitty Apartment In A Great Neighborhood. My dad and I showed it together and we did wonderfully…to their first potential renter, whose name is Kathryn and who goes by Kate.

That’s gotta be a good sign. ;-)

*This makes it sound like they own a whole collection of air mattressess (which I’ve decided should be pluralized as mattri). Nope, just two.

**We also moved my desk and chair over on Thursday, which was easy to do with a car because my desk is four stackable plastic crates I got for free from a former roommate a few years back (they double as moving boxes! 10/10) and a board I got at the local hardware store, where I’m concerned the employees may soon start recognizing me when I come in.

letsgetonwithit  asked:

can you tell me more about your bloodborne oc? she seems so lovely ahhh ;-; <3

Thankyou! I’m so flattered that you are interested ;u; 

But, ah, lovely might not be the right descriptor. Before she developed into a full character, I created Bellemere purely to make all the nasty choices my other two hunters wouldn’t, and that I couldn’t bring myself to do either. Developing her into a fully fledged character didn’t deviate from that initial idea too greatly. 

I’m gonna put this under a cut, because I love to ramble :B

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I finally got the onyxian drake to drop the other day and I got really excited and drew this. (like a month ago at this point but I keep neglecting to post things woops)

That guy.

That guy.
Sebastian Stan /OFC (Camila)

Sebastian’s girlfriend made an impromptu visit while he was away filming the bronze right after the sex scene ™, he obviously had the tattoo (Which he haven’t mentioned about) and she couldn’t stop laughing at his junk. Hilarity assured

Warnings: Sebastian’s junk, a lot of gimme that gold references and some kissing, light smut. Fluuuuuuff-ish


“Hey, you come here often?,” Camila said leaning on the wall besides the table where her boyfriend was eating. Sebastian looked up and a smile spread wide in his face as he grabbed her by the waist and pull her on his lap and kissed her softly.

“I didn’t know you were coming,” He said as he place little kisses in her cheeks, she laugh and plant one final kiss and get up before people in the restaurant started staring. She smiled as she flagged the waitress.

“Neither did I, I missed you so I came.” She shrugged and Sebastian laugh grabbing her hand and moved his chair closer to hers.

“I’m glad you came, even though, babe” He said and kissed the back if her hand. “I just started my two weeks break, I was going to surprise you.” He said with a smug smile and Camila stared at him and then shrugged with a smile.

“I would had still come, like I say I missed my little cute dork.” Camila said leaning over and pucker him quickly in the lips and Sebastian smiled pulling her for another kiss. The waitress interrupted and Camila ordered a pizza, because she was sure Sebastian was going to eat with her after she noticed the chicken breast with a salad that he had been eaten for fucking ever all the fucking time.

He needed his pizza and she knew that.

“God, I love you.” He mumble while taking a slice to his mouth and she smiled while chewing.

“Are you talking to me or the pizza?”

“Both.” He smiled with his mouth full, his cheeks were full of food and he looked so darn adorable that she had to sigh like a schoolgirl.

“God, I love you too.”


As soon as the door clicked behind, they were on each other tearing down clothes outta the way and trying to get to the near cushion surface.

Sebastian pulled her shirt off and he lay her down on the couch and lean on to kiss her collarbone while she bury her fingers into his hair making a mess of it.

“I missed your hair.” She mumble and he hummed against her skin and placed wet kisses down her breastbone. Sebastian had his hands spread under her breast and slide down her ribcage until they reached her back and unclasped her black lacy bra and take it off and throw it out behind his head.

“And I missed your tits, fuck.” He groaned and he squeeze them together and bury his face between them and kiss, lick and nip them making her let out a soft moan as she bite her bottom lip; that encouraged him even more and he gently nip at her nipples and then suck her hard.

“Fuck-take it off.” She urged him pulling the collar of his shirt and he do as she told, totally forgetting about the tattoo. She noticed—of course she noticed. The blue and red lines of a ribbon under his belly button catched her eyes as he kept ravishing her tits, she tilted her head and when he tried to move up and kiss her, she noted how the lines went under his pants. “What the fuck is that?” She asked dogging his lips and Sebastian looked down and groan putting his forehead against her chest.

“It’s for the movie, the-the sex scene.” He mumble catching his breath.

“You already filmed that?”

“We finished it this morning.” He answer and felt her hands on his shoulders pushing him off to see it better, Sebastian sat on his heels and Camila looked it better and bite her lip fighting the urge to burst laughing at the stupidest tattoo that she had ever fucking see, she put a hand on her mouth and Sebastian groan again looking down.

“Baby, you got a blue and red ribbon of a medal tattooed on your dick.” She said with a small voice barely holding it together, feeling the building of a laugh in her stomach. She looked at it again and this time Camila snorted and that quickly escalated to a full body laugh as she laid down back in the couch.

“Camilaaaaa!” Seb whined as he faked cry with a smile on his lips letting himself fall on top of her. “I know it’s fucking awful.”

“Oh my God,” She breathed out putting her hands on his hair again and tried to kiss the top of his head as an apology but she couldn’t stop laughing. “Show me!”.

“No way,” He mumbled against her skin and shake his head.

“Sebbie baby, show me. I want to see, hell I want to pose with it and take a picture.” She said laughing even more and pull her cellphone of her back pocket and Sebastian took it of her hands.

“Nope.” He said shoving her cellphone in his front pocket with a pout and lay his head back to her chest looking away from her.

“Don’t pout at me.” She smiled struggling with a few giggles still.

“You ruin the moment.”

“I don’t have a gold medal around my pussy.” She snap back with a smile and he groaned.

“Now I’m that fucking guy, the one that had a tattoo around his dick like a douchebag.”

“You’re not a douchebag”

“How I’m gonna get to the steam room on the gym?” He asked looking up and keep the pout going while he locked eyes with her girlfriend. “You don’t want to even had sex with me.”

“Babyyyyy,” She said and hold a laugh. “I want to have sex with you, when the thing is gone tho.”

“Are you serious?”

“Baby, it’s fucking funny. You know if I laugh I can’t stop,” She said already smiling and out of the blue she remembered that line that Mackie was shouting when they were in the press tour. “Gimme that gold.”

“How do you know that?”

“I can’t believe you tell Mackie about the gold now I understand.” She poked him in the forehead with her finger.

“Mackie didn’t sleep with me.”

“You knew this will happen.”

“Of course. I just forget about it when I saw you ‘cause I missed my girl.” He smiled biting his lips and captured her mouth his his.

“Give me that gold, seriously?” She pushed him off and started laughing again, Sebastian looked at her and couldn’t fight the smile forming in his lips.

“It’s silly, but it’s funny. You’ll love it.” He said pressing a kiss in her neck.

“I need to take a selfie with it.” She said and Bed sigh. “This had to go in Instagram.”

“No Instagram.”

“Yes Instagram. You still own me when you fill your Instagram with my burnt pizza and the time you posted the ugliest-”

“I love that photo.”

“photo that someone had taken of me.”

“You’re beautiful on it.”

“I’m sleeping with my mouth open hugging a pillow with photo of your face stapled on it.”

“The staple was in my forehead. I love it.” He smiled and she groaned. “I’m never taking that down.”

“I want my selfie.” She demanded and Sebastian agreed as he stand up and she grabbed his shirt and put it on. She started laughing when she saw it up close and tug his pants to see how far it goes and noticed something missing. “Where’s your hair?”

“The transfer doesn’t stick in hair.” He explained pushing his hair back, she chuckle and grabbed her cellphone out of his pocket and saw her struggling to take a picture because it just looked bad for whatever angle she tried to take it.

“This look kind of sexual.”

“It’s in my dick, of course it’s looks sexual.” Sebastian said and she laugh, again and kept looking at it and he grabbed her cell phone and snap a picture of her laughing.

“Okay, right. I got this… ” She laugh one more time and grab her boyfriend by the waist and pull her besides her, she make pointed a finger at the tattoo and snap the picture.

As she do her thing on Instagram, Sebastian sat down the couch and she snuggle right besides him, he looked at her with heart eyes.

“You’re one of the reasons I took this gig.” He said out of the blue, the smile still plastered in his face.

“You’re doing this for me?” She asked, amazed as he nod.

“The script was so bad that it got incredibly good and couldn’t stop imagining you laughing at it.” He said and she put a hand in her heart and frown a little with her lips pucker up.


“Really.” He answer and Camila grabbed his face and kiss him, slowly.

“Sebastian,” She Whispered against his lips.


“Why don’t you gimme that gold?” She asked with a smile and wiggle her eyebrows making him let out a laugh and kissed her and while pushing her against the cushion of the couch he muttered.

“Fuck yes, I’ll give you this gold.”