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Life isn’t about finding anything - it’s about creating things.

It’s not about finding yourself - it’s about creating yourself. 
It’s not about finding peace - it’s about creating peace. 
It’s not about finding true love - it’s about creating true love. 

We are not lost, nor have we lost anything. 
We are in constant creation, whether we realize it or not. 

What are you creating?


life hack

done with Suujimatsu Bookmark, will sell at CF2016
im so tired. OTL

and of course i’ll do the rest too later slowly bz this took me the whole day and im crying… O)—(


Safe Shooting 101

Here is a list of the things I used in this video:

- A new, sterile syringe (rig)

- A small pocket knife

- A q-tip (to make my cotton filter)

- A metal spoon

- Antiseptic spray (to disinfect the injection site)

- A lighter

- Toilet paper (to clean off blood/disinfect)

- Bottled water 

- A belt (used as tourniquet)

- Black tar heroin (of course)

If any of you have any questions, feel free to hit us up here on the Official Nod Squad inbox or in my personal ask box!

Much love and stay safe!

- garagedad