junk insurance

This pretty little dolly used to be a snooty little thing, working at a call center and harassing perfectly innocent people to get them to buy junk insurance. I played one of my hypno tracks in the background while she went through her script. It was delicious to listen to her slowly lose her place, stumble over big words, and start to giggle at how stupid she was getting. Then, when it was over, I gave her a simple set of instructions. Now she’s my own personal plaything.

So… What was it you were going to sell me, again?


Day # 2: Music/Games

Summary: When Lucy took Natsu to the “old ball game” she never thought the halftime show would end up being the highlight. [Modern AU] [NaLu] [OneShot]

AN: I really wish I had more time with this one, but I sorta got rear ended yesterday (both baby and me are fine) and between doing all the insurance junk and sleeping off the resulting back pain I’m kinda fried. Please forgive any errors on my part. 

Also, this won’t be posted on my ff.net account just yet because Day #7 is in the same universe and I’m toying with the idea of making them into a little mini series.

Hope you enjoy!


She had assumed that Natsu was a Yankees fan. Maybe that was a stretch – she had never heard him talk about baseball even once – but he owned and frequently wore one of their hats, so really it wasn’t like she just pulled the idea out of thin air. However, when she surprised him with two tickets for his birthday (that she spent way too much money on) and his first response was to exclaim (albeit excitedly) that he’d never gotten the opportunity to see a game, she felt a tiny pinprick of suspicion but shrugged it off. Firefighters in this city didn’t exactly top out on the pay scale (then again neither did her job at the public library) so it was more than possible that he had never forked out the dough to go to a game.

She was sorely, miserably, mistaken.

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