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Hanzo: brother no.

Genji: brother yes.

Theory Junk n.2

I always thought that White Diamond was an actual character until someone pointed out that she was never mentioned in the series (everyone talked about her with such certainty that she was in the show that it build its way into my brain…)

But there are traces of her

So it got me thinking

Is she a fusion?

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What on earth IS that rainbow-y horror worm thing?


Pretty little polychaetes who bury their several-metre-long bodies in the ground and wait until something brushes up against one of their antennae. They then snap their venomous mandibles shut so fast they sometimes scissor their prey right in half

Anyway, don’t step on one!

this is the super happy face of a radical babe that not only nailed her presentation but honestly smashed that shizz out of the park bc hecka yeah i’m so gr8

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Jily prompt: everyone's born with their soulmate's name tattooed on their wrist like a birthmark (found this au somewhere on tumblr cant remember where)

Found a link to the prompt here.

“So your soulmate’s name is Junks?” asks Mary, squinting at Lily’s wrist.

Lily frowns, tugging her sleeve over her wrist. She doesn’t normally have it on display, but since Mary revealed the name she had on her own body, she figures it’s a fair exchange. “I’m fairly certain that’s not actually what it says. They just seem to have horrible handwriting.”

“Or horrible parents,” Mary offers. “‘What a rubbish baby. Let’s name it after what it looks like.’”

Lily laughs, but kicks her. “Stuff it, MacDonald.”

Mary turns her gaze up to the ceiling of their flat. They sit side-by-side on Lily’s bed, leaning against the pillows. “S’pose it doesn’t matter if they’re unfortunate-looking. You’re predestined to love them.”

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So Lent is finally over, and I can finally eat meat again

neil josten is the type of person to eat cold chinese takeout at 6 am thank you for your time