junk hunt

ninondominion  asked:

Hey there, I recently saw your holographic bookcover post and I was wondering where you got that printing option? I'm searching for a while now to get some business cards done with the effect but I can't find any, welp!

I’ve been hunting this junk for so long, I tell you what:

There’s a website print service for it somewhere but I 10/10 cannot find it now. I think you had to order a large quantity and they might just do bookmarks in the holo? ((Someone message me if you know the site))

The thing I used is a transfer foil so it doesn’t really laminate. It only sticks to hot ink, and you peel the plastic off when it’s done. This is probably the stuff they use for business cards b/c it won’t put holo on any blank paper parts. You’ll need a laminator. I got the foil here. Their customer service is kind of bad through email, so just call them if you have a problem. My roll of foil had a lot of pattern breaks, so large prints might not work well with it.

I’ve been told hobby lobby has transparent holographic stick on lamination pages every so often.  But it’s not on their website, so who knows if they really do.
I’ve only seen one person on ebay sell the sticker version, I haven’t bought from them, but I found a review. 


       ”    Gogo!”

Tadashi pulls out a
worn box and held it
like a prized trophy,

       ”Guess who got the
        collector’s edition
        of Fast and The Furious?”

He pointed to himself
with a childish grin.

       ”This guy     I found it
        in the junkyard while I
        was looking for scraps.
        It has all the movies up     

                     ” … This is just a bunch of Adam Sandler movies.”

     ❝ That was almost an amazing
         find, Hamada. But any movies
         by Adam Sandler are what I'd 
         consider infinitely inferior to a
         fine collection like Fast and the
         Furious. ❞ 

         And yet a smirk crept up at the corners
         of her lips, eyeing her friend as she 
         folded her arms and tossed her legs up
         onto the coffee table. The junkyard could
         prove a lucrative looting zone when you 
         knew what to look for but the rare gems 
         were far outnumbered by the junk it got 
         it’s name from. 

     ❝ Nice try though. You’re almost at
         Fred’s level of junk hunting. ❞