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OTGW ==> Introduce yourself

Your name is OVER THE GARDEN WALL FANDOM, and you’re NOT ENTIRELY SURE OF WHAT YOU’RE DOING. You have many HOBBIES, like fruitlessly trying to REMEMBER YOUR PAST before entering the Unknown, and playing around with STRANGE NEW THINGS, something which obviously lands you in a HEAP OF TROUBLE. Such a hobby is actually what brought you into this PREDICAMENT, as you are sure you’re now in a VERY NEW, DIFFERENT KIND OF UNKNOWN. You just hope that you don’t have to INTERACT with MANY PEOPLE, as your SOCIAL SKILLS have all but disappeared after an UNCOUNTABLE AMOUNT OF YEARS.

You also like to PLAY THE CLARINET and SING when you think you are ALONE.


These are all up on Flash or Die as well and soon they’ll be buy-able as various forms of merch (yay!) but I wanted to collect them in one post. Junk Food, Over the Garden Wall, Halloween and Witchy Things. The OtGW ones won’t likely be merch as they’re ~fan art~ but I may do a small run of prints.


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Confessions of an east oakland primary school teacher

I work at a school that is directly located in the heart of a major ghetto where a drug war is currently happening. 90% of my students are african American and it is worth noting that they are all soaked in the hood life. Look outside our windows you will see drug zombies limping down the street. Walk outside and you will see a bunch of 20 somethings chilling at the liquor store doing….well I never know what they are doing if I am being honest. Take a walk around the neighborhood you will see broken down homes..junk yards where gardens should be and countless memorials to those who have Fallin to the street life. Two days ago my sisters friend got shot right on the block where i teach. I am afraid…not for myself..I’m scared for these kids who have to live here and be subjected to the mentalities that come along with a ghetto. I have seen first hand what a hood mentality does to a kid. Our 6th graders find it impossible to be vulnerable, to open up and have moments of weakness. They are incapable of problem solving without aggression. It is all about posturing and getting respect even in moments that can be solved through open and respectful communication. I have seen simple cutting in line end up in a fist fight…. have seen wrestling matches because markers can’t be shared. It break my heart..hits me right at the core when i see this and thank god no white people are around because these kids would only reinforce all the stereotypes we should be fighting against. The problem is that this is a generational issue. It keeps on getting passed down and it is being protected at all costs. As a community, regardless of the lack of investment America has in creating a livable space for us, we need to put a stop to the hood mentality. It starts with adults..stop teaching these kids that they have to be tough all day everyday..that Its not okay to cry or to feel your feelings. Stop telling our kids to go outside and fight so and so for whatever stupid shit they did. Stop cussing in front of them..stop calling them lil niggas to their face of having them use profanity for the vine. Stop always resorting to whooping your kids and model how to problem solves non violently. Hold high expectations for them and be consistent in how you reward and give consequences. Alot of work needs to go into this community..let’s make a united front together!!