junk foof

Here are some fluffy domestic headcanons to brighten everyone’s mood.

  • With Robert not being a morning person, Aaron has a coffee sitting on the bedside table waiting for him to help ease the grumpiness. 
  • Aaron and Robert can end up bickering over the most dumbest things. Some of their arguments have been about who’s hogging too much of the blanket and who ate the last slice of pizza.
  • Robert likes coming up with super ridiculous nicknames for Aaron. His favorite has to be “babeasaurus.”
  • Whenever Aaron finds Robert curled up on the sofa lost in his book he will make him a cup of tea and a snack before leaving him to read in peace.
  • Aaron and Robert have lost countless hours by doing nothing but kissing and cuddling while laying around in bed.  
  • When Aaron comes home showing signs of a stressful day, Robert will provide a massage with oils then will run him a hot bubble bath. 
  • Aaron and Robert are very touchy. They can’t seem to keep to themselves. Like how while lounging on the sofa Aaron’s feet will use Robert’s lap as a leg rest or sitting down at the kitchen table doing paperwork Robert will run his fingers through Aaron’s hair. 
  • Aaron made a drawer in the kitchen completely dedicated to junk food. The drawer gets filled daily with all of Robert’s favorites. 
  • Aaron and Robert go running together. Well, Aaron definitely runs. Robert, on the other hand, trails behind admiring Aaron’s bum for the hour which was the only reason he agreed to go running.