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I just wanted to take a second to say how incredibly, unbelievably touched I am that you all have taken the time to dig up all the old junk from my dearly departed Blog 1.0 and tagged it for me so that I can gain back a portion of what I lost. I know that in the grand scheme of things a Tumblr seems like something so small and of questionable meaning, but the thing that fucked me up most when I accidentally deleted my account was the mutuals and the friends and those followers too shy to say much that I lost all in one fell swoop, and I have to say I’m unbearably awed, humbled, and elated that not only have y'all followed my dumb ass again and reached out to get in touch, but that you’ve gone so above and beyond to help me recover some of the content I poured so much time into. You guys are absolutely the greatest and this fandom is without a doubt the best one I have ever been a part of. I really, honestly can’t thank you enough.



Sam Winchester’s Journal – Entry #80

“You know John, boys will be boys!”

That’s what Bobby told my Dad one day when Dean and I were fooling around in the middle of the piles of scrap metal and tires of Singer Salvage, playing cops and robbers, scampering over the carcasses of old Cadillacs and Chevys. Our father thought we were a bit too noisy for his taste and were preventing him from focusing on an important case but our favorite uncle (and the only one we ever knew) came to the rescue to remind John Winchester that his sons were kids and also, that’s what brothers do when they’re together: scream, laugh, play, imagine they are Indiana Jones, Han Solo or Captain America fighting evil, chasing each other with an axe and a knife in order to slit each other’s throats.

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