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Pennywise x Female Reader | of rabbits & foxes | part 1/1

Request:  “I’d love to see your take on Pen’s reaction if some little girl came stumbling up to his doorstep ripe with fear, but not because of him.”

Warnings: implied/referenced child abuse, blood, NSFW, breeding, oviposition, monster dick, mildly dubious consent 

The first time, you come to him the day before his long rest. He skulks about the sprawling sewer, checking and securing the perimeter. 27 years is a long time to remain undetected and undisturbed.

He’s making his way back to his nest from the furthest reaches of his domain when the tunnels vibrate with sound. He feels the rattle in his bones, the slosh of shallow water, a rapid little heartbeat, breath rushing in harried pants.

The shadows conceal his hulking frame from human eyes. He tracks the noises and scent, honing in like the apex predator he is. His instincts bring him to the mouth of the sewer where he finds a frightened little rabbit among the grey water and rocks. You’re curled into a ball, shivering and soaked to the bone. You look pathetic. His deep rumble of curiosity has your blank gaze shifting to him. Within seconds of eye contact, he knows everything about you.

Nothing is hidden.

“Hello, [Y/N].”

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Tell Me A Lie.

I sat at the dining table, putting a piece of the grilled chicken my mother made onto my fork as I sat with other members of my family eating dinner. My birthday was only days away and yet I felt like a child again being back in my parents’ home with my siblings. It was like I was in my teens all over again and they were talking to me as if I was too.

“I just don’t understand why she won’t let me throw her this party,” my sister insisted as she stabbed at the bland salad on her plate. She had herself stuck on this diet she really didn’t even need to be on but I said nothing. If she wanted to starve herself with meatless salads and all those other gross eating options that was on her. I was willing to eat her portions for her.

“Honey, a party would be fun,” my mother said as she gave me a gentle smile. I only rolled my eyes. I could well remember what the last birthday party thrown for me by my sister looked like. Endless bottles of liquor, drunk people I wanted nothing to do with, running out of food to snack on as I pretended to enjoy myself. It was horrible.

“Last time she threw me a party, I ended up with vomit running down the front of my dress. No. Absolutely not. Can’t I just enjoy staying here with you guys? Watch some old movies, eat some good food? That sounds good to me.”

My father quickly piped up. “Ooh! Maybe we can go fishing!”

“Yeah. Fishing sounds great.”

“You don’t even like to fish,” my younger brother scoffed. I gave him a glare. Though I was years ahead of him in age he acted as if he we were practically the same age. That’s just how teenagers were and his zit-covered face made me feel sympathy and shut my mouth for the moment.

“It’s a new hobby I could pick up while I’m here. Fishing sounds fun.”

Now it was my sister scoffing and groaning. “Do you hear this, Ma? She has gotten absolutely boring! I try to get her to come out with me and she refuses to. It’s like she doesn’t even have a life anymore. She’d rather sit inside by herself. It’s depressing.”

My mother gave me a sympathetic smile that told me I didn’t even want to hear what she was going to say next. “You have calmed down so much since…” She stopped her words but I knew what, or who, she was about to mention and so did everyone else sitting around the table.

They never mentioned his name anymore and it was like they were trying to tiptoe around my feelings which was absolutely absurd to me. “You can say it. I’m not the same wounded, lovesick child anymore.”

I was tired of everyone feeling as if they couldn’t mention his name because they thought it would send me into some rage of tears and uncontrollable feelings though I guess it was warranted given how I used to act when he got mentioned.

My mother cleared her throat. “Well…he did seem to bring out the wild side of you and now it’s like ever since he left you have just sheltered yourself.”

My sister quickly hopped in to clarify though I didn’t need the clarification. “James. She’s talking about James.”

“Thanks. I didn’t know,” I spat sarcastically. James had left my life years ago, or at least our relationship had ended years ago after he had left Porto. Back then I was young and I guess wild was the fitting term though given James’s personality most people would have expected the opposite. I guess he liked me being the more outgoing, spontaneous one.

I think at a certain point I may have gotten a little too wild for him. The partying every night got out of control and I started spending more time getting wasted with my friends than spending time with him so I guess it was easy for him to distance himself from me and our relationship when he made the move to Monaco.

It hurt a lot back then. I cried for weeks. I spent months in this silence where I wasn’t in the mood to talk to anyone. Everything about me changed. I was no longer looking to party or have a good time with friends. All I wanted to do was hole myself up in my room and cry my eyes out to the most depressing songs I could find. The heartbreak was too real.

I focused back in on the conversation in time to hear my sister say, “Well she’s actually been talking to him over the last few months so…I’m sure she’d love if you mentioned him more.” She smirked in my direction like a woman who held secret information.

“How do you know that?” I narrowed my eyes back at her waiting for her to respond but she just gave a playful shrug and returned back to her salad. I hadn’t told anyone about the mysterious number that popped in my inbox one afternoon. That mysterious number I later found out was James after much questioning. I didn’t know whether to classify us as renewed friends now. One would probably label us as such. We text each other every few days. He had even FaceTimed me a few times but I hadn’t told anyone this. I didn’t want anyone getting the wrong impression about us or putting thoughts in my head that there was possibly a chance for rekindling.

“You’re talking to James again?” My brother sounded excited, now leaning forward in his seat the same way my mother and father now were as they waited for my response. I tried to play coy.

“Maybe. We’re just friends. Nothing serious. Don’t get all excited.” My brother loved James. Being stuck in a house with sisters who didn’t like sports at all must have been annoying for him so he always enjoyed our boyfriends who were willing to go out to play with him. James did that a lot of times so when our relationship ended, my brother was about as devastated as I was.

I stood up from my seat ready to scrape my plate clean and head upstairs for a quick nap but my father wasn’t quite ready to let me go. “Have you seen him?”

“What? No. He’s all the way in Spain.” My sister gave this playful, delighted smirk and I had no idea what the hell it meant but I wasn’t willing to stick around and see. I continued on into the kitchen with my plate. I soon made my way upstairs and to the comfortable bed in the place that was once considered my room, boxes of my parents and brother’s junk decorating much of the floor now but I didn’t care. All I needed was a soft bed to fall asleep in.

“Wake uuuup. Wake up!” The soft voice and the soft shake that accompanied it made me stir some but I buried my head back in the pillow. I wasn’t sure if I was trapped in a dreamlike state and there wasn’t anyone really attempting to wake me up but the push of someone’s nails into my skin felt pretty real. I just continued to groan and dig myself further in my pillow but the voice continued. I could feel someone’s warm breath on my ear tickling my nerves and making me shoot up from the laying position I was in.

My head collided with something hard, something very hard, which made me moan out in pain. “Fuck!”

“Ouch,” the other individual in the room uttered. I held one hand to my head and the other to my eye as I tried to wipe the hazy daze away. My focus reigned in and I nearly jumped again when I saw the person in front of me. “James?!”

“Hi,” he smiled as he rubbed his head. I realized in my scared moment we had managed to bump heads. “Surprise?” He gave a light chuckle as he dropped his hand, rising from the laying position he was in.

“How the hell…When did you get here? What are you doing here? I’m so confused.”

He looked confused. “Your sister? She didn’t tell you?”

I shook my head slowly, now confused myself. What the hell had my sister done? “No. She didn’t tell me anything. What was I supposed to know?”

“Well she text me one day saying you would be here and I was going to be here and since it’s close to your birthday, she suggested I come by and say hello. I was wary at first. I wasn’t really sure if you would feel comfortable with seeing me but she assured me it would be fine. I was going to ask you to meet me out but I thought maybe here would be better incase there was anything we needed to talk about.” He awkwardly cleared his throat and my thick eyebrows furrowed.

Anything we needed to talk about? What was there to talk about? He had left me years ago. Why should we begin to talk about it now? We were doing so well with avoiding any talk about our past when we reignited our friendship. I shook away those thoughts and focused back on the fact my sister had set this all up. “No. She didn’t tell me.”

James chuckled. “That’s just like her.” He slid off of the bed and stood beside it, stretching his arms above his head while I remained seated and looking up at him.

“Yup. Just like her,” I grumbled. I didn’t want the first time James to see me again in person in years to be me half-asleep with my hair in a disarray and absolutely no makeup to cover my sleep-deprived eyes but here he was with a smile on his face as if I wasn’t too sore of an eyesight.

“Well hey, happy early birthday.”

“Thanks,” I smiled.

“Any plans for it? Got a big party planned?”

I quickly shook my head. “No parties. I just want to relax here with the family. Maybe my dad will cook a big dinner or something but I’m not really interested in anything crazy.” He nodded as if he understood but I knew he really didn’t. He wasn’t used to this calm me. All he knew was the wild me.

“It’s really nice to see you,” he blurted. “In person I mean. It’s different seeing you face to face.” He nervously stuffed his hands into his pockets and gazed towards me causing me to awkwardly drop my head and push a strand of my hair that was loose behind my ear now.

“Yeah. Yeah it is.”

“Should I…leave?” James looked insecure as he pointed towards the door and I quickly shook my head no realizing how standoffish I probably seemed right now. Maybe he was expecting me to pull him into a large hug in greeting rather than sitting so coldly away from him.

“No! I’m just really surprised to see you here. That’s all. I’m sorry. It’s really been a while.” I tried to reassure him with a smile which he returned.

“Yeah. Yeah it has.”

“We should do dinner,” I suggested with excitement. “I mean…when you’re free. If you’re free.”

“We should. Tomorrow?” He sat down again on the bed, surprisingly taking my hand into his and rotating it around. I wasn’t sure what he was looking at until he spoke up again.

“Yeah. Tomorrow. What are you looking at?” I smiled.

“I was just seeing if there was a ring on that finger.” I looked down at the many gold rings that decorated my hand except my ring finger.

“Nope. No ring.”

He lifted his eyes up from my hands and smiled up at me. “I guess prayer really works.”

SCM: The Royal Red Myth Ch. 15

Pairing: King X MC
Romance, comedy, drama
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This chapter ended up really long, so I split it in two. It was 2580 words and usually my chapters are a under 1000! So the “mini-reveal” actually happens in the next chapter, sorry~ Still, I hope you’ll enjoy this chapter regardless :)

Credit goes to Anna (yamyyams) for something that happens in this chapter that I cannot say right now :P

Well, enjoy~


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anonymous asked:

If two females were fighting hand to hand and one was significantly taller than the other (both have training in fighting) would it make a big difference if the tall one was wearing thick socks and the short one is wearing boots? She was surprised so I don't think she'll have time to take them off.

You can fight in boots and sneakers, you know. It’s high heels that will get you into trouble. (Heavy boots like steel toe boots will limit the kinds of movements you can get away with, but it’s best just to say shins and knees only.)

Socks will also get you into trouble because lack of friction. Ever gone slip and slide on hardwood? Yeah. No. Without socks, you use your toes (and the rest of your foot) to grip the ground. Socks interrupt that, you need the friction to create a stable base for rotation. Combat is messy enough without having to worry about tripping over your own two feet. Fighting barefoot can suck, especially outside. Fighting barefoot indoors isn’t really going to give you an advantage over someone used to fighting in their shoes. (And… if they’re wearing shoes, they’ll just stomp your foot anyway. They might still try even if you are wearing shoes. So, really…)

Did the character go into their enemy’s house, take off their shoes, wait for them to come home and then attack? Why? You’d just have to put the shoes back on to make your getaway. Or did they go to their enemy’s house and get ambushed?

Fighting indoors, inside a house, in limited space will probably mean they’ll be relying on hand techniques primarily. Kicks require room and you’re already chancing things enough between the desks and tables without having to worry about spinning into a sofa, a chest, or a lamp.

Get a picture (or a mockup) of whatever interior you’re setting the fight in. What clutter is in the area? Furniture? Tables? Chairs? Kitchen? Frying pan? Knives? Where are the doors? Hallways? Hidden weapon stockpiles? Fighting a (professionally) trained person on their own turf is asking for trouble. They know the layout, they have their hidden and easily accessible improvised weapons (by the door, in the office, in the closet) probably placed in multiple locations.

If your character hasn’t been preparing their home in expectation of a siege, why not?

Fighting indoors relies a lot more on understanding the set pieces than it does worrying about what you’re characters are wearing. (Though the socks are a problem.)

Layout. (Some people keep their coffee tables way, way too close to the sofa… tripping hazard.)

Clutter. (All the stuff. Junk mail, decorations, etc. Go through a room in your house and make a list of everything you see that’s not nailed down/easily movable. You might be surprised. If you had to run or fight, what would you trip on?)

Exit routes. (The left hall leads to the bedrooms and the bathroom. Locked in. Right takes you to the den and an easy path into the backyard. However, there is a fence. Scramble. Where is the phone?)

Reinforcements. (Where one comes, others follow. Did you lock the backdoor?)

Bystanders/Neighbors. (Someone could see and investigate. Could sound the alarm, call the guards, get the police. Get caught by a stray bullet. Get hurt. Die. The home is not as safe from interference as we may think.)

I write this on the assumption I’m dealing with modern characters in a modern setting, if it’s not. Get creative and adjust accordingly.

I’m also sleep deprived.

Have fun!