“akihiko rapes and abuses misaki”

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“akihiko is a pedophile, misaki is so young”

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“akihiko only loves misaki because he can’t have takahiro”

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“misaki only stays for akihiko’s money”

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“misaki doesn’t know what he wants after so long-”

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“misaki doesn’t even appreciate akihiko”

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“all their relationship is sex!!”

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Junjou Romantica Act 40.5 + Act 42 release!

For those who don’t know, we’re going to release Junjou Romantica from now on! Please thank @superkuroneko @nicegoinbigblue @judrop @lotheliland and @juusangatsu for their hard work! We hope you enjoy these chapters! (Sorry for the quality of Act 40.5) We’re also going to work on Act 41, but I got the scans for this one earlier. This is okay to upload to manga reading sites, but please don’t remove the credit and the recruitment page!

Act 40.5: Online / Download

Act 42: Online / Download

A big thank you goes to everyone who helped spread the word, reblogged or wrote me a message! I really appreciate it! I specially want to say a thank you to @otakugirl2392 @usamisaftw (I can’t tag you for some reason) @fujoshi-chwaan and @fujoshiniyaku for their devotion!