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You said you wished people shipped Minimum more, so does that mean you ship Akihiko and Hiroki as well as Akihiko and Misaki???

Yes I do!

I absolutely adore Minimum. I ship Minimum (and yes, I am aware that the name caters more towards the story type than the characters themselves, but it’s the name we give towards the ship itself too, so…sue me) just as much as Romantica.

I feel like there is something so genuine and real about the relationship between Hiroki and Akihiko that makes me ship them much more than other ships of the same vein, especially considering that Akihiko and Hiroki are my two favorite characters in JR. Their personalities are so compatible and the way they bounce off of each other makes it so entertaining to watch.

I love them.

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Nowaki/Hiroki headcanons:

° Nowaki likes to watch Hiroki shaving. Hiroki doesn’t really enjoy it but well…

° Nowaki is taking maaany photos of sleeping Hiro-san.

° Hiroki found out about it and ordered Nowaki to delete them. Nowaki did it but left one to look at it when Hiroki isn’t home.

° Hiroki have problems with falling asleep without Nowaki in bed with him.

° Nowaki have that problem too.

° When Hiroki is sure that Nowaki is sleeping, he cuddles into his torso. It’s big, strong and really nice to touch. 

° Hiroki feels really manly when Nowaki is covering his eyes while watching horrors movies. Real man can’t be scared like that.

° Nowaki knows that Hiroki is too drunk when he starts to flirt with him. This is not his cute and shy Hiro-san!

° But Hiroki really likes drinking so he doesn’t want to stop.

° Hiroki once texted to Nowaki “I love you” by accident. When Nowaki wanted to talk with him about that, he lied that he didn’t do that.


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