junjin this troll

Leadernim Speech Sabotage

see how Dongwan Oppa laughed even before Eric Ssi can start XDDD

but still this shy alien tries to do his best to speak human language ~

MinWoo Oppa performs his sneaky plan too XDDD

uri alien got distracted but he gathers his strength to recover fast XDDD

BUT BUT BUT!!! Baby Bird joined in and ~ he lost his words XDDD

OMOOONA look at that annoyed cutie face of uri Leadernim XDDD

in the end.. Baby Bird resolves the sudden mental break down :”)

clearly this ritual of speech sabotage began since 1998 XDDD


The Legendary Trolls are BAAAACK!!!

SHINHWA CHANGJOS ~ i can already feel the heavy traffic on Tumblr and Twitter Servers with all the posts,GiFs, tags, screencaps, HD pictures and of course our FANGIRLING moments ❤

2015 is indeed a year that is FOR US!!!


of course Minwoo Oppa will encourage the maknae line while Hyesung Oppa holds the microphone..

Jinnie Oppa will cheer with full of energy ~ lmao oh! THAT IS A D!

Minwoo Oppa approves right away! :))

when everybody’s done…….. uri leadernim is still buffering.. as usual.. :))

omg SHINHWA.. this is why i love you so much :)))