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Our Baby Bird’s impressive talent that came out as a result of the members’ continuous training over years! 
Junjin: “I have magnetic hands that catch anything thrown at me thanks to the members’ training.”


Okay, coz this is really impressive! to catch very small pieces of food with a chopstick, this is what I call an impressive talent!
Junjin’s magnetic hands that catch anything thrown at him thanks to the members’ training over years!


Some of my favourite moments from the last episode:

1. The moment when Deng-chef realised how truly hopeless Jinnie is in the kitchen. 

2. When Minwoo said that Jinnie is a worse dancer than him and that his moves were outdated old. (He didn’t get shocked by the lie detector)

3. Andy’s super personal question that was totally Not Safe For Broadcasts that he needed to ask Eric cause Eric wanted to try level 4 of the lie detector. The little hand hold is what get’s me. 

4. The moment we had all been anticipating for “Choongjae DRINK” and the utter chaos that it caused the other members.

5. All the WooDong hugs that Mama Bird caused with his embarrassing lack of ability to play games.

6. Choongjae actually drinking as commanded by Mama Bird.

7. Jinnie’s pretty much perfect impression of Minbong’s face of disbelief.

And pretty much the whole episode consisted of this: 

I’m sure Mama Bird still is.


There’s no legend like them. Happy 19th anniversary Eric oppa, Minwoo oppa, Dongwan oppa, Hyesung oppa, Junjin oppa and Andy oppa. And also to all Shinhwa Caangjo around the world. Let’s celebrate with them until 20th, 30th and so on.

Happy Birthday Shinhwa!!!