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High School Aesthetic
  • Freshman: Makeup budget found in couch cushions, shorts and sweatshirts below freezing, sharpie as eyeliner bc I thought no one would notice, earbuds always in
  • Sophomore: Too much foundation 2 shades too dark, purple eyeshadow, skinny jeans and comfy thrift shop sweaters, relatable posts as iPhone wallpaper
  • Junior: Combat boots, black tee shirts w/Doctor who quotes, two-toned hair in braids, constantly reapplying dark lipstick, listening to CHVRCHES all the fucking time, playing Super Mario World during study hall
  • Senior: Slippers, return of the thrift shop sweater, what even is makeup, crumpled papers and cans of Diet Coke falling out of backpack, velociraptor noises, probably sleeping with eyes open.

Just listed a new batch of hand-printed 221b Baker St T-shirts to my Etsy store!

Now you can wear a little bit of Baker Street! 

This 100% cotton shirt is by Target’s Mossimo brand in the style “Junior Boyfriend Crew Tee*” style and the image is printed with black ink onto a white shirt. The printing covers the entire FRONT of the shirt, including the sleeves- the back of the shirt is solid white. Shirts will be pre-washed before they ship.

(*This t-shirt has a slightly higher neckline than the printed one pictured.)

!! Disclaimer! Because hand screen-printing a repeat pattern onto an already made object can be a complicated endeavor, each shirt might look a tiny bit different. The artist’s touch!

I’m also completely willing to do custom sizes, colors or styles- please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me if you’re interested in ordering off the menu!

Interested in ordering something with The Wallpaper print that isn’t even a t-shirt? Shoot me a message! Maybe we can work something out!

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Taylor Swift Turns People Gay: A Coming Out Story

So this is a hard letter to write. As I’m sitting in this Detroit airport, following @taylorswift’s Omaha show last night, I feel like someone out of a Nora Ephron movie, about to send a huge declarative email to an old love that explains everything and begs for them back - fingers sweaty and trembling between the send button and the cappuccino next to me. That may be a bit dramatic, but I’ve always relished a bit of juicy drama (haven’t you?) and this letter really is a declaration of love at its heart, though somewhat selfishly, it focuses on love for myself. Last spring, about six months ago - a few months before turning 21 - I decided to (finally) come out as gay. You, as an adamant Taylor Swift fan, might be thinking, “Okay, who cares?” And I could understand that, but as today is National Coming Out Day, I figured I’d add my story to the growing pile, and thankfully so, of people with similar stories to tell. But, though probably not surprising as I’m keeping a low profile in an official 1989 baseball cap, my Taylor Nation photo lighting up on my phone with each spam email received, my story has a lot to do with Ms. Swift.

I grew up with her, have been a fan since Teardrops (I wasn’t exposed to the YouTube singles until later, I’m sorry I’m terrible!), cried over All Too Well, and danced around in a homemade Junior Jewels tee. However, with the release of 1989 and the reincarnation of Taylor as a pop princess with all the fun of Britney, power of Beyoncé, and artistry of Gaga, I found myself getting in touch with who I really was - which terrified me. A piece of myself that I always condemned and pushed down, trained to fear from bullies growing up that made me feel like I didn’t deserve their happiness, began to gnaw at me more than ever. I would go further into those years but this is my story, and I’m done letting bullies control my life’s narrative. So here I was, alone and broken after years of self hate, when I downloaded 1989 when it was released on iTunes and my life changed.

You might think I’m leading towards a big revelation about the “boys and boys, and girls and girls” line of Welcome to New York - a great line for sure and one that I now scream as loud as possible at concerts or in my car - but really it was another lyric that consumed me and bounced around my head until it wouldn’t stop. “The best people in life are free.” That one little line from New Romantics would not leave me alone, no matter how hard I tried. “The best people in life are free.” I used to sing it and dream that one day I could be free too, that one day I could sing that line without feeling like a cheat or a fraud to the people I would avoid or lie to through omission.

So finally, this past Easter, I did something terrifying that completely leveled me. As I was in the car with my family, driving home after a nice mini-vacation, I told them I was gay. I was actually waiting for a sign, as any superstitious child of the Harry Potter generation would, and when three (yes three) Taylor songs came on the radio within an hour I finally said, “Jesus christ Taylor I’ll do it, leave me alone.” And I did it. It destroyed me, I felt weird, it was strange. But I was free. Finally. After years of bottling it up, of pretending I was fearless, pretending I would speak now, I did it. And I haven’t been happier. It was the most important moment of my life and so many of my friends supported me and allowed me to grow more these past six months than the rest of my life combined.

I owe that to Taylor. She made me want to be free. And while many might see this as a shameful attempt for recognition (I mean, I would never turn down a Loft 89 invite, I’m not insane), I wanted to write this letter for two reasons. One: to thank Taylor, who built up courage within me since 2006 for a moment that was about 10 years in the making; and two: for any boy out there who pretends to dance to Shake it Off ironically but really wishes they could be free of stigma and do it wholeheartedly; or for anyone, boy and girl and anyone in between, who sits in their room listening to Our Song and wondering if they’ll ever have the opportunity to love someone like that. You will. I know it. So thank you Taylor, for holding my hand in those scary, dark times even though you might never know it, and for anyone out there still struggling…it’s okay to dance in secret, just know we’ll be here for you, cheering and screaming like we would at any Taylor swift concert, when you’re finally ready to be free. Thanks Taylor, and thanks anyone who read this until the end. See you in the next era. xxoo


There’s been so many wonderful costume posts on here over the course of the 1989 tour so I thought adding mine could be a great idea! I’m FINALLY seeing Taylor on both the 11th and 12th of December in Melbourne! 

 That sentence is so unreal for me to say because after waiting over 7 years seeing the girl who I classify as my idol, my inspiration and my best friend Taylor Swift is going to be the best thing that ever happened to me! I still don’t believe that is a reality! 

I promised myself 7 years ago that if I ever get to see Taylor that I would wear a Junior Jewels tee shirt (I haven’t done the signatures yet) with the dorkiest pyjama pants I could find so I went with pink giraffe print and glasses because even though I wished more than anything to see the Fearless tour I was unfortunately unable to. Fearless means absolutely everything to me, I’m sure so many people on here already know what this album means to me so I won’t explain but, I finally am seeing Tay and I’m going to keep that promise to myself on Melbourne night 2 (11th of December) 

Even after not seeing Taylor before in the 7 years of loving her I finally get to see her in real life and although that doesn’t seem realy, it is! I’m still fearless because of Tay to this day and I will remain forever fearless and forever greateful for what that album and Tay herself has done for me! Most people know that the “Fearless” album means the world to me so I thought I’d show that through my “Still Fearless” sign/poster.

On Melbourne night 3 (12th of December) the last night of tour which is so sad but so wonderful I’m wearing a Blank Space themed outfit because I adore that song and I thought it was an interesting concept! My skirt is made from magazine articles and covers that feature Taylor on them! Because “I can read you like a magazine”! 

If you see me at either of these concerts, come over to me and talk to me because I love making new pals and we can fangirl and cry and take Polaroids together!! You’ll be able to find me outside the venue before gates open or at my seats:

11th: floor section C5, row P, seat 19 

12th:  floor section D4, row P, seat 1 

@taylorswift I can’t wait to finally see you! 7 years has been a damn long time but it’s going to be so worth it!

Brb gotta go put on my Junior Jewels tee and ugly glasses from like seven years ago and dance around because taYLOR SWIFT PLAYed YOU BELONG WITH ME ACOUSTIC IM FINE!!!

Fearless was honestly the era that Taylor intertwined the most intricate of details within her songs where every possible emotion flourished.

It was the era of intense hair flips, of junior jewels tees, of tight curls, of vlogs that blessed us with Taylor’s wit and humour, of love and lessons captured through incredibly powerful and hauntingly beautiful lyricism, of “I’ll never forget this moment, because at this moment everything that I ever wanted has just happened to me,” and there was something so sweet about the magical, fairy-like qualities she embodied. It was the era that Taylor accomplished so much by the age of 20, and in doing so she proved to so many of us the importance of being fearless.


Super Junior The 7th Album ‘MAMACITA’ Music Video Event!! - SJ T-shirts event


I FINALLY finished my costume for Saturday!!!! (August 15th) YAYAYAY!!! I’m so so so so excited! I CANNOT WAIT TO FINALLY SEE TAYLOR!! This is actually gonna be my first actual concert! I made a junior jewels tee cause I mean… You Belong With Me is amazing and during the fearless tour Tay came to my town and I didn’t go and it’s my biggest regret. Also I am SO EXCITED to meet outofthe1989woods gopickoutawhite-dress wildest-dreams1989 iwrotedownoursong1989 sophisticatedswift starlightjess and icanmakethebadguys-good !! PS while making this costume I probably stabbed myself with a needle about 50 times 😂

So hey taylorswift if you were curious…. I’ll be in section 209, row 1, seats 16&17. *winkity wink*


YOU get a shirt! and YOU get a shirt!

That’s right! 221b Wallpaper shirts are back up on my Etsy! Order one today

“This 100% cotton shirt is by Target’s Mossimo brand in the style "Junior Boyfriend Crew Tee” style and the image is printed with black ink onto a white shirt. The printing covers the entire FRONT of the shirt, including the sleeves- the back of the shirt is solid white. Shirts will be pre-washed before they ship.“

(For customer reviews and frequently asked questions, check out this page on my tumblr!)