juniors pizza

does anyone other than me watch the kids version of chopped like they have these 11 year olds cooking fancy ass meals but at the same time they’re still kids? like one of the ingredients was a giant ass chocolate shake and the host was like “who doesnt want a chocolate shake”  and this 12 year old says “vegans probably dont want a chocolate shake” and the host is like “wtf jake dont sass me u r 12?″

i was about to make a joke at darin’s expense at how thrilled he is for this

but then i realized that, honestly, i would murder a man for a taste of my elementary/junior/high school’s sausage pizza – that stuff was probably terrible, but i feel it in my dna, i need it again

then i realize that darin and i… we are the same

and i become immensely depressed, which is the purpose of funky winkerbean

well played, batiuk, well played