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✌🏼 sup. This is Morgan Rielly. He is a 6’ 1” 22-year old Canadian defenseman who wears #44 for the Toronto Maple Leafs. His most common nickname is Mo. He was drafted 5th overall in 2012 and his first year in the NHL was in the 2013-’14 season. He has represented Canada in 6 international competitions including IIHF World Junior Championship in 2013 (4th) and IIHF World Championship in 2014 and 2016 (5th & gold). He represented Canada as a part of Team North America during the 2016 World Cup of Hockey.

Mo is kind of a big deal. He’s lowkey good because he’s not flashy but the management and coaches really love him because he’s such a great player, leader, and person overall. Last April, he signed a $30 million 6-year contract with the Leafs (so he gets around $5 mill a year). He currently has an A in Toronto (no one has a C), and a whole lot of people really want Mo to be the captain next year because he has shown amazing leadership qualities and just generally cares a lot about the team.

His main bond on the team is with fellow defenseman Jake Gardiner who is American. There’s videos of Mo from Jake’s instagram doing various things. Mainly all shopping - whether at the mall or at the grocery store. In one of them Jake is too busy filming Mo and teammate Nazem Kadri that he walks backwards straight into a trash can. In another one, Mo juggles random objects at the grocery store, and in another Mo gets a cake just for himself. These videos are very cute and bromancy. One time they were in a studio and (horribly, ohmygod it was so bad) sang Little Things by One Direction together.

Mo is such a sweetheart and a giant nerd ass. He got all of his teammates thoughtful gifts for Christmas and he’s the self-proclaimed dad/father figure of the Leafs “at the ripe age of 22”. He also did a cooking thing because he lives by himself and he only knows how to cook chicken so he wanted to expand his cooking skills. Lord help him though. He’s also a horrible dancer but dances anyway even if it is super cringey. He spent his time this Christmas with sick children (it was his first Christmas in Toronto). He’s so soft and he really loves his mom and dog which he posts on insta often about them. He sticks up for his teammates especially when the media asks about scoring droughts and people not doing so well, and he credits them with their success and never talks himself up like ever. Everyone loves Mo

[ENG SUB] Hello Counselor + EXO


130722 - Kris, Suho, Chanyeol + Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Henry

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131028 - Lay, Kai + IU, K.Will

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150413 - Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol + Joy, Yeri

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*While the full episode can’t be found on KBS’s official channel, they did include some segments of it in this Special, if you want to see them in HQ.


Geraldo De Paula by Geraldo De Paula
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Campeonato Mundial de Karate Cadete e Junior | 2013 | Espanha

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ok i know katelyn’s 10.0 from today was a lot less controversial than the one she got last week (? it feels like longer than that?) but i just wanna say that im #emotional bc of how much she struggled all throughout her elite career with injuries and constant comeback status just to get injured again and it was so hard for her but now shes at ucla and shes just enjoying being a gymnast and doing gymnastics again and shes in a place where shes successful and appreciated and it just makes me wanna cry bc i look at her and i see that girl from 2012 junior nationals and the 2013 american cup but i also see how much shes grown and idk it makes me so happy that shes so happy you know???


The Heartbreak Kids

Norah Flatley 

2013 US Junior Nationals Silver BB
2014 Jesolo Team/BB Champion, Bronze AA
2014 Pacific Rim Championships Team/BB Champion, Bronze AA
2014 US Junior Nationals Silver UB, Bronze AA
2015 Jesolo Team/BB Champion, Silver AA/UB


In honor of her not competing at P&Gs this weekend, enjoy this Norah Flatley BB flight series appreciation post.

[ENG SUB] Immortal Song + EXO

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