2015 Showcase

if you're taking the ACT tomorrow or anytime soon remember

1. breathe
2. try your best and you’re not punished for guessing
3. It’s always retakable and it’s statistically proven that your score could raised by at least 1 point if you do retake it (◡‿◡✿)

Tips to remember for any fellow Juniors taking the ACT tomorrow!!!!~~~
  • Sleep. Get lots of sleep.
  • Eat breakfast, not a pop tart, not a donut, something hearty but not greasy. You don’t wanna be sick during the test
  • Dress in layers! You don’t wanna be too hot or too cold during the test
  • Chew on mint gum or have citrus candy on hand, it’ll help you think.
  • Take advantage of your breaks. Stretch, take a bathroom break.
  • If they give you snacks, eat them. Drink the water.
  • Have plenty of pencils!!!
  • Don’t over-stress. It’ll be okay.

feel free to add more!

Good luck!!!!