I Want to Be a Rockette, Aaliyah Zolina, Pacific Dance
4th Place Secondary Solo 9-11
KAR Las Vegas Blue Room Nationals 2012
Music: “I Want to Be a Rockette” from Kicks: A Showgirl Musical




Sleeping Beauty Variation, Sophia Frilot, The Dance Spot
Ballet Solo
5th Place Secondary Solo 9-11
KAR Las Vegas Blue Room Nationals 2012


Molly will be Posting short Choreo videos every Thursday


I Do Believe in Fairies, Megan Goldstein, Pacific Dance
3rd Place Secondary Solo 9-11
KAR Las Vegas Blue Room Nationals 2012

Researching colleges is what makes you fall in love with them! You get to see all the cool programs and activities they host, but do you get the whole experience? Besides going to the Undergraduate/Transfer/Graduate tab, there is so much more to see and search!

Me, personally, I lurk the college websites like it was my born to be profession. There are details and even more exciting things to discover about a school that many people don’t find. Here are some pointers to get the full 411 on your institution of choice!

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This is my life.

Most school websites, from what I’ve seen, don’t seem to have a Prospectus, but I’m starting to think Prospectus is the foreign version of a Prospective. So they’re like the same thing (?)

Either way, a Prospectus/Prospective are sections of a school website that basically contain all the information you need as a student. For example, they will have all the Majors listed, payment details, and housing information. They do this is a suitable and pleasing format.

Oxford has a Prospectus, as shown above, that basically gives you all the Undergraduate information like their different colleges and majors.

Prospectus/Prospective can be found on the Undergraduate/Graduate page once you click on the tab.

Go through the form and you’ll be presented the all the information you need to know about the school, like payments, majors, housing, campus life, and study abroad, through pages and booklet formats.

Note: Prospectus are informational booklets and are usually available as a pdf online, in the school’s website. Prospectives are not, at least I have not come across one that is presented like a Prospectus, but I’ve seen them as a page with links and references to the information presented in a Prospectus.


This is viable for checking test scores, GPA, and selection the school expects and receives.

Class profiles provide the information of the new incoming freshman class.

Basically the Class Profile will show you who gets in with what test scores and what GPA. It includes information like demographics, international/in-state/out-of-state acceptance/and their updated acceptance rate.

Checking out a class profile lets you see if you have a chance getting accepted by comparing your scores and class ranks.

HOWEVER, keep in mind that the statistics of the test scores and GPAs are averaged and yours does not need to be exact.

Class profiles let you know what types of people they are letting in and what test scores they are expecting and admitting. Your test scores and GPA can be below or above the presented average and you can still get in. :)


Make sure you know everything you need to know about applying and submitting your application! ! ! ! !

Schools will have tabs that highlight the information on applying, but go beyond and don’t get look at the summary, check everything !

See if they want any documents faxed or if they require all documents to be sent in one email or if they prefer phone or Skype interviews instead of face-to-face.

These little details help you get a feel of what they expect and what you should expect as well.


The life saving, inspirational tool to applying to college.

The Net Price Calculator is a program that takes some of your financial information (not credit card or personal information, just income information) and estimates what the real cost to college would be for your unique inputs.

Schools have their own Net Price Calculator and you cannot take the result from one and expect the same from another school’s Net Price Calculator.

The Net Price Calculator takes into account financial and scholarship opportunities and shows you what the estimate cost of attendance for what that school would be.

Net Price Calculators are not exact or a promise from a school, so there is no guarantee you will have the real result in real life, but it is a good way to see how much that particular college may cost for you.

And it’s actually really inspiring, I did one for USC, which is like 60k, and the end results told me I would probably only have to pay about 2k due to my financial circumstances.


Graduation rates basically tell you how many of their students manage to graduate.

Other statistics, like Returning Sophomores and Life After Graduation rates help show you if students in that school can manage/are satisfied with the education, curriculum, and institution overall.


YouTube is life when it comes to looking at colleges.

Dorm tours, campus tours, and academic information is so wonderfully presented through YouTube videos.

Students from the schools actually film and upload dorm tours, orientation, tips, and advice based on their college/university.

The most important thing, though, is the videos from the school itself.

Schools use this platform to showcase their school’s campus life, academic achievements, lectures, and even offer application tips and instructions!


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Can’t wait to see this full dance


Gone, Lauren Shaw, West Coast School of the Arts
1st Place Secondary Solo 9-11
KAR Las Vegas Blue Room Nationals 2012

Lauren killing the leftie turns!! :D