How Got7 would react when their gf finds them masturbating to their sex tape

Mark: He would feel so embarrassed. He would shut the computer quickly and look at you in shame even though you wouldn’t feel as though it was a big deal.

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Jackson: When you walked in you would be in shock. He would look at you and smile like he wasn’t watching the porn of you two and jocking. “Finally you’re here babe, please come help me.” he would say.

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Jaebum: As soon as he saw you he would smirk. “Come princess.” he would simply say seductively making your legs weak as your eyes wandered to his exposed cock.

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Jinyoung: “Oh my god!” you would exclaim when you walked into your bedroom to see your moaning self on the computer screen as Jinyoung fucked you. Jinyoung would turn to look at you with a sly smirk as he continued to pump himself. “Come let’s make a new one baby.” he would say.

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Youngjae: When you caught Youngjae jacking off and watching the sexy video you two had made he would jump in surprise and shock. He would be so frightened that you caught him and could only watch you in shock not being able to say anything.

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Yugyeom: When you walked into your apartment you heard your familiar moans and knew immediately that Yugyeom was watching the porn you two had made. You would go to your bedroom and open the door, walking in to find him jocking on the bed whilst watching it. He would have no shame, instead he’d get up and storm over to you, pushing you up against the door and kissing you harshly.

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Bambam: “You’re back.” he would say not noticing the shocked expression on your face as he let go of his cock. “Suck me.” he would order.

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Hard Carry

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