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Lol jjp’s hilarity over bambam 😂😂😂 “HE NEEDS TO BE STOPPED”


Mark:  It was the first night that Mark’s girlfriend was spending the night at the dorms. They had just finished binge watching Running Man when Mark walked into the bedroom to see his girlfriend take her hair down from her ponytail. A tingle of excitement zipped through his body as he knew this was the first time him seeing his girlfriend’s hair down. The light reflected off her healthy hair that went to the middle of her back. Mark smiled to himself as he thought how beautiful his girlfriend was. 

JB: JB would be such a shy cutie when he saw his girlfriend with her hair down. They had only been dating for a month and a half, so there was still times where they would be shy with one another. But the minute JB’s girlfriend pulled her hair from her bon bons, he could instantly feel the heat rise from his cheeks. “Jagi, you look really nice today.” 

Jackson:  Jackson was super extra when he saw his girlfriend come over to his place with her hair down for the first time. She had it straighten with silver ribbons threaded throughout it. He pretended to be offended by his girlfriend not showing him her hair down before and wouldn’t talk to her until she showed some aegyo. 

Junior: Beautiful. That’s all Jr. could think when he saw his girlfriend untie her hair from her fishtail braid, and shake it from side to side. It was as if light was radiating around his girlfriend, making her sparkle more then she already did in Jr.’s eyes. “Aigoo. Why are you so pretty, Jagi?”

Youngjae:  Somehow, and she still didn’t know how she was able to do it, Youngjae’s girlfriend had convinced him to go on a run with her. And it took a hell of a lot of convincing and a promise of buying ramen for him later.  Coming back from their grueling job she pulled her hair out of her high ponytail, and that was when Youngjae was mesmerized. He couldn’t stop staring at his girlfriend’s locks that curled slightly from her sweat. She was barefaced and all natural, she was beautiful.

BamBam: OMG. The minute BamBam’s girlfriend took her hair down from her high bun, he went into a frenzy. Skipping over to his girlfriend, BamBam grabbed both sides of her hair and twisted, pulled, swished, and threaded it. It wasn’t until a few minutes of BamBam having fun that he noticed his girlfriend was looking at him offended. Looking down at his hands, BamBam noticed his girlfriend’s once smooth hair was now all frizzed out because of his fun. Oops.   

Yugyeom: Yugyeom had been staring at his girlfriend for the last twenty minutes and hadn’t even noticed. His partner had taken her hair out of her high pigtails because they were giving her a major headache. Yugyeom offered to message her head when he realized this was the first time she had her hair down. Instead of massaging her scalp, he would just stare and slowly glide his fingers through the wavy locks.

 “YuYu? You’re staring.

”“Ahhah…. Sorry Jagi.” 


This was a lot of fun to make but for now will be a one time thing, seeing as we’re a BTS/EXO blog. Hopefully we can take more groups later. :)   

P.S. BTS Version Coming Soon!

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Junior would be my bias but i can’t handle him doing this shit.


Lol jackson’s anger over mark’s too long ummmsss. Hahahaha


-he’s that one prince that’s giving headaches to the people who are supposed to take care of him because he just wants to take care of everyone else instead

-so him working his ass off in the royal stables because one man couldn’t get up that day due to sickness is not a rare sight

-nor is him preparing his own meal

-even though he’s like that and enjoys being around other people he sometimes gets lost in his own world

-so he wanders off somewhere and since it’s always some other place it’s impossible to find him if you’re not one of the his guards who are kind of used to it and know the type of places he likes to go to

-also enjoys horse riding 

-he’s never slacking off when it comes to his duties as a prince so he actually spends a lot of time with his father, the king, working on improving kingdom’s economy

-usually just wears something he finds comfortable rather than the clothes he is supposed to

-if there’s a commotion in front of one of the room it’s probably prince playing piano and girls fighting to get a better view   because why just listen when you can watch him too

-all female servants are head over heels in love with him…really! there isn’t a girl in the castle that wasn’t at least once affected by his charms

-which isn’t surprising since he treats everyone kindly, doesn’t matter if it is the prince of the neighboring kingdom or the girl that brings him breakfast every morning

-the only problem is that girls mistaking his kindness to something else was nothing new

-which is exactly why his father finally came to a decision that it’s a high time prince gets married  which resulted in being awake all night due to the sobs of every single girl in the castle

-prince himself wasn’t exactly overjoyed with the idea especially since he never even met the girl his father kept talking about…the only thing he knew was that she is the princess of the kingdom that his father visited years ago

-having heard the stories even before your first visit to his kingdom you weren’t expecting much

-yes…when you met him it was obvious that he was a kind, hard working person, not arrogant and ready to help anyone in need

-but he just didn’t seem to be interested in marriage at all…although it was kind of nice of him how he was still willing to spend time with you during your visit

-but soon you realized he didn’t seem to be doing it just because of his duty

-he WAS kind and everything but no one’s waking up early to watch a sunset with a person he doesn’t care about  or suddenly barging in someone else’s room in the middle of the night because he just now realized he didn’t tell you you looked nice today

-when he started inviting you to join him during his wanderings you knew something was up

-even the servants started noticing something and suddenly started disappearing and leaving you alone every time you two bumped into each other in the hallways

-holding your hand longer than necessary, taking you on the long walks outside the castle walls and using that opportunity to ask you about every single detail of your life before you came here

-even the silence never felt uncomfortable with him

-he even started telling some pretty lame jokes  that level of lame that’s making trouble for the guards because they’re having a hard time trying not to laugh but he didn’t seem to mind as long as it’s making you smile TOGETHER MAKE IT LOVE FOREVER MAKING YOU SMILE I’m really sorry I just had to

-then you noticed he stopped frowning when his father mentions the marriage during one of your dinners with his parents

-that’s when you knew he finally started to look at you in a different way, the way you looked at him since the beginning

-during one of your walks you heard the words you were dying to hear- ‘’Will you stay here with me?’’