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This character is a combination of 郷 village, and 音 sound. Here 郷 is being used in its sense of “village feast.” Together with 音 this gives the “sound of  a village feast,” as in the noise of a crowd of people. This was a “far-reaching noise,” which led to “resound” and “echo,” with “effect/repercussion” being a figurative extension.

Mon amour, ma destruction
By: Trap.rascal (Instagram)
Picture: Me from my Instagram.

I’m in love with a boy, we’ll call him Irish boy for now. We met in Los Angeles my junior year of high school but the first time our eyes met was early sophomore year, his eyes catching mine in-between classes as the population of our school sprung out from their 2 hour allotted academia prisons and poured into the hallways and the quad. A space packed so tightly with people, that just like little sardines him and I got ushered along with them in the opposite direction from one another like fish in a shoal. In that minuscule fraction of my sophomore year of high school (and quite frankly the only part of which I really seem to hold near and dear in my memory bank) his golden blonde hair caught my eye, and like a flipbook the rest of his person was perceived by my eyes and filtered incredibly slowly into an image my brain could perceive. Slowly his eyes, nose, mouth came into my field of vision, my brain slowing down and dissecting each of his individual movements as both of us were being herded, quickly, past each other. At the last second he looked up at me and I averted my eyes, embarrassed. I didn’t see him again for a year. Now I know the beginning of this bed time story is sounding a lot like a John green book or a fairytale and I can assure you it is anything but that. This story is so drawn out and filled with plot curves (not twists because I shouldn’t be seen that shit coming but you’ll find out about that later) that it must be told in parts.

Part 1: My girlfriend (we will call her little rose, since that was what I loved to call her) was an amazing person. Creative, beautiful, funny, crazy, manipulative, broken, violent. People always say to never date your best friend but during the best days of our relationship she made that age old saying seem like an overly cautionary wives tale. We had been friends for 2 years already and we meshed, so when our cuddling escalated one night into her lips barely brushing by mine and after what had to have been an hour of pretending to keep my eyes closed, the brown of my pupils barely peeking through my eyelashes, the gossamer kiss deepened into something much more confusing, much more passionate. We were each other’s everything and I think that was the problem. One of those codependent relationships you know? She would become possessive, I would manipulate her to make her see that that was wrong even though it wasn’t fair to her that I was too afraid to come out to my mom about it and she wasn’t. She would act out, I would coax her back in and vice versa. Neither of us really knew how to let go when not one, but two relationships were riding on the increasingly weaker and weaker back of what made us little rose and sunshine (one of her many nicknames for me). You can only imagine how tumultuous it all got when on the first day of my junior year of high school, I walked into my second English class of that day. I had read my schedule wrong and sat in the completely wrong English class for an entire class period because I was too afraid to get up and leave once it had come to my intention that I, of course, had fucked up. Upon hearing the bell ring and being thrown back into the shuffle of sheep, or shoal of fish (whatever you prefer) I creeped in to my actual English class as it was printed on my schedule and saw my little rose, and him. He saw me. Little rose saw me see him, paused for a second analyzing the obvious over analyzation and decoding that was going on a little too apparently on my face as I started to associate more concrete detail to the flip book picture I had constructed last year with a short glance. Green eyes, slightly crooked nose, pouty lips, square jaw. Filing these details away was interrupted by the sing song call of my girlfriend’s voice. “Come sit next to me, babe” emphasis on the babe. I shuffled to her, gave her a hug, sat down and mentally filed away all the details I could about the Irish boy.

@norbuck: Today’s my final day of shooting on #PLL, my 25th episode. So I thought I’d stroll down memory lane and post some pics from the past. Here’s one for the Ezrians: Aria in her romantic bubble, while Ezra looks down at the ground, ashamed of himself for leading a high school junior down the road to hell. #PLLMemoryLane

Ralph Souffrant For Adidas! 🔻
I was born in Haiti. We migrated here to the United States at the age of nine. Ever since, I’ve been living here with my family and my best friends.

What’s the biggest struggle you’ve had to overcome, in your life, in your career?
I have to say, the way I look, like my skin condition. I always had a hard time growing up, because in high school, it started in junior high school, kids would tease me all the time and call me all types of names, and it was really hard for me. As I got older, I came to realize that this is who I am. This is me, it will never change, so I have to live. Who cares what anyone says?

If you had the opportunity to speak to every single person in the world all at once, what would you say?
Be who you are and people will notice the outside for a quick second, and then maybe they’ll forget about it, but who you are inside is what really counts. Love yourself, and other people will follow. 🔻#Lunionsuite #haitian #model #fashion #adidas #newyork

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knzyjsk  asked:

I hope you're doing okay with your new semester and your new students!!! And belive me when I say you don't want a student like me haha I'm like the worst student ever XD I'm better now tho' but I feel bad for my teachers in Junior high and high school, they had a hard time with me back then... anyways, I hope you're a bit less tired :3 Cheer up! And don't worry, I love to read your stories so you're not boring me in any way c: (1/4)

Hi dear, 

How are you? How’s study? I just finished my class and now have some time to answer questions before having consultation with my students. I’m sure you can’t be that bad.^^ I think we teachers do understand that students have different attitudes and behaviours and to me the most important thing is patient when dealing with types of students. Sometimes, I do get angry with students. hahaha… anyway, GOT7 is now officially back. I didn’t manage to watch the Live Premiere the other day because I had class at that time but I did watch some clips from the premiere. Youngjae looked so good in that outfit and damn I’m so proud with his dancing skill this time. I mean those moves for Hard Carry looked difficult to me and to have him dancing like that within in a short period is an accomplishment. I hope fans will give him some credits as well in term of dancing for this comeback. I’m sure you’ve heard both of our sunshine songs right? Both are great songs but I like Sick better. Though it’s not a 100% ballad I can still the pain and hurt when the boys especially the Youngjae when singing the song. I wondered to who the song is for? maybe his past girlfriend. LOL. Youngjae is an emotional singer. To me he’s not only has good expression when he sings but you can feel the emotion through his voice too. This kid is truly talented. I just hope he will be able to showcase his talents someday. I will wait till that time comes. 

I thought I would get a Youngjae’s version for this album but then the site where I pre-ordered told me that I might not get the version that I want. TT_TT I just hope luck is with me and I will get Youngjae’s version or else I have to ask from other people to exchange TT_TT I hope for the next album JYPE will stick to only two versions. I pray for both of us will get Youngjae’s version. 

You know I love talking with you right? So don’t apologize for talking too much. Now that all the teasers and album are out I don’t have to wait till midnight to sleep. kekeke Anyway, will talk to you soon and please take care of yourself dear. Love you  (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)


I’m warning you know, junior year is the hardest year of high school. Colleges look at the year the most. It’s the first year of IB/AP testing, SAT, ACT, and more. So I decided to compile a post on JUNIOR YEAR ADVICE.

Check out the links I’ve put in the post. If any don’t work, message me!!! If you want more, let me know!

1. Get good grades. This is going to sound like an obvious point but really, you need to focus on doing your best academically this year. Junior year grades are the most important to a college. Improvement from previous years counts too, so improve and do your absolute best. No slacking! Look at YouTube videos for note taking ideas and how to get good grades and study tips. Here are some more

2. Take your first SAT/ACT in the winter of your junior year. I know the SAT tested in January and the ACT should test around there too. Test early and then you’ll have time to study and retake if needed. I took my SAT in March, which was okay, but I wanted more time to study so I’m taking my second SAT in October and my first ACT in September. December is the last month to take tests for UCs. Take your ACT and SAT earlier in your junior year to get them done before senior year. Check out this video for SAT/ACT advice. It’s a simple study practice.

3. Study for the SAT/ACT/AP/IB tests.  Study. The. Material. Start early and keep on track. Get books or online tools to help. Yes you an retake the SAT/ACT but any more than one extra time may not look good, as it shows it took you 3+ tries to get that score. You can’t really retake the IB/AP tests easily, or at all. You paid good money for those tests, study! I won’t be taking the new SAT in March of course so learn about that.

4. This is your last chance to join a club or sport and have in look good on college apps. Waiting until senior year to do anything, or everything, is a bad idea. Join now so you’ll have a full year under your belt. If you’re in IB, you’ll need CAS hours. Here is a link to a site with ideas. They can also be used for regular community service.

5. Start trying to decide what you want to do in college if you haven’t already. Make spreadsheets and logs to figure out what college is best for you. Figure out what you need to do to get into that college if you haven’t already.

6. Don’t date someone for the heck of it. Don’t date someone on and off. It’s a bad idea all the way around. 

7. This is the year where you learn who smokes and drinks and all that. Don’t fall into it. It’s not cool and no one cares. Honestly.

8. While it is important to do good things for college, don’t do something JUST for college apps or to impress someone. If you  want to take 5+ AP classes because you want to, go for it. If you’re doing it ONLY because it looks good on college apps or because you want to impress someone else, you’re doing it for the wrong reason.

9. Learn about the world. Learn that feminism isn’t a joke for a meme or anything. Learn that it is about equality. Learn about the police brutality. Keep an eye on politics. You’ll be voting soon. 

10. Health comes first. Always