The Duchess of Cambridge is to launch a new mental health project for young children, in the latest initiative from @heads_together during a visit to Roe Green Junior School in Brent on January 23. Supporting young people was always at the heart of Heads Together for The Duchess. 1 in 5 children experience a mental health difficulty before the age of 11. The project is the result of the partnership between the Royal Foundation, @AFNCCF @YoungMindsUK and @Place2Be

The Duchess of Cambridge will visit the Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute at the @KingsIoPPN and the Perinatal Service at Bethlem Royal Hospital @MaudsleyNHS on Wednesday 24 January.

The two visits reflect HRH’s interest in continuing to develop an understanding of the challenges and issues surrounding maternal mental health and to learn what support is available.

- Kensington Palace on Twitter

Like I seriously can’t get over how in love I am with The Legend of Korra and Turf Wars. I’ve been at work all day thinking about it and talking to my friends (and one pharmacist who listened lol) about it and I just can’t get over how real it is?

Korra and Asami have that feel good relationship that gives me butterflies just thinking about it, and being able to see it in art that is truly an extension to the animated universe is unreal. I’m the typical gal who loves the fan art and the fanfiction but to see it officially just makes me so unbelievably happy. Seeing their relationship and how fucking normal it is is the best feeling in the world.

I didn’t know I was a lesbian until I was in my junior year of high school, and I can’t help but wonder if seeing characters in media would have helped me realize sooner. I never saw wlw. It never even occurred to me that women could love women when I was younger, and having all that heternormativity shoved in my face since birth is so unfair to me and to everybody. But so many young people who do normal young person things like obsess over cartoons and tv shows are going to get to see that representation and maybe discover something new about themselves and that makes me so unbelievably happy.

I just feel so ecstatic to be represented by these relationships in media that are becoming more than just speculation among fans. I’ve been watching the ATLA/LOK universe since it first came out on Nickelodeon when I was a kid, and seeing these fictional women portrayed as just normal gals loving each other is the best feeling in the world and nothing can top it. Thank you guys so much for everything you do.

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Hello there~ Scenario of a female reader, being childhood friends with Bakugou and being Shinsou's girlfriend. Where Shinsou doesn't like the way sometimes Bakugou talks to his girlfriend (cursing and stuff) and sometimes being so jealous for the two of them get along so well too? She notices and tells him it's everything alright for him not to worry about anything~ that they love him very much!! fluff in the end ;D

Interesting! I hope to do this one well ^^


Bakugō Katsuki/Shinsō Hitoshi 爆豪 勝己/心操 人使

You had known Bakugou since the two of you were very little.

You grew up in the same town along with Midoriya, and you went to the same elementary and junior high schools.

Bakugou and you both had dreams of becoming heroes when you grew up. And what better school to attend to train to be a hero than U.A.?

It was your dream for a long time, one that sometimes felt way out of your reach. That is, until it was time to take the entrance exams.

It was tough, but you and Bakugou both made it in. The two of you were overjoyed (but of course Bakugou acted like it was nothing) and were more than ready to start your new lives at U.A.


You had grown accustomed to attending U.A. by now, but sometimes it just hit you that you were actually attending the U.A.

The only thing different about this week in particular was that it was time for the U.A. sports festival. Of course, you knew it was a major event and you had already been preparing for it for quite some time.

During the event, you were surprised by how well a certain purple-haired boy from the general studies course was doing, especially in the tournament.

After the sports festival was over, you’d had several opportunities to talk to the boy, whose name you learned was Shinsou.

Your feelings for Shinsou grew and grew, and eventually you realized that you were, in fact, in love with him. But he could never feel the same way, of course, because things don’t work out like that.

You were proven wrong, however, when Shinsou confessed to you after school one day. Just like passing the entrance exams, you were overjoyed.


Shinsou loves dating you. He loved you and how happy you made him feel. But there was one thing that annoyed him just a little bit, and that thing was Bakugou.

He was well aware that Bakugou was your childhood friend, but sometimes he just didn’t like the way he spoke to you. He was always yelling at you and calling you names, and Shinsou wasn’t happy about it.

Still, he decided it wasn’t any of his business, so he never talked about it. That is, until you started avoiding him and talking to Bakugou more and more.

Shinsou wanted to let it slide, but he felt like something was off. Were you actually attracted to Bakugou and not him? He knew that was unlikely, but he still had his doubts.

He couldn’t help but at least ask you about it.

“Hey, ______, do you wanna hang out after your training today?” he asked casually. It would be nice to hang out, but Shinsou’s true intentions about asking were to find out if you were going to be with Bakugou.

“Actually, I already made plans with Bakugou. Sorry, Hitoshi, maybe tomorrow?”

Shinsou shifted uncomfortably. “Listen, ______, I don’t like the way he talks to you. I know he’s your friend, but you shouldn’t let him speak to you like that. You deserve better than that.”

You laughed shyly. “Thanks for worrying, Hitoshi. But, really, it’s fine. Bakugou’s always been like this and I really don’t take it seriously. I get that it might sound bad, but it’s not and he means no harm.”

Shinsou was silent for a while, then spoke up again. “…Why have you been with him and not me recently? We’ve barely even talked these past few weeks and whenever you’re free, you use that time to be with Bakugou. Why is that, ______?”

You frowned. “Hitoshi, I’m sorry. I should have told you sooner. It’s actually because your birthday’s coming up soon, and Bakugou and I were trying to find the perfect gift for you. I’m sorry for making you worry, but I can promise that the gift will be worth it!”

Great, now he felt stupid. “No, I should be the one apologizing, ______. I shouldn’t have been so jealous like that. Really, I’m sorry. I’ll trust that Bakugou is a good friend if you say so.”

You smiled. “I’m glad. Maybe you two can even be friends!”

Shinsou chuckled. “I’m not so sure about that, ______.”

Intro to my Studyblr

Hey everyone! I thought I should finally do an official intro to my studyblr because I have decided to be more active on this account this year. Especially since my second semester is starting tomorrow. So here is a little bit about me:

  • My name is Kaitlyn (duh). I’m 16 and I’m a junior in high school (11th grade). I do online school due to my crippling anxiety.
  • I love love love music. My favorite band is 5 Seconds of Summer. I love a bunch of other bands and artists. I play guitar, ukulele, and a little bit of piano. I really want to learn how to play a bunch more instruments.
  • I’m a big supporter of “Mental Health Matters”. I am also a huge feminist. I also support BLM and LGBTQ+ rights.
  • The classes I took first semester include: American Government, Anatomy & Physiology, Digital Photography, Honors English 4, Honors Precalculus, Physics, and Spanish IV.
  • The classes that I’m taking this semester are: College Prep with ACT, Economics, Honors English 4, Honors Precalculus, Medical Terminology, Physics, and Spanish IV.
  • After I graduate high school I plan to do two years of community college and then two years of an in-state university. Then I really want to go to med school in order to someday become a cardiothoracic surgeon.

Lastly here are some of my favorite accounts that really inspire me:

@revisoin @studydiaryofamedstudent @emmastudies @studyskylar @lumstudies @owly-studies @ravnclaw @intellegens @study-ren @cmstudy @always-studyiing @studyblr-enthusiast @quadrtics @apricot-studies @studyquill @avocadontstudy @studyblr2019 @artstdy @prostudy @studylilium @intrastudies @alistudys @mermaidstvdies @weasley-studies @kankenstudies @anti-social-sciences @lycheestudy @marystudies @cardiacstvdies @joli–coeur @thesmartstudies @ericasbujo @studywithinspo @jillypunx @rosestudiies @breezystudies

“Would you forget?“

No extended summary at the moment because everything below is a spoiler (!!), I’ll just say heartbreak and party. 

Warning: swearing & mild SPOILERS for Episode 2 (you’ve been warned!)
Steve Harrington x Reader
Gif credit:

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                               ・・・ 𝐻𝒶𝓀 & 𝒴𝑜𝓃𝒶 ~ school version! ・・・

surround me (m)

◇ pairing: yoongi x reader
◇ genre: smut, fluff, comedy, best friends to lovers
◇ word count: 10k+
◇ summary: after a very unfair and unjust firing from his bartending job, yoongi just wants to soothe his sadness by spending some quality time with his best friend - who he is very much in love with.
warnings: surprise piercings. slightly drunken and unprotected sex. netflix and chill, so kind of but not really spoilers for stranger things and good morning call and OITNB. a lot of hand holding.

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“nancy is selfish and led a boy on” :)))) how about nancy came up with an elaborate plan to find closure for her best friend’s parents because she felt so guilty for not being able to save barb.  how about nancy stopped liking steve and started liking a new boy because she is a teenage girl and teenage girls do that.  how about nancy is a core member of the gang and has been through so much. how about nancy is 16 and in her junior year of high school thinking her best friend’s death is her fault? how about you leave nancy the fuck alone. thanks for coming to my ted talk.  

Kagamination, I propose a toast!

To 10 years of the voices we love!

To 10 years of the art inspired!

To 10 years of “but aren’t they twins?” comments on YouTube!

To 10 years of collecting merchandise and BEGGING companies for more!

To 10 years of producing, mixing, and covering!

To 10 years of your first favorite Rin and/or Len song!

To 10 years of making great new friends due to your mutual mirror sound love!

A toast to the two who’s affects got me through junior high, high school, and now, officially, college! On to the next chapter, together.

Happy 10th Birthday, Rin and Len!

Love, KagaMama

how to be a better you in 2018

use a planner / bullet journal: it will make you more productive to write things down

have a journal: a five year journal, an art journal, a sappy write down all your feelings journal, a dream journal, really anything that you think will help you. reading through old journals is honestly one of the best things you can do

do yoga or meditation: i’m a generally stressed person, as i’m sure most juniors in high school are, and doing yoga makes me so relaxed. everyone should try it!

keep up with basic tasks: cleaning your room, brushing your teeth, showering, making your bed, drinking water, smiling. it sounds simple and easy, but when school and life gets stressful it’s import for your health to keep up with these basic tasks

read: books, graphic novels, poetry, fanfiction, self help books, read whatever makes you happy. reading 1) is good to destress, and 2) builds your vocabulary, improves your focus, your grammar, and has a bunch of other make you a good student benfits

save money: I feel like this is something that is undervalued for high school students. most people our age don’t need to worry about money, or really have a concept of it, but it is important to build a healthy relationship with money while you’re young. Set small goals like putting $20 in a savings account each month ($240 in a year!). Set larger goals like saving 50% of all the money you receive, whether that be from a paycheck, as gifts, allowance, or however else you get money. Set goals like putting X amount into a savings account this year (like 200,1000, whatever you think will be doable, but personally i like the monthly ones more) saving money now will help you be a slightly less broke college student/ young adult one day. also i highly highly suggest looking into getting a job- it was honestly the best thing i’ve done this year. (masterpost)

have at least one technology free day: everyone is so wrapped up in technology and it is important tot take a break, both for your physical health and mind.

sleeeeeeeep: everyone can use a little more sleep. i suggest trying to wake up and go to sleep around the same time everyday (with some exceptions like you can break the routine sometimes and it’s okay). it makes you feel good!!! and then you’ll be less tired in the morning

accept your failures: this sounds kind of a little harsh, but bear with me. No one is good at everything, everyone has been disappointed by a grade, everyone has failed/ been disappointed by something they have done. It’s important to accept it. acknowledge the outcome was not ideal, but don’t beat yourself up about it. it’s okay to fail. it’s okay to be disappointed. it’s okay, and if it doesn’t feel okay right now, it will feel okay soon. believe in yourself and your ability to succeed. 


A few years ago I was 16 and really struggling. I got really sick out of nowhere in my junior year of high school. I was in a relationship at the time and my then-boyfriend broke up with me because of how my face looked after I got sick, I was bullied horribly and I just felt so alone. It was definitely the lowest point in my life. But you somehow made everything better. I would listen to your music on my way to hospital visits, I would put headphones on while I was in the waiting room or being poked with needles, and I listened to you when I was alone in my bedroom, crying, thinking that it would never get better.
You got me through the worst time in my life. I’m 20 years old now and thriving. I have two jobs, my own house, etc. My life has changed a lot since then but something that remains a constant is you. You still inspire me just as much now as you did then, and I just wanted to say thank you for everything. Thank you for bringing me out of that downward spiral. Thank you for sharing your voice and your lyrics with me. Thank you for being my best friend. I love you so much ❤️❤️❤️

Next time you listen to a musical soundtrack, listen to the orchestra. Not just the actresses/actors and singers. Support the background. I’m tired of having to struggle to find the names of people who play In the orchestra of my favorite musical. That one main trumpet that plays the perfect notes during newsies??? Hell ya. Support ur musicians y'all

The singers are doing great but I’m just so tired of no one noticing the orchestra behind it

The trumpets and piccolos, violins, percussion, saxophone, oboes and everyone else.

Without the orchestra, all we’d have are voices in notes

Orchestras are so much more than background music, too

They’re a family

It’s a lot of work than you’d think

Just. Pay attention to them, too. Let them be known


Uhh this, gained lots of notes wow

I’m here for another part. I’m in junior varsity for my school band. I play trumpet. Band is a huge part of my life, and my family. And listen ,, I get stressed out over j u n I or music n shit

I , d ont know what I’d do if I got handed a friggen Broadway musical sheet music

I’d die right there and then

It’s , hard

Some of the scales push me over the edge

So. Props to u music majors and Broadway people.. ily.. ur my idols


Kick-Ass Chicks: Artist, Marissa Quinn

If the beauty is the details, then Marissa Quinn’s pieces are absolute stunners! Each stroke of her pen comes together to create amazingly realistic, yet almost otherworldly works of art. We caught up with this bohemian beauty to dig deeper into her love of art, nature and all things beautiful.

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Pairing: Mark Tuan x Reader (female)

Word Count: 10,538

Genre: Soulmate AU, Professor/College AU, Smut

Rating: (M) - NSFW - explicit sex, language

SummaryThey called you “Ice Queen” all throughout elementary school. Even now, as a graduate student, the nickname still stings. As if your inability to feel heat means you’re cold-hearted too. You decide to pursue a degree in Biochemistry, desperate to figure out the reason why you are the way you are. Mark Tuan, everyone’s favorite hotshot professor, can pass his hand through an open flame due to a similar inability. Until the day you walk into his class, that is.

↳ Oneshot as part of The Inevitability of You collab with @kpop-wetdreams​ and @igot7bangtanbaes​ 💜

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