The Arctic Interagency Visitor Center (AIVC) in Coldfoot awarded its first Junior Ranger of the season to Sam from Anchorage, Alaska. Sam rode up the Dalton Highway to Deadhorse, spotting golden eagles, muskox, short-earred owls, snow buntings, dall sheep and her favorite, the red-throated loon, along the way. Congratulations to Sam from all of us at the AIVC!

Photo:Karen Deatherage, BLM. Pictured is Sam and Student Conservation Association Intern Caylon Likley.


Nick was 32 right? Judy was 24?

That means…

When 🐺 Nick, at 8, got bullied by the preys in the Junior Rangers,

🐰Judy was born.

It’s like the Universe apologizing to the Wildes, promising a mammal friend, a prey soulmate who will ultimately accepts a pred – a fox, even – as a fellow mammal, a trusted friend…

… and a life partner.


Next up is Aysia's birthday!

We saw this thing at the zoo yesterday. It’s a junior ranger! £75 for 3 hours of being a park ranger! Helping with health checks, feeding times, cleaning the animals etc etc.

Aysia loves animals and has always said she wants to work with animals when she’s older so this would be the most perfect present for her!

You get a certificate afterwards as well saying that you’ve done it all.

My Mum thinks it’d be great too and my Nanna is kind of half convinced. If we all put in for that as her main present because its obviously too much for just one of us to pay.

I’ll keep you posted!