How to Keep Your Readers EMOTIONALLY Involved

Why is it that sometimes a book or movie can make you THIS emotionally invested  … 

And sometimes it’s more like this? 

My stories used to inspire a reaction similar to Hermione’s in my readers. And in me.  At some points I’d be reading my work, and a little honest voice buried somewhere in my head would say “I wouldn’t care if this character was hit by a bus right now.” Then I’d heap some denial atop the voice, silence her unwanted mutterings, and go back to trying to enjoy my story. Problem was, my readers appeared to have this little honest voice as well. And if she told them “Cartoon bus. Hitting this character. Wouldn’t that be funny?” they had a tendency to listen to her.

What was the problem? My scenes didn’t connect to my reader’s emotions. They didn’t change those emotions throughout the scene. They started out sad and they ended just as sad or even more so. And what came after that? Well, another scene that began with the main character feeling horrible, which ended with him just as downtrodden as before. Or worse: The scene began positive and just got better. The next one would start out absolutely giddy and ended effervescent. And this kept going until the characters were almost singing with joy. (Okay, maybe I’m being slightly snarky about my past self.) But after that, I’d follow it up with a long sequence of sadsadsad scenes. 

So what happened? My readers had only two emotions while enduring this: frustration and impatience. 

The scenes weren’t keeping my readers emotionally engaged. The scenes weren’t changing emotionally. And that is what needs to happen: The emotional charge of the scene has to change. Switch between negative and positive. The flow of the reader’s emotions has to be taken into account, and consciously adjusted. It’s that simple. 

How can this be accomplished? 

1) Determine what’s at stake in the scene. To the characters, something important is being threatened, something emotional or primal. Love? Safety? Friendship? Justice? Make sure the scene means something for the characters. (If it’s not emotionally significant to them, connected to the A Story, B Story, or Character Arc, it’s not a scene and the reader won’t care.) And since the readers are emotionally connected to the characters, the readers care about what’s at stake, and are conscious of what it means. 

2) Beats. The exchanges of action and reaction between characters and forces of opposition in pursuit of the goal … these carry that emotion, these are how emotions shift within the scene, gradually taking it from one to another. 

3) Emotional Charge. If the scene starts with what’s at stake in positive way, then it’ll switch to negative by the end. If if starts negative, the scene will change to positive. 

Anyway! How does this work?  

To illustrate it, because I’m having a lot of fun reading the screenplay, here are five scenes from Zootopia. 

Let’s start with the scene right after this happens: Manchas has gone savage, and Judy and Nick are running for it.

Scene 1 

What’s at stake? Life

Opening Charge: Negative (They’re being chased by a jaguar who is about ten times bigger than either of them, and who seems quite keen to tear them apart. To the characters, this scene opens with a 95% likelihood of imminent brutal death. To the audience, this scene opens with two characters we’ve come to care about in this dangerous situation.)

Closing Charge: Positive (They manage to call backup. Judy manages to handcuff Manchas. Nick stays to help Judy, rather than hop on the gondola to safety. They fall but manage to survive. They fall again, but are caught by a vine just before impact. Bogo and the rest arrive, and Judy is full of confidence about her discovery in the Otterton case, and eager to show them. Everything in this scene ended in Judy and Nick’s favor.)

How has what’s at stake changed? They lived.

Scene 2

What’s at stake? Judy’s lifelong dream, the goal she’s worked towards since she was a child. 

Opening Charge: Negative (Judy tells Bogo that this is way bigger than a missing mammal case – Otterton and Manchas went savage. He scoffs at her. In response, Judy confidently sweeps back the leaves to reveal the wild jaguar … and he’s gone. With her proof nowhere in sight, what she’s told Bogo sounds insane and ridiculous. Which provokes him into demanding her badge.) 

Closing Charge: Positive (Nick stops Bogo from taking Judy’s badge. Nick also bluntly tells him that he’s been an unfair little jerk to Judy, they have time to solve the case, and they have much more important things to be doing than standing around dealing with these idiots. He even calls her “Officer Hopps” instead of Carrots. They’re back on the case.) 

How has what’s at stake changed? She still has a chance to achieve that lifelong goal. And Nick was the one to buy her more time. 

Scene 3
What’s at stake? Truth

Opening Charge: Positive (Judy, and the audience, are feeling thankful and closer to Nick.)

Closing Charge: Negative (But even though we are in a good place, Nick looks far away … he starts thinking back … and we can sense that this memory lane doesn’t end anywhere pleasant.)

How has what’s at stake changed? He’s about to share something significant.

Scene 4
What’s at stake? Innocence

Opening Charge: Positive (We see little Nick! Looking happy and excited. All he wanted to do was join the Junior Ranger Scouts, and his mother scraped together money to buy him a uniform. She’s even adjusting his tie for him, lovingly.)

Closing Charge: Negative (Nick, who had been so happy at the beginning of this scene, is now hiding from the evil kids,  struggling to pull the muzzle off, panicked, crying like his heart’s broken.) 

How has what’s at stake changed? Traumatized

Scene 5
What’s at stake? Closeness

Opening Charge: Negative (Well that was a horrifying story. And now Nick is avoiding eye contact, while revealing the takeaways he got from that childhood episode, which have shaped his decisions from then on. Suddenly Judy, and the audience, understand Nick a lot more. We empathize and sympathize with him.)

Closing Charge: Positive (The traffic cameras would have caught whatever happened to Manchas! And Judy has a friend that can help them access those cameras. They’re back on the case.) 

How has what’s at stake changed? Nick dodges out of further vulnerability BUT they’re back on the case – this time, together. 


As you can see, the emotional charges of these scenes fluctuate smoothly, from a scene’s opening to its closing, from one scene to the next. In every moment, in every beat, we’re feeling something. And when the scene turns, we (and the characters) are feeling the opposite of what we were at the beginning of the scene. Our curiosity and minds are linked to the story by the question “What’s going to happen next?”; our emotions are connected to the story by the conduits Judy and Nick, these two characters we care about, as every emotional change pushes us closer towards the answer to the question “What’s going to happen to these two? Is everything going to end up alright for them?" 

Now, let’s see what happens when you stop paying attention to the emotional changes of your scenes. 

Scene 1: Manchas is gone. Bogo is berating Judy. Nick stands there and watches. Judy ends up handing over her badge. The real cops leave, and Judy stays behind, figuring she might as well try and complete the case anyway. All Nick wants is that carrot pen, so he tags along.

Scene 2: Judy has nothing to feel thankful about, and certainly doesn’t feel closer to Nick. He’s thinking back on his childhood, but doesn’t share anything with Judy… 

Scene 3: Instead of the flashback opening on a happy Nick, it opens on him getting beaten up by the evil children, and ends on him weeping with the muzzle strapped to his face. 

Scene 4: We snap back to the present. Judy staring, beyond tears at this point. Nick looking traumatized and bitter. He remembers he needs the pen. He thinks about the reward money if they had found all those missing mammals. He has the traffic camera revelation! He drags a dejected Judy into his scheme, which she doesn’t care about, but why the heck not? 

In this horrible alternate universe version of Zootopia, this sequence of scenes is negative from beginning to end. And what would have happened to the audience if the scenes had played out in this depressing way? 

They would have emotionally checked out.

The connection between emotions and story would have snapped.

We would have forced our emotions to abandon the story, and watched the rest of the movie feeling betrayed and cheated. 

Because in the end, all we care about are these characters. All we care about is story, and character is story. It’s no coincidence that removing the emotional changes of the scenes equated to removing Judy and Nick’s relationship in the scenes; that relationship, that B Story, or Love Story, function (oddly enough) as the heart of the movie: it keeps the story alive, it keeps us connected and invested in the narrative, it keeps the scenes emotionally turning. Before Nick showed up, and we had two characters to care about, what kept us emotionally involved in the story was our relationship with Judy, this plucky bunny that we really wanted to see succeed. Establishing that connection is a subject for another post, but in regards to scenes, this manipulation of the audience’s emotions is how you keep that connection going strong.

I just said to manipulate someone’s emotions. How villainous.

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*wants to hear stupid tourist stories* >_>


  • Try to RIDE the bison.  The one-ton pile of Pissed off Pot Roast with the horns than can rip your intestines right out, the bone-smashing hooves and YES IT CAN RUN 40 MPH THAT IS NOT A JOKE.  Was grabbed by my mother before she could get her ass killed.
  • Let chihuahuas, pugs and other toy dogs run loose in the park.  Where they can eat endangered  small reptiles and mammals, or be eaten by coyotes.
  • Listen to ranger talk about the importance of staying the fuck on the trail, or you could fall through the ground into the thermal pools and boil to death.  IMMEDIATELY steps off the trail to get closer to the 2000 degree Pool.
  • The Exact Same As Above, but with a barely-frozen-over lake.
  • Carve their names over Native American Petroglyphs.  Was offended when pulled away by and fined by a Ranger.  Got a bigger fine for spitting on the Ranger and trying to punch them.
  • Getting drunk and trying to piss out the Junior Ranger’s campfire.
  • “HEY RANGER I FOUND A LOST DOG!”  The thing they have in the box is a Badger.
  • Got screamed at by a wildlife photographer who’d been camping out trying to get pictures of baby foxes in their den.  He went inside to take a piss, missed them, so I showed him the pictures I took to make him feel better.  He punched me, Stole my camera, then got tackled into the pavement by my sister to get my camera back.  I was 11 at the time.

  • “What time of year to the deer turn into elk?”  EVERY GODAMN YEAR.
  • *Pointing at a Glacier*  What’s that white stuff up on the mountain?”
  • “What time do we get to feed the bears?”
  • Tourist: “Does Old Faithful work on Christmas?”  
    Ranger: “Yes.  Several times a day, every day.  It’s a natural feature-” 
    Tourist: “Why would you force them to work on a Christian holiday!?”
    Ranger: “Who?”
    Tourist: “The Men Undergound that operate the spring!  They should at least get Chistmas off!”
    Ranger, clearly done with this shit:  “…They’re Jewish.”

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Prompt: Judy comforting Nick during a panic attack (maybe over muzzles or a nightmare? idk up to you ofc)

Alright, better start working on theses…I have a lot to do.


It all started with the Junior Ranger Scouts came to the Precinct for a tour.

Something that happened somewhat regularly.  There was a troop stopping by at least once a month.  Precinct One is a pretty big attraction for troops to visit for a pawful of different reasons.

But it’s not the kits that get Nick. 

No, they never bother him, because their kits.  That and he rarely ever has to spare them more than a wave in passing.  He leaves the stopping and talking to Judy, she had more than enough optimism for the both of them.

Rather, it’s one of the leaders.

Something about them triggered something.  He didn’t know if it was a scent, their voice, or what exactly.  Something rang true with the back of his mind. 

All he knew was he was just back in that meeting.  Back in that muzzle. Hurt and crying.  And he can’t breathe.

He turns tail instantly at the sensation.  Hurrying off as he fights the memory from just sucking him back in.  He tried to assure himself that it was nothing to get worked over, something that happened over twenty some years ago.  But the feeling of cold metal is all around his snout.

He ducks into the darkness of a room.  Practically collapsing in the room, because he’s damn paws are so sweaty.  Gasping for breath he seeks out the darkest part of the room.  Darkness is hidden. Darkness is comfort.  Darkness is safe

The fox curled up underneath a desk, shivering at the sickening cold of the metal.  Willing his heart to just stop pounding in his chest.  But he’s nine and back in the middle of kicking, muzzled, scared and defenseless.  He just can’t get out.

Nick…” a voice distantly calls through the memories.  “Nick, you’re alright.  I’m here, I got you,”  the voice is soft, familiar, safe.  Easing into the memories, easing the pain of the kicks, as the young mammals start to fade out ever so slowly.  “I got you, Nick.  Breath with me, and come back to me.  You’re okay.”

The voice repeats the words ever so softly, till the memories fades and Nick starts to feel his senses return.

He looked up to find Judy lightly cradling him as she stood in front of him.

“Judy,”  He breaths dumbly in relief.

“Yup,”  She returned her familiar chipper tone ring true, but her voice is still soft.  The rabbit moved her paws to wipe the tears from Nick’s cheek like it was just dust or crumbs from lunch.  “I saw you hurrying in the opposite direction of the Junior Ranger Scouts.  You okay?”

“Uh…yeah.”  Nick answered weakly, completely content to just sit there looking at her.  But he moved to wipe his wet cheeks and sweaty paw pads.

“Wanna talk about it?”

“Later,”  Nick breathed, as he leaned back against one of the desk legs.  He knew Judy will never push him to talk about this, she’ll worry but never press.  “Can we just sit her for a while?”

“Of course.”  Judy agreed as she moved to sit next to him.


AN: Did I do good?  I hope so.  Sorry there isn’t too much descriptive comforting from Judy…but yeah…

Send a prompt to my ask box but Friday, June 1st, 5pm EST and I’ll write small fic/dabble.


Finally made the trek to NYC to see Raúl in concert. And oh boy was it worth it! I’m pretty sure everyone died when he sang the french parts softy from Chanson from the Baker’s Wife. Also his version of Defying Gravity was amusing and the end was amazing (10/10 good stuff). 

Thanks to @clowchan  and @larkistin for the photos. I briefly got to talk to Raúl and gave him a ranger belt, since he is a National Park nerd. He was really happy about it and stated he keeps the wood junior ranger badge and postcard, from Clowchan’s earlier meeting, in his dressing room. 

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does you rub your nipples and start moaning with delight-

JK: oh u dont even kno
JK: if i coulda finished that i dont think the murphys could have thought of their son’s name without remembering the gay subtext–

EH: H-Hey! Jared, did you hack into my blog?!

JK: whoops
JK: gigs up, the junior park ranger found me
JK: g2g

EH: Jared–!

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Adventures in Mal and Shannon going to PAX East, under the cut!!

  • My cosplay ended up looking really good and I was so pleased with it, so I felt real good about showing it off.
  • It was much more crowded than last year and the number of badass developers was just so rad.
  • The Bethesda booth was REALLY cool and Prey looks AMAZING.
  • We headed over to the Logitech booth because they had some MEA stuff, and it was mostly like really rad computer gear that I could not afford. But they had the trailers and briefings playing the whole time and it was super cool.

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Grossly Codependent - howboutinotdothis - Dear Evan Hansen - Pasek & Paul/Levenson [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Now, here Jared is, cleaning out his stupid fucking minivan with Evan, one half of ConnorandEvan, because the other half is out of town at his stupid science camp again and Evan’s junior park ranger bullshit just ended and Jared just got back from camp a week ago and all of his other friends are too busy to hang out, so there’s no reason to not spend time with Evan aside from the fact that Evan’s being gross and codependent with Connor and not him. And he’s not upset about that.


He’s not.

Being Nick’s girlfriend would include…

  • Being best friends with Judy, and both of you complaining about Nick in front of him every day
  • “You ladies do know that I can hear you, right?”
  • Constant sass battles
  • You trying to make him wear something else than that ridiculous Hawaiian shirt
  •  “Nick, you look like an unripe pineapple, now will you please just try on the button-down?”
  • Unexpectedly jumping onto his back all the time
  • Surprise kisses when he’s busy sorting out police files
  • Playing pranks on Chief Bogo through the radio dispatch with Clawhauser at the reception
  • “Yes, Chief Bogo, we have a savage donut on the loose, I repeat, we have a savage donut on the loose.”
  • Always distracting him while he’s trying to work, whether it be ‘accidentally’ spilling his coffee, or simply draping yourself over his lap
  • Being the one who comforted him after the Junior Ranger Scouts muzzled him
  • Occasionally staring sadly at Nick from across a room, remembering the days when he was a care-free fox cub
  • Judy always pestering you for stories about Nick when he was younger
  • “Well. there was this one time he super glued his hands to his feet and-”
  • “Y/n, you swore that you would never talk about that again!”
  • Inappropriate comments. All day. Every day. Especially in front of Judy, just to see the young bunny all hot and bothered
  • Being surprisingly good pals with Finnick
  • Taking Nick’s police car out for joyrides without his permission
  • Judy squealing every time Nick kisses you
  • “Judy, it’s just a kiss. Honestly, woman.”
  • The entire police force (even Chief Bogo) shipping the two of you all the time
  • Knowing that without Nick, Judy, and everyone in Zootopia, life would be completely and utterly boring

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Prompt #15: Nick, who happens to be 3 times the size and 5 times the weight of an average rabbit, stays the week at the Hopps farm. Too bad the house is built for mammals a third his size.

I’m just going to change this slightly, cause Judy is canonly like two-thirds Nick’s height based off head.  So just going to minimum the times, if that’s okay with you.  Other wise Nick would be HUGE…

Nick has always, or at least most of the time, been the smallest.

The smallest kit born on either side of his family tree.  The smallest Kit in the neighborhood.  The smallest kit in all his school classes.  Smallest kit in the Junior Ranger Scout troop for the brief time he was in.  Also the shortest, or the smallest.  Always put in the front of photos.

Then he turned fifteen and grew like a weed.  Became the tallest in his family, which was great, he rubbed it in every cousins face when he could.  Still the smallest though, because he was a stick with a crazy metabolism…and a constant flow of food.

Of course at that time, he was dealing with mammals that were very often larger than him. Way larger than him.

Nick has always been small.

But as he bumps into a doorway for the thirty-seventh time that weekend, and it was only noon on Saturday, Nick is hyper aware how big he is.

Because in comparison to rabbit he’s big, huge even.  It’s something he’s always known.  After all Judy has to jump for somethings Nick can reach with ease.  Yet after hitting his head countless times, getting slightly stuck in a doorway to a room, and curling up on two rabbit beds shoved together.

The fox frowned, stepping away from the frame and rubbing his head.  He ducked through the doorway with a sign.  For once hating his height.  Hating the fact that he keeps for forgetting to just duck a little.  But no, he just blindly follows after Judy with complete trust.  Usually because door frames are usually seven feet above his head.

“You okay?”  Judy asked, bright look of concern in her eyes.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Nick said with a wave of his paw.  “I’ve gone numb to feeling.”

“I’ll get you some ice.”  Judy commented with a roll of her eyes.  She turned, making he way to the kitchen with ease.

Nick watched her go as he rubbed his head.  She was already gone before he could even say he really didn’t need it. It honestly wasn’t the hardest he had hit his head.  He was rammed into it playing tag with some kits, and woke up to find the whole Hopps household hovering over him, like he tied.  But the small bump was more annoying than painful.

“Nick, Nick!”  A childish voice came calling.

The fox turned to find one of the younger Hopps bounding towards him with an young bunny he didn’t really recognized. 

“Touch the ceiling,”  The young Hopps demanded excitedly.  “Eric doesn’t believe you can do it.”

Nick nodded with a grin, before slowly reaching a paw up.  He laid his paw flat against the ceiling with ease, before turning to the unfamiliar young bunny.  Both little bunnies were looking up in awe before laughing excitedly and racing off.

Being the largest has it’s advantages.


AN:  Basically Nick hits his head a bunch and touches the ceiling to impress bunnies.

No Sweat

A five point star lay at the crest of his collarbone, inked with careful, needlepoint precision from tail to tip. The guardsmen had seen dozens of them, carried by inmates at this rotting old Gridanian dungeon of a prison as a sign of status; a high-ranking thief among the Shroud’s scattered bandit-gangs. 

They’d never exactly seen one inked so well as the one on this blonde, sun-simmered miqo’te’s skin. It didn’t fit. Frankly, neither did he - that’s why he’d found himself, for the third time in a week, with a black eye, a ripped-off shirt, with his arms chained behind him and his indignant, glowering expression face-to-face with the prison’s Warden, a hefty, scar-tattered elezen man with one eye.

The warden looked like he’d lost more fights than most men had ever been in; like he carried more scar tissue than regular tissue. He carried himself with a hard-nosed dignity, his jaw rigid as rock and his expression a permanent scowl; his uniform, unimpressive silks of black adorned with only a single golden badge at the chest to indicate his position, fit molded to his body as if they’d been tailored to barely fit his considerable, muscular bulk within. Ragged gray hair hung like a lion’s mane along his head, across his jaw and to his chin. He didn’t wear an eyepatch over the lost eye - the socket had simply been battered shut, collapsed by whatever crushing blow he’d taken to the face.

Most noticeable of all, though, he was out of place. Just as out of place as the cocky, black-eyed Seeker sat upon the rickety stool on the other side of the warden’s desk. A man bearing this many scars didn’t belong here. He belonged on the field of war, dying under the thrust of a Garlean’s blade or some such. He didn’t belong here, staring begrudgingly at troublesome convicts.

“Three times,” a gruff voice finally quaked from the elezen’s throat, like the tremble of an earthquake through a rocky canyon. “Three times.” The words hung in the rather unremarkable chamber, gleaming fireflies pulsating bright with echoes briefly before glinting away again. Inked arms, a bloodied nose, scar-scattered skin and an indignant glare of muted, almost petulantly childish rage on his expression, the prisoner held his chin aloft and took in the increasingly-familiar surroundings - a great oak cabinet behind a crumbling wooden desk, stacks of yellowed, moldering documents beneath oddly-shaped rocks, the most rudimentary sort of paperweights. A musk of rotten food and feeding fungus and vibrant moss choked the air, with sunlight peering through only a single haphazard hole at ceiling-height. 

Shifting in his creaking old wooden chair, the elezen’s gray eyes ran along the scrawlings on the paper cockeyed in front of him, two young men in heavy blackened armor flanking the door. The prisoner’s eyes scanned the only thing worth looking at in this hole of an office - lofted a good eight feet into the air, trophies and medal cases gathered dust atop the oak cabinet, with one particularly peculiar piece standing out - a lockbox. Jeweled and colored far too ostentatious for the man at the desk, its gilded lock gleamed as a few beams of sun bounced through the prison-barred hole above the desk, before dusky clouds swallowed the glow as quickly as it had come.

“A’kaan– it just says A’kaan,” the elezen grumbled, fists tightened, laid out across the table. “Don’t you bloody breeders have last names?”

A’kaan’ just wriggled angrily, the snarl in his expression silent but palpable.

“Burn your tongue on some sandworm meat?” the elezen asked, his eye twitching.

Again, A’kaan just stared, defiant.

“I don’t make speeches, breeder,” he huffed, the chair squealed beneath the broad-shouldered man’s weight. “Wouldn’t care how many times a week you swung fists with the other animals down in the hole, but when you swing on my men three times in a week, things get ugly for you, quick.”

“Ugly as you?” A’kaan broke his silence sharp, like the knife’s slice across supple flesh. The elezen tried to muster a smile, though with the dozens of jagged scars cut across his face, it looked more demented than anything.

“I’ve cleaned scum worth far more than you from the heel of my boot, breeder,” the old man grumbled. “Thieves, killers, miscreants, stuffed like rats into this sinking ship - and I’m at the helm. Don’t think I’m above drowning every last one of you stains of pelican-shite if you so much as look sideways at me.”

“I’ve been here three times in a week, and all you’ve done is talk,” A’kaan bit back, drawing his gaze upward - towards a dusty display case carrying an array of tarnished Wood Wailer medals. “What’d you do to earn those, junior scout-ranger? Build the best campfire? Sell the most pistachio bread for the fundraiser?” The towering elezen’s response came slow at first - another stewing, demented grin.

“Valor, aptitude, bravery,” he grimaced.

“Which one of those got you the job here?” A’kaan taunted. “Hiding behind a desk. Like a coward.”

The elezen chuckled. With a nod, one of the guardsmen swaggered up behind the miqo’te, grinning sadistically; with a quick flick of the keys at his wrist, the chains tumbled free of A’kaan’s hands. Eyes wide and gaze flicked towards the warden, he notices the barrel-chested brute advancing on him with a slow, deliberate stride.

“What? Do you want a hug?” A’kaan sniped, shooting up from the stool with a bounce in his step.

“I thought I’d give you a fighting chance,” the warden smiled that demented smile, knuckles crackling with a twist of each wrist.

“I hope you hit harder than those two half-witted goosenecks,” A’kaan glanced over his shoulder. The swoosh of wind cut across his ears and he acted on honed instinct, dodging at the most fortuitous second; the warden’s fists, like chiseled granite boulders, swung one-two at the swiftly-eluding Seeker.

The miqo’te, of course, had no interest in keeping this fight on its feet - against a tower of meat and muscle like this, he had no real choice. A’kaan charged, and while he clearly didn’t match the strength of the warden, he was not but a head or two shorter, and lanky arms and strong legs he wrapped himself around the monolithic mountain-man’s chest and pushed.

The scuffle didn’t last. Bodies twined together, it took one good shove and a fist like a hammer against the scoundrel Seeker’s cheek. Lights bloomed explosive across his eyes while the stunning strike shuddered along his spine, twisting his neck and sending him, dazed, clattering to the floor. He gasped for breath, the blow having momentarily shocked the air from his lungs, and shocked the ‘oh, fuck, i need to breathe’ sense from his rattled brain long enough for him not to notice that, fuck, he needed to breathe.

When the ringing stopped at the grogginess came back, all he could feel were two arms dragging his leaden weight of a body along rough cobblestones, and the echo of a rumbling laugh shaking the walls of the darkened prison.

“In the hole, scumbag,” one of the two guards hoisting him through the dark grunted. In unison, they tossed A’kaan’s weight into the bleak darkness of solitary isolation - no lights, no windows; a straw cot to lay on, gruel to eat. No one to speak to, no one to listen to except the skittering rats.

Grumbling miserably in the darkness, A’kaan dragged his ragged body along the musty stone, slumping half-dead atop the muck-stained pillow pushed into the corner of the cell, the loud, ironwrought clatter of a gate slamming shut barely louder than the hum of pain still whirring in his ears.

A glint of torchlight flicked across his face while he curled fetal against the blackened corner, and the astute eye could see just the most fleeting of expressions chasing across his face.

Embarrassment? Anger? Frustration? Fear?

Nope. A smirk.

His shaking hand snuck into the pocket of his tattered white slops, and his fingers fondled the prize secreted away during the brief meeting of boisterous bodies and bruised faces.

A key. A single, golden key, attached to a small copper wire. Bright, bejeweled; far too ostentatious for a man like that.

Braden had gotten himself into this mess when he’d heard tell of an impossible job. Nothing’s impossible, and proving that was almost worth more than the boatloads of gil he’d make once he finished this. Lots of brave idiots had gotten themselves locked in prisons for life trying to break in to prison - but the Seeker knew a much easier way to get his paws on the warden’s key - which his shady employer had promised him, ‘only one key exists, and he keeps it on himself, at all times.’

Manufacture a fake identity, get himself caught for a petty crime, and make some noise on the inside. And it had worked wonderfully.

Bray knew the score now. When the warden dressed down for bed, he’d notice the key missing. That gave the smirking scoundrel a few minutes to pry himself free of solitary confinement, sneak through the twisting halls into the warden’s office, snatch the lockbox’s contents, start a prison riot, and slip out in the chaos.

No sweat, right?..


(Hey all! NickHopps_JudyWilde here with the next chapter of Honeymoon Vacation. I know it’s been a long time since I’ve updated but due to an unforeseen incident, I had to redo this chapter. And thanks to all who have waited patiently for it.

The art is credited to @cipple thanks again for an incredible commission! I am so thankful for it!

Now, before we begin, I must tell you all that this chapter means a lot to me. As you all know, Nick is going to become a father, and as luck would have it, so will I😁. So, without further delay, here is part 1 of the next chapter Visit to the MPD and the past)

Visit to the MPD, and to the Past

“We are gathered here today to celebrate the unity between these two officers: Officer Nicholas Wilde,” the pastor introduced by extending his arm towards the red fox. He then did the same motion to Judy, using his other arm. “ and Officer Judy Hopps.”

The crowd of bunnies, fellow officers and other friends of both Judy and Nick erupted in cheers, whistles and loud claps. Many of the rabbits, including Stu, stood up to cheer and hollered proudly. Most of the cheers came from the side of the church where many of the Hopps family were sitting.

“Okay, okay everyone, calm down,” the leopard huffed with force in his tone. “We are still in a church. We all need to be respectful here.”

To his order, the room slowly fell silent.

“Thank you. Now, as I was saying, we are here to unite the very first fox and bunny in holy matrimony.” His tone indicated that he was proud to say those words.

“Now I’ve had the the privilege of working along side these two. Hard workers, not doubt. But despite that they are the smallest mammals on the force, despite the fact that everyone said that they couldn’t do it, DESPITE all that, I must say, they are two of the most exceptional officers the ZPD, Chief Bogo and myself have ever had the chance to work along side with.”

This time, the pastor began the clapping, with a wide smile. Everyone else joined in, cheerfully talking and nodding amongst themselves in agreement with the leopard.

“Nah, we’re just doing our job,” he shrugged off the attention on him and Judy. But no one acknowledged his silent protest as they were drowned out by the roar of claps in the church.

He didn’t like having all the attention on him. For years, since he was a kid, he never cared for the cooing and awes from others. But when he looked over to his, the look on her face made all of his little worries disappear.

She had tears falling from her eyes. But not sad ones. They were tears of joy. Joy for her son for becoming something that she had always hoped for; becoming a husband.

He saw the proudness in her eyes as she clapped and smiled up at him. That was something that he hadn’t seen since he became a junior ranger scout all those years ago. A very fateful night, that would remain in his memory forever.

Judy hid behind her long ears, her cheeks burning from bashfulness. She knew that everyone praised her for being one of the best at her job. And she was used to it, but she felt like it happened too often, for both her and Nick.

She looked to her parents for any sign of guidance, but when she looked upon them, she saw her father and mother proudly smiling up to her. Stu was crying proud, fatherly tears while Bonnie tried caressing him. She looked up to Judy with dignity, proud of her daughter for another huge life accomplishment.

A proud mother and father, being there for her and her soon to be husband.

Radiant tears fell one by one down her cheeks whilst she focused on their smiles.

The wedding day dressed bunny and fox looked at each other with matched expressions; tears of joy and smiles.

The pastor lifted his arms and indicated for the crowd to once again quite down. Once the voices and claps of everyone died down to the quietness of before, he cleared his throat for all to hear.

“Now, for the vows…”


Nick and Judy were in a cab on their way back to their hotel. After the announcement of her pregnancy in Ovideon’s, which was met with congrats from almost everyone in the restaurant, they wanted to get a goodnights sleep for tomorrow.

During the cab ride, Nick was practically glued to Judy’s side, or more or less, her growing belly. He kept rubbing his paws over her stomach.

“You sure are being protective tonight,” Judy smiled down at Nick.

“Well yeah, I’m a dad now” he looked up with his emerald eyes with a grin on his muzzle.

Judy chuckled to his reply, and kissed him between his ears. “And I’m gonna be a mom,” she grinned happily, letting that word roll off her tongue like she’s said it many times already. “I just hope I’m just as good of a mom as mine was. Or even half as good.”

Judy wasn’t doubting herself in any way, as she had a lot of practice with taking care of her younger siblings. But now that it was her own kit, that wasn’t only a bunny, but part fox, she wasn’t sure how this baby was going to act.

Nick, hearing what sounded like doubt in his bunnies voice, he sat up and grabbed her paws. “You’ll be a great mother sweetheart. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are just as good a mother as your mom,” he reassured her with a smile. “Plus, with you being a cop and all, you’ll be more protective over our baby. And with me by your side, you’re already great,” he boasted cheerfully.

She half smiled to Nick. He always knew exactly what to say to her whenever she felt down or when she felt down. It was like a sense he had, a second nature to cheer her up whenever he could, even when she was already happy.

“Thanks for that slick.”

“You’re welcome my dumb bunny.”

Nick leaned down once more to her belly and put his cheek on the small little lump, a deep loving purr vibrating from his throat into her belly.

To the sudden sensation of purrs and his soft cheeks rubbing against her, Judy let out a surprised gasp. She had never seen Nick act in that way before, not even when they made love. It reminded her a lot of what a female mother tiger or lion would do to her kits for comfort. The wide grin on his face was proof that he was more enthusiastic about becoming a father.

“Come here you.”

In a quick motion, she grabbed the collar of his dress shirt and pulled him up to her, locking her lips to his.

Nick was stunned from being pulled away from the baby bump so suddenly. He saw the want in her eyes and pushed his lips back into hers, tasting the sweet scent of his bunny drowning through his own musk.

Their loving kiss lasted for quite some time, all the way back to their hotel to be exact.

Their driver, a black and white female wolf, gave them a slight discount for openly talking about their baby. She told them that she had a sister who was an inter as well who lived in a different city than her. She praised the two of them for not caring what anyone thought, even though they did just that already.

As they entered the quiet hotel, Nick walked directly to the receptionists desk, where one of the late shifters was sitting.

“Excuse me?” He interrupted her slow tired typing on her computer. She looked up to him with dark heavy bags under her eyes, covered up by more than a couple layers of makeup. “Are you still doing room service?”

She glanced over to the digital clock on her laptop, slower than a sloth on his fastest day, and replied, “Yes we are.”

“Okay, great! I would like the best bottle of wine you guys have. If that’s possible.”

“No problem! What room number are you sir?”

“ One-eighty seven, Mr and Mrs. Wilde” he replied proudly. He looked behind him and shot Judy a signature ‘Nick Smile’. She had no idea what he was doing, so she just watched.

“Okay Mr. Wilde, you’re all set. We’ll have a maid bring the bottle of wine up to your room,” she smiled politely.

With a quick thanks, he rushed back to his wife and they made their way into the elevators.

“What’s the wine for? We just had some not even an hour ago,” she was curious about what her fox was up to.

“Yes I know. But we had a crowd of others along with us. I want to celebrate our baby alone. Just the two of us.”

“You mean the three of us,” she corrected him playfully.

“Oh, yeah. The three of us.” He knelt down in front of Judy to place his paws on her now noticeable growing baby bump.

Then it hit him; she didn’t tell him how many kits they were having.

“Speaking of the three of us, do you know how many kits we’re gonna have?” He asked with curiosity.

Judy shook her head. “It’s too early to tell. I could have one, or I could have a whole litter. The doctor told me that anything is possible with this baby, or baby’s. But since this will be the first bunny/fox hybrid in existence, he doesn’t even have a clue to what it’s going to look like.”

Her emotions were filled with anxiety, realizing herself that she was almost afraid of what the baby was going to look like. She wasn’t sure if it was going to look like a perfect mix between a fox and a rabbit, or some freak of nature. And with her feelings running rampant at an all time high, she couldn’t help but have these thoughts.

And again, Nick sensed her distress. He saw the look in her eyes.

“Judy, our baby will be perfect. I just know it,” he said reassuringly, placing a law on her soft white cheeks. “And I’m also sure that he, she, or they, will look just like us. And they will be amazing little bundles of joy.”

He pecked a kiss on the tip of her nose, which twitched to the sensation of his loving kiss.

As he had hoped, her smile returned.

“You always know exactly what to say, don’t you slick?” She was grateful in the upmost way for having Nick there for her. Especially now, when she really needed the comfort.

“Of course fluff. I know you from the outside in. I will do anything to make you happy,” he proclaimed, which he did with ease. While also teasing her in any way he could along with it.

Then, his memory banks began flooding his mind with Judy’s injury. from all those months ago. The smell of her blood seeping through the gun shot wound remained in his nose hairs, the panic he felt was etched into his mind. It was a night that still kept him up at some points, a night that he still blamed himself for everyday.

“I’m just glad your injury didn’t affect…” He quietly paused, reaching down to place protective paws over her belly.

Just like how Nick could read Judy like a book, she could do the same. She knew exactly what he was talking about, and what he was feeling.

“Nick,” she addressed sternly. Her fingers found their way under his chin, turning his grave expression from her stomach to her eyes. “Me and the baby will be fine. I can promise you that. It’s in the past now. You don’t need to keep punishing yourself for a choice I made. A choice to protect you.”

She kissed his forehead for reassurance, and hugged him as tight as she could muster. She had to show her dumb fox of a husband that he didn’t need to dread on the past. She held his face with her paws on his cheeks, her forehead on his.

“I’m sorry for bringing it up Carrots” he apologized softly. “I just can’t get it out my head half the time.”

“You dumb fox,” Judy teased. “You’re fine my love.”

Nick emphasized the embrace of Judy’s hug, feeling her love and comfort flowing into him. Her warm hug and her steady heartbeat calmed his tense mind, putting him at ease.

Soon enough, the elevator stopped at their floor. The two slowly raced back to their room, Nick holding the door open for his pregnant wife. Without a thought, they began shredding off their dress attire until a knock at the door caught their attention.

Judy was halfway out of her dress and moved deep into the shadows of the room before Nick opened the door.

The maid, a black spotted sow, had brought up the wine bottle. For it being as late as it was, she was kind about having to bring the sweet tasting wine to them. Nick left a kind tip before the maid returned back to her duties.

The bottle was no where near as fancy, or as expensive, as the one from Ovideon’s, but he didn’t care. It was going to do the job of celebration for just them.

“Go on ahead, Carrots. I’ll meet you in the bedroom,” he told her with the bottle of wine in his paws. She obliged and headed into their room, her dress dragging across the floor as more than half of her body was exposed.

Nick was fixed on finding any types of glasses that could be used for their wine. Luckily, he found a set of scotch glasses that was normally to be used for hard liquor. But it was going to have to work.

By the time Nick walked into the bedroom, Judy was already out of her dress and in a pair of short black athletic shorts and a neon pink tank top.

He held the two glasses in one paw and poured the sweet red wine with the other, handing a half filled glass to Judy.

“Thanks Nick,” she thanked, taking a sip of the drink with a gleeful smile.

“You’re welcome sweetheart.” He took his own swig of the wine, tasting the sweetness of the berries. And like he figured, the wine was good, but not to the standards of Ovideon’s.

He drank what was left and then plopped himself onto the bed. The exhausted fox laid down onto the bed, placing his head into the folded legs of his bunny. His head fit perfectly in place.

“You know,” Nick began trying grab Judy’s attention. “It still feels unreal knowing that I’m going to be a father. My brain is still trying to process it.” But this new feeling was unlike anything he had ever felt before. And he liked it, a lot.

“Same here. And I’ve known about it longer than you have.” The pregnant bunny hid a slight chuckled, that was replaced with the anxiety from earlier. “Although, I was afraid of telling you at first.”

Nick looked up to her, her purple glimmering eyes focused on his green eyes. Her stare had an apologetic feel to them, as if she just said something she didn’t mean to.

“Why do you say that sweetheart?”

“Don’t get me wrong Nick. I was so excited to tell you! But there was also a part of me that thought… That…” She sniffled, quickly wiping away tears.

“Thought what?”

She had to turn her head away slightly from Nick so he wouldn’t see her beginning to cry. “I thought that you weren’t ready for a family, since we just got married. And I thought that you would leave if I told you.”

She held back as long as she could, but the tears came out. With her senses and emotions out of whack, it was hard to contain them.

A single drop of her salty tear fell onto Nicks cheek, soaking into his dark red fur.

He sat up quickly, bolting up right in Judy’s lap. These types of tears were ones that he would hear from her in the middle of the night. Whimpers and mumbling of his name woke him up to her saying, “Nick, please don’t leave me!” or “I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

She had nightmares about the night when she thought she had cheated on him and the rage that Nick had shown to her. It was a day she too blamed herself for heavily, more than Nick blamed himself for her injury.

But no matter the troubles that they faced, they were always there for each other to comfort the other; executing their wedding vows.

“Carrots, I would never, ever ever even consider that thought. I would be the dumbest fox in the entire world to let you go.” He placed a paw on her cheek to wipe away her tears, and so she would look at him. “If anything, I would love you even more than I already do. And that’s adding on to the endless amount of love I already have for you fluff.”

“This child, or children, will tighten the bond we both have that’s already stronger than anything else in this world. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon.”

She looked up with watery eyes. But the tears were no longer coming out of her eyes. Her smile, even though it was half a smile, returned.

“I’m so thankful for you Nick,” she proclaimed with a heavy, happy sigh. “I wouldn’t trade you for anything. I love you so much.”

“I love you too Judy,” he said as he leaned in closer to her. “And if you ever have these types of feelings again, let me know so I can help you regain your thoughts.”

Letting out their feelings was a huge relief for the two of them. Therapeutic in a way.

After a few minutes of Nick hugging Judy, burying her face in his chest, listening to her foxes steady breathing and soft purrs, they tucked into the bed.

Judy was pressed against Nicks body while his tail wrapped around her and her belly. They were at ease in each other’s embrace, allowing the night of the quite Metropolis life to induced them into a deep sleep.

The next morning…

“Come on slick!” Judy ushered to Nick as she practically ran down the street. “You’re falling behind!” She yelled back to him.

“Hold up Carrots!” Nick was racing passed other mammals just trying to get back to Judy.

The two of them were heading to the long awaited visit to the MPD; the Metropolis Police Department.

Since their arrival, Judy had been longing to see what it was like on the inside and also to see how different it was compared to the ZPD. Nick was excited as well, just not jumping off the walls crazy about it like his wife was.


Before they had left, Nick had wanted to surprise Judy with breakfast in bed. He woke up early, trying his best not to wake her. Half of his arm had fallen asleep during the night from Judy using it as a pillow.

But soon after he left, Judy awoke. She was confused and concerned at first when she didn’t wake up to Nick by her side.

He soon came back with an enormous platter of food consisting of whole wheat pancakes, blue berry muffins, some strawberries, breakfast bagels and donuts.

Judy knew that she was hungry, but not that hungry.

“Jeez Nick. I know I’m eating for two now, but that’s a little more than I can handle.”

“Some of this is for me too Carrots,” he clarified in a hidden chuckle.

He scarfed down one of the fluffy pancakes, nearly choking on it as he swallowed it, barely chewing it. He was hungry enough that he was willing to deal with the pain of downing his food as fast as he could.

Judy grabbed a blueberry muffin. She was starving too, more than she’s ever been in a long time. She was going to have to eat much more.

She cracked open the muffin and picked out one of the small berries from inside. She tested the taste of berry, seeing if they were anything like the ones from the farm.

“Oh Nick,” she called flirting.

He looked over from his plate of food and saw Judy holding a vibrant blue berry. One of his ultimate favorite fruits of all. It was lump and juicy looking from the outside.

She was teasing him with it so she could draw him in closer, which he did reluctantly.

When his muzzle about touched the blueberry, she grinned dastardly. She squeezed the blueberry between her fingers and smeared it all over Nicks lips, and face.

He was about to open his mouth to take the berry when she smothered him in blueberry. He became surprised and shocked from it. He loved the taste of blueberry on his taste buds; it was his favorite taste.

He went to wipe off the juice off his lips with his tongue, but was stopped by Judy.

“Let me,” she insisted in a flirty tone.

She began licking around the edge of his lips where the juices from where the berry was squeezed onto. Her tongue ended up inside his mouth, playing with her foxes own slippery tongue.

Nick replied, not using any words, began a war of the tongues.

And that’s when it hit him, blueberries weren’t his favorite taste of all time. It was the taste of a gray and white bunny named Judy Wilde.


“I knew I should’ve slept in longer,” Nick yawned wide, exposing his sharp canines. “Its too early for this”

In all honesty, he didn’t get much sleep that night. He was too thrilled to even close his eyes.

“Come on you big baby, we’re almost there.” Judy had slowed down for the tired Nick to catch up. “Plus, if we had left any later, the traffic would have probably been a lot more busier.”

And she was right. Being it was mid day in Metropolis, every street was jam packed with cars that were bumper to bumper. The lines between crossings were long, and the light for the waiting mammals to cross turned back almost as soon as it had turned green.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right Carrots,” he admitted, crossing with her to the next block.

Then a thought that he had told himself not to forget came back to his mind. “Hold on real quick Judy,” he asked of her. She stopped abruptly in the middle of the side walk, just passing the edge of a side street.

She was about to ask what he wanted, but was quickly met with a face full of fox hair, and a heavy scent of musk.

Nick was rubbing his scent all around her. It was a habit of his that whenever they went out, he would mark her so everyone knew she belonged to him. Especially to, for a lack of a better term, ‘interested parties’.

“Just making sure that everyone here knows that you’re mine.” His voice was muffled within Judy’s fur, making extra sure she was covered in his scent.

“Thanks slick,” she said once Nick had stopped marking her. She enjoyed the marking process from Nick; his scratchy fur poking her skin always sent tingling sensations down her back whenever he did it.

Regardless of the views and stares from other mammals that walked by, obviously not used to seeing a fox with a bunny while marking her with his scent, neither cared. Because she then did the same to Nick.

“Kneel down,” she ordered, pointing down to her feet.

Nick did so with haste, kneeling to his queen bunny.

She began rubbing her cheeks against his, her soft white fur letting off her lavender scent all over Nicks body. He loved the smell of her aroma filling his sensitive nose. It was intoxicating, as if he were drinking in every ounce of her.

“There we go.” She finished with a kiss on Nicks wet nose.

They continued following the signs that would lead them to the MPD building, which luckily for them was only just around the block from where they were.

Once they turned the last corner of the block, the entirety of the building was shown. Needless to say, it was much larger than they had previously thought when they were in the cab.

It was easily much larger than the ZPD, and also twice as tall. It was five stories tall with giant white granite pillars in front of the entrance, holding up the protruding roof that stuck out farther than any other part of the building. The reason for the roof being as big as it was, was because of the built in training grounds. Miniature versions of the ones Nick and Judy went through when they were in the academy. It was also equipped with two helipads; one emergency chopper and one police chopper. The windows were tinted just enough so there would be no use of spying through them.

It was built in the middle of the city, so the traffic was heavier there, but still far enough away for police cars to get out.

“Holy shit!” Judy was wide eyed and her jaw practically hit the ground when she stared in amazement.

“I thought it was big before, but this is more than I had expected.”

“It’s so much bigger than the ZPD,” Nick chimed in, also dazed by the size of the building. “And I thought I was small in Zootopia. They must have a lot of more bigger cops in there.”

“Well, only one way to find out.”

Judy took Nicks paw and pulled him across the street to the MPD side of the street.

There were also a stairs, a couple dozen more than what the ZPD had. Each step had the navy blue stripe on the base, the only thing that brought any color besides white.

Statues of a lion and a sheep stood proudly by each sides of the building with a tiled quote in the center between them, reading 'Unity For All’.

Judy liked the statue and what it represented.

The darkness of the roof enveloped them as they proceeded to the entrance doors. The sensor above the door read their movements and slide open for easy access. The brightness from inside dazed both Judy and Nick’s eyes, only for a moment before the inside was finally unraveled.

Phones rang loudly through the clear acoustics of the room while conversations were drowned within them. Decorative plants and trees surrounded many of the desks on the first floor.

Officers of all shapes and sizes walked past them, giving the fox and bunny couple polite nods and smiles.

Among the officers, ranging from a couple wolves, rhinos, and an elephant, many of them were, to Judy and Nicks surprise, foxes and bunnies. Not just one group. Many were partners, discussing paper work, cases and other duties.

Judy was in an awestruck state, not sure if what she was seeing was real or not. Nick couldn’t believe it either. He was more surprised that there were so many foxes in the precinct than any other mammal.

“This is so awesome!” Judy squealed silently as she held back her excitement.

“I know fluff! It’s almost unreal,” Nick said as he looked upon a red fox and gray and white bunny that reminded him so much of Judy and himself.

“Hey carrots?” He pointed down to a desk that looked a lot like Clawhousers, except a lot cleaner. And Judy knew right away what Nick was thinking.

Judy and Nick paced down to the receptionists desk where a young badger was typing on his laptop. A fern that was sitting next to his name plate which read ‘Officer Brakunda’, was well taken care of.

Nick spoke the first greeting with a friendly, “Hello!” He waved a paw, even though the badger wasn’t paying attention as he was still glued to the screen.

A few seconds passed before Judy issued her greeting, louder this time. “Hello!”

That time, Judy’s loud voice grabbed the badgers’ attention as he looked around his desk to see who had called him. He peered over his laptop and saw the bunny and fox standing down in front of him.

“Oh, sorry about that. Was just finishing up a report,” he said in an Irish accent. “How can I help you folks today?” His smile was polite and his uniform was well groomed. It was navy blue just like Judy’s and Nick’s were, except there was a pearly white stripe stitched in the armpit area going around the arm, matching the landscape of Metropolis.

“Well, we just wanted to look around” Judy replied. “We’re officers from Zootopia and this is our first time here in Metropolis.”

The badgers eyes grew slightly as a wide open smile grew on his white fluffy cheeks. “This is amazing! I finally get to meet officers from the ZPD!” He exclaimed ecstatically. He swiftly leaned over his desk and extended a paw to shake.

To Nick, it looked like he had to stand in his chair just to reach them.

Both of them shook his paw, in which he clutched to theirs while not only shaking their paws, but also their entire arm. Badgers were known for their strength and how great of a grip they had with their sharp claws.

“What’re your names?”

Nick walked up before Judy could reply. “I’m Nicholas Wilde and this is my partner, and wife, Judy Wilde. Or you may know her as…”

“Judy Hopps?!” Brakunda interrupted loudly, his smile now wider than before.

“Y-yeah that’s right” Judy nodded with slight hesitation, not sure what the badger was about to do next.
In a quick loud thump of him sitting back in his chair, almost tipping it backwards, he picked up his phone and started pushing the buttons frantically. A few seconds of his nervous fast paced taps on his desk past before his small ears perked up.

“Chief we’ve got some… No listen we’ve got some officers here from the ZPD… Yes, it’s Officer Hopps and..” He paused to look at Nick.

“What’s your name again?“He whispered.

“Nicholas Wilde” he replied softly, feeling a little defeated that he wasn’t as popular as his wife.

“And Officer Wilde” the badger quickly said. Then his smile grew. “Alright will do Cheif!” He softly hung the phone up.

“So, your chief is coming to see us?” Judy finally asked.

“Yup! He’ll be here any second” he disclosed.

Judy knew that the MPD’s chief was a bunny, while Nick had no idea who was going to be coming down those steps.

A few minutes passed by before a new face entered down from the large stair case that led to the four other stories in the building. He wore a black dress coat with a white tux shirt underneath. His tie was black, also matching the glossy black dress pants he wore.
He had a serious look on his face. It was stern, rock solid and unchanging. But his facial expression changed as he reached the final step to the ground floor of the precinct.

A stern grin grew across his face, expanding the stripes on his cheeks that Nick just noticed on his face. The tips of his ears also had the same matching black stripes as his cheeks had. He was just as tall as Judy was, except his fur color was a lighter gray compared to hers.

“Thank you for calling me down here, Brakunda” the middle aged buck thanked. “So… This is the famous Judy Hopps I’ve heard so much about?”

Jack put two fingers on his chin as if interested in what he was seeing. With his eyes, he was looking her up and down.

Nick saw the bucks eye movement and felt something inside him starting to boil.

He reached for her paw before she could react and placed a hand-kiss on the top part of her paw. She was slightly stunned for a moment before slowly taking her paw back to her side. She casually wiped the kiss away on her shorts before the buck noticed.

Nicks scowl and crossed arms was showing his distaste of Jack. He didn’t like when other males came up to her in a flirtatious way, especially a more than likely single buck like Jack.

“Wilde now” she corrected the bunny chief. “This is my husband, Nick Wilde.” She glanced over at Nick to introduce him, but noticed his mood has changed. She wasn’t oblivious to the Chiefs actions towards her and new where her heart lied. She would never change that. But she could sense that Nick was feeling tempestuous inside.

Jack shot a smaller radiant smile to the fox who he could tell was a bit 'steamed’ to say the least. He could tell that he was aggravated by the way his tail was swaying from side to side.

“It’s an honor to finally meet you Mr. Wilde,” Jack said, again reaching out his paw.

Nick looked to Jack’s outstretched paw, then to his none changing smile, then to Judy, who was nodding to the bucks paw for Nick to shake.

He closed his eyes, rolling them inside so Jack didn’t see, and grabbed his paw.

"Nick,” he corrected. He didn’t like being called 'Mr’ unless he was in his uniform.

Nicks grip on the striped bunnies paw was firm and tight. He wanted to show his boiling anger within the handshake to tell Jack to back off.

And Jack wasn’t an idiot. He could feel the tendons in his paw moving and crunching together as Nick gripped his paw rather than shake it. Jack didn’t want to show any sign of pain, being the head of the MPD and all. But inside, he was cringing as his tendons popped from the strength in Nicks paw.

After another minute had passed of the awkward hand shake, Nick released his grasp on the buck. The boil he was feeling began rising in his gut.

Jack, catching on to the red foxes emotions decided to change the subject.

“Would you two like a tour?” The chief offered with a smile.

“That would be an opportunity that I wouldn’t pass up,” Judy replied with excitement. Her tail shook in response.

Nick on the other hand wasn’t as enthused.

“Are you okay Nick?” She asked in hoping for an honest answer.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He lied. He was furious with Jack. And he knew Judy could tell that he was.

She wanted to ask more but thought it best not to. She wasn’t going to get him more riled up.

To the start of the tour, Jack led them around the first floor. He showed them the large holding cells that were held in the west end of the MPD for overnight criminals and even on occasion, hardened criminals. As they moved on, he also showed them the exemplary officers who had their pictures framed up on a wall for heroism and bravery.

The second floor was where the armory was kept. Every weapon within was matched to fit every single mammal, from rabbit sized shotguns to elephant sized battering rams. The pistols ranged from Glock 40’s, to Glock 19’s and Remington 1911’s. The shotguns were the simple Remington 870’s in a Magpul tactical stock with an EOTech red dot sight. There were also AR-15’s dressed up to look like M-16’s, along with custom made AR’s with EOTech sights as well.

Amongst the guns, there was also riot shields, tear gas canisters and tasers.

Judy, and even Nick, were astounded by the amount of weaponry that they had. In Zootopia, only the ZSWAT had those types of weapons, while the other officers in the ZPD received tranquilizer guns and tasers.

All the while, Judy was taking in every little detail she could and storing it in the back of her mind. She wanted to bring back some ideas to Bogo when they returned to Zootopia. She figured the ZPD could use some drastic changes to its interior, along with other things.

Nick was impressed with what they had. He even liked that there was a shotgun that would fit him, instead of blowing his shoulder off with a bigger one. Regardless of his curiosity wondering, his attention was constantly on Jack. Every time he thought or saw the buck even beginning to flirt with Judy, he would either interrupt him verbally or sometimes, physically; not in an obvious way. And he was already fed up with the male bunny.

The third floor was where much of the paper work such as case files, pictures, documents and other such papers of importance was stored. It was also where officers desks were to do the paper work at. Nothing too special. It was about the same as it was at the ZPD.

The fourth and fifth floor, Jack told them, was where the higher ranking officers’ offices were located; Jack’s being at the top floor.

The stair case leading up to the top floor was exhausting for Judy, leaving her breathing more heavier and sweating more than before. She didn’t think that the walk to the MPD would have affected her that badly, but she also didn’t take into consideration that there was going to be stairs. Having a baby growing inside of you wasn’t making it better, not that she was complaining in the least.

They soon arrived to an overly large room, almost too big for one rabbit to use all on his own. It was surrounded by bullet proof glass walls, with the only privacy he got was with the shades down. The door was also glass.

“Come in, come in” Jack welcomed, holding the door open for Nick and Judy.

The giant desk at the end of the room was filled with paper work, pictures of other, older officers, and any decor that he placed on it. On the wall behind the desk, were framed certificates, trophies and medals he had acquired during his service.

“And that’s the Metropolis Police Department” he grinned from behind them, thus ending the tour of his pride and joy.


“I think I  was a eight… maybe nine and all I wanted to do was join the Junior Ranger Scouts, so my mum scraped enough money to buy me a brand new uniform. Because my god I was going to fit in; even if I was the only predator in the troop.”