I lied to Peter. I told him that I would leave him alone, but I will not. I will remain close by to provide unseen moral support.
—  Tony Stark, 7520%

So, imagine Junior meeting Washington and bonding with him. He starts off just calling him “Uncle Wash,” but one day begins referring to him as “Pops,” partially because he sees him as a secondary father-figure, partially because his dad is obviously in love with the guy. Of course, only Tucker and a few others understand him and notice the change. Wash isn’t sure why Tucker is suddenly acting all flustered when he and Junior interact, Doctor Grey just starts giggling whenever she sees Wash and Tucker together, and Junior realizes that his dad and pops aren’t together yet and makes it his goal to change that.

Terajima’s birthday drawings for Miyuki!!!


When he’s so happy that he can’t stop talking. -Terajima

Miyuki’s birthday when he was a 3rd year in elementary school.

Miyuki: What the hell were you thinking leaving the presents and the cake so obviously on the table! I found them just as soon as I came back home! Also, this chocolate cake, we both don’t really like it, do we? Have you forgotten that we couldn’t eat it up last year? And this isn’t the glove I wanted, so I’m gonna go return it and get another one! I wanted a catcher’s glove!!!

Miyuki’s dad: Can I drink my beer…


The day he got his first catcher’s glove. -Terajima

11/17 Miyuki’s birthday when he was a 1st year at junior high school.

Miyuki’s dad: Heey, what’s with the cake? Won’t you eat it?


And now. -Terajima

Koushuu: What? Birthday…? Does he have a birthday…?

Eijun: That’s a problematical statement, wolf boy!! What have you been thinking our captain is!??


An extremely observant Twitterer caught Tulo doing the most Dad Tulo thing during the anthems today… (It’s a Junior Jays Saturdays Dad Tradition, Mark Buehrle used to do this too). I love that he doesn’t just tend to the kid standing with him, he fixes Morales’ kid’s hat too. 

Probably also completely silent the whole time. Just *Grabs hat* *Hands hat back to extremely confused child*

Soon-to-be-Dad Franken Stein who always jokes about his kid being his new experiment but baby-proofs the entire lab and makes absolutely sure that anything sharp is on shelves high enough that even he has to stretch to get them.

Dad Stein who checks the dosage on the prenatal vitamins himself because he doesn’t trust any other doctor.

Dad Stein who stops smoking and wears a nicotine patch and chews nicotine gum and goes through such bad withdrawals that Spirit asks if Stein is the one with morning sickness. 

Dad Stein who picks Marie up whenever she looks like she’s having a particularly hard time walking and doesn’t mind carrying her up the 1000 steps because even when she’s in her third trimester she’s still light to him.

Dad Stein who is super cautious to feel his baby kick because all he’s ever known is how to destroy, creation is new to him.

Dad Stein who finds out that his baby will flat out refuse to kick for Spirit but will kick for Stein every time he puts his hand on Marie’s belly and is immensely proud that his child has such good taste, even in the womb.

Dad Stein who calls his unborn child “Junior”.

Dad Stein who always wanted to create life from nothing and finally has: just not in the way he thought he would.

Dad Stein who uses his Soul Perception to watch his baby’s soul get bigger and bigger in Marie. 

Dad Stein who holds Marie’s hair back at 4 am in the everloving morning because she’s sick, damnit, and she’s carrying his little creation.

Dad Stein who wonders if his kid is gonna need glasses because, between him and Marie, neither of them have the best eyesight. 

Dad Stein who is really, REALLY nervous about his kid inheriting his madness.

Dad Stein who has nightmares about anything and everything that could go wrong with Marie’s pregnancy. 

Dad Stein who’s greatest fear becomes losing them both. 

Dad Stein who can only fall asleep if he has his hand on Marie’s belly.

Dad Stein who feels strangely happy at the stitched up baby outfits his friends give Marie. 

Dad Stein who isn’t good at comforting anyone but makes the effort for Marie because pregnancy isn’t easy.

Dad Stein who will murder you in the most painful way possible if you ever even think of messing with his little family.

hi kids here’s an extremely cynical reading of It’s Quiet Uptown that nobody asked for

so a thing I love about the way Javi plays Ham is that he’s crafty - moreso than Lin, who strikes me as often more reckless and hotheaded, he’s coldly calculating and manipulative and usually two steps ahead of everyone else in the room

I’ve referred to this in the past as “Walter White-ing it” - imo some of Walt’s most interesting/awful moments are the ones where you can’t quite tell if he’s being sincere, or at least to what extent (the scene where he tells Junior about his dad dying, for example)

now I haven’t watched the boot in a minute and I might be forgetting the finer points but please come join me in the agony cave and think for a moment about Ham genuinely mourning but also working an angle, deliberately trying to get back in Eliza’s good graces?? he repeats her own words from act one back to her, “I don’t pretend to know the challenges” etc., which we see him do a lot throughout the show, but look at the other occasions where he repeats her specifically (at least two of them): the “look around” reference in Non-stop, which is absolutely a case of him flipping the script on her when it becomes convenient for him (given that he more or less ignored her telling him that in That Would Be Enough), and the “helpless” reference in Say No To This, which is an attempt to paint himself sympathetic and the passive party, and shift the blame to Maria

so with that in mind, Javi’s It’s Quiet Uptown absolutely reads to me as Ham not being entirely genuine, and knowing exactly what to say to get the result he’s after - in this case, forgiveness - but you can’t tell exactly where the line is, which is exquisititely painful and such an interesting choice

and this is not to say that this is Definitely Canon and The Only Acceptable Reading, it’s just a horrible thing I like to think about sometimes when I feel like suffering, and you’re welcome

Adventure of Young Ben Solo 

Chapter 2 - Junior Sabers (AO3 Link)

“Dad. What are you doing here?” Ben asked getting up on his feet. 

 “I asked your dad to come by. What you did last night was reckless and dangerous. But I  thought you should talk to someone who can help you learn about the life of a racer. Your dad.” Luke gestured towards Han.


“Let me finish. If you are interested in racing Ben, I can’t tell you not to be. Not without sounding like a hypocrite. But if you want to race, you should learn about it, and do it in a safe environment. You dad organizes races, he can show you how the life a racer is.” Luke said in a grim tone.

 “Then if you like it you can choose to be one.” 

“Uncle Luke, I want to be a Jedi.”

“And I want your absolute focus. You need to be committed to this, your mind can’t wander off and think about what ifs. So if you need to do this, you should. Han will take you away for the weekend. And when you come back, if you come back, I want your focus back to your training.”

Finally wrote another chapter of my Podracing AU. @ns241 thanks for Beta reading this chapter.

Junior Member

Mom and Dad take Mar’i on a trip to the Watchtower and Superman has a special request for the girl

Requested by @hellyeahtitans67

Mar'i’s eyes sparkled as she looked down the window and gazed over the blue and green planet. It was her first time at the Watchtower and couldn’t believe that her parents took this long to let her visit.

Everything looked so much smaller from up her and she felt so much bigger.

“Mar'i come along sweetie.”

She perked at the sound of her mother’s voice and placed her Batman cowl over her head before running over to her parents.

Mar'i recently discovered her old Batman costume in the safekeeps and was upset it no longer fit her so Dick and Kory surprised her with a new costume, as well as a tour of the Watchtower.

“Momma!” she exclaimed and jumped into her arms. “Momma, did you see out the window? Did you see how tiny Earth looks? It’s like a fruity pebble!”

Kory exchanged a small smile with her husband and poked her daughter on the nose. “You are very excited today aren’t you?”

“Of course I am!” she said happily. “How come baby brother didn’t come?”

“Baby brother cannot walk yet” she told her. “He needs his rest and Aunty Donna is babysitting him while we’re here to have fun with you. When baby brother is older, we’ll go on another tour.”

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New Neighbour, And Maybe A Friend

A/N: Hey!! This is my first phanfic. It sucks, ik. But I tried.

Word Count: 828

Summary: Dan and his kid have just moved into the flat underneath Phil. His kid gets lost and ends up at Phil’s house.

Warnings: Getting lost (Idk if that’s one)

Genre: Fluff

Extra Tags: Strangers to lovers, parent!phan

Phil had a feeling there were new neighbours. He saw the moving vans. He heard people talking underneath his floor. He was convinced. Though, he didn’t go outside much, he could never be sure.

That was until today.

He was casually cleaning his kitchen with his music on when he heard his front door bang open. He froze. He grabbed the neared thing, a wooden spoon. He slowly made his way out of the kitchen into the living.

Suddenly he was on the floor and had tiny arms wrapped around his neck.

“Dad! How did you make it in before me!?” asked what Phil assumed to be a child.


The young child shot up and stared down a Phil. He could only be about 6 or 7. He had bright brown eyes and brown hair matching them. He had a haircut similar to Phil’s and had his eyebrows furrowed.

“You’re not my Dad,” He said stating the obvious.

“Eh, no I don’t think I am,” Phil replied awkwardly.

He’d never seen this child before! What does he mean Dad!?

“Mmm. Can you help me find my Dad?” The boy asked very calm and friendly.

“Eh, ok,” Phil didn’t want to say no. He can’t say no and kick this kid out!

Phil stood up, pushing the child off his chest.

“So, where do you live?” Phil asked. He could look it up if he doesn’t know and take the kid home.

The boy placed his hand on his chin in a comical way, “I thought I lived here,” He said smiling up at Phil.

Phil smiled back, “I’m sure I live here. Maybe you’re in the wrong building?” Phil questioned.

“I live in building 24! On floor 6!” The boy exclaimed.

Phil chuckled, “This is floor 7.”


Phil chuckled again and lead the boy towards the door by his hand. “Let’s find your Dad.”

“Yay!” The boy jumped up in excitement. He grabbed Phil’s hand and led him to the elevator.

“My Dad always races me on these,” The boy smiles at the memory and they wait for one of the elevators to arrive.

You see, where Phil lives there are two lifts. Phil started to place everything together.

“Were you and your Dad racing when you lost him?” Phil asked.

“Yep! I won.”

Phil chuckled at the child’s cuteness. Just then an elevator arrived.

“Can I press the button!?” The boy asked when they stepped inside it.

“Of course,” Phil moved away from the buttons to let the young boy press number 6.

Once he done it the boy turned to Phil, “I’m Junior!” the boy stuck his hand out.

“I’m Phil,” Phil said shaking hands with him.

On the way to floor 6 Junior kept talking about how him and his Dad were planning on getting a dog.

“I want a lab! Or a spaniel! Or a husky!” The boy exclaimed getting more and more excited. “But Dad doesn’t want that type,” He mumbled sadly.

“Oh yeah? Why is that?” Phil asked trying to keep the conversation going.

“I’m not sure.”

Phil opened his mouth to speak but the lift doors opened and the boy dragged Phil out. Junior lead Phil to door number 6:9. Cool. Phil was number 7:9. Junior pushed open the door to reveal a man in his twenties pacing back on forth.

“Dad!” Junior shouted throwing himself at the man.

The man wrapped Junior in a hug and was on the verge of tears.

“Oh my God! Are you OK!? Are you hurt!?” The man asked frantically.

Phil awkwardly stood there shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

“I’m fine Dad. Phil helped me!” Junior turned and motioned towards Phil.

The man looked at Phil in confusion only now seeing him. He stood up and made his way over to Phil. “Thank you so so much!” He exclaimed pulling Phil into a hug.

Phil awkwardly wrapped his arms around the man and smiled.

“It was no problem. He’s a nice kid. And certainly has an interesting personality,” Phil said as they pulled away.

The man laughed. And sighed. “Seriously, thank you. I don’t know what I would’ve done if you didn’t find him.”

Phil chuckled,“I didn’t find him, he found me.”

The man looked down at Junior who started to explain,“I was on the wrong floor. And I walked into Phil’s house thinking it was ours and he was playing this weird music that you listen to and he talked to me and he brought me home.

”Hey! That’s good music!” Phil mocked being offended causing Junior to laugh.

The man stuck his hand out, “I forgot to introduce myself, my name’s Dan.”

Phil shook his hand,“ As you know, mine is Phil.”

“Would you like to stay for dinner?” Dan offered, “We were going to order pizza.”

Phil agreed and the three of them spend the night eating pizza and watching Disney movies.


A/N: Ik it sucks. I hate it. But, again, I tried.

anonymous asked:

How does time-travelling-future-son-of-Sidney-Crosby!Conner Sheary feel about being out of the playoffs due to injury and having to watch his brother?parallel-universe-time-travelling-son-of-Sidney-Crosby!Jake Guentzel light it up with his/their parents?

Lol, I was so worried Jake Guentzel as time travelling conor sheary’s time travelling little brother from another dimension where their parents died in the reverse order would be too difficult to follow, but you have got this down, anon! Thank you! Anyway, this turned kinda darker than I had planned. Follows: 1, 2, 3

Conor sees Dad go down and stay down. He swallows, looking away from where Dad is struggling just to focus his eyes, and he sees Jake.

His brother has gone grey, all the blood drained from his cheeks. He looks about as sick as Conor feels.

He wonders who feels the fear more acutely. Jake sees the parent who raised him, the guy who kissed all his hurts away and held him when he cried.

Conor sees the dad he never met, the one he’s learning to know now. He sees the guy he’s spent all his life longing for, wondering what he was like and hating that he never got to find out.

Until now.

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Daddy Material

Request: Can I request a fluffy-comedy scenario with Junior? you’re his wife and you’re expecting your first child. You and Got7’s families (with their wives,children) decide to organize a meeting. You’re watching him playing with other children in the park but suddenly you go into labor which makes a chaotic day for Got7’s family and…a happy ending? Thank you

Member: Got7 Junior x Y/N

Type: Fluff

“Aye aye aye,” Junior clucked, running behind you. “Jagi - aish! Aren’t you carrying too much? Don’t overexert yourself, aren’t you tired?”

“Jinyoung, my darling,” I chuckled. “I’m going to need you to drink a tall cup of calm the hell down.”

Since the day I told Junior I was pregnant, he was obsessed with me. Granted, he was pretty intense when we first started dating, but as soon as he knew his DNA was forming into a baby dinosaur (Jackson’s words, not mine) in my stomach, he wanted to make sure I didn’t exert myself or do anything that would harm our child.

I was exactly nine months along today, the day of Got7’s ten year anniversary. The other wives and I decided we should put something together for our boys, and our families, to really show how much everyone has appreciated their journey.

“Y/N!” Youngjae screamed, running toward me, taking all of the bags and boxes from my hands. “I’ve missed you so much! How are you! Oh my gosh, you look like you swallowed a watermelon!”

“Well, she obviously didn’t swallow something,” BamBam chuckled. “Aish!” he complained as he was swiftly swatted on the back of the head by JB.

“Y/N,” Jaebum smiled, taking my hands in his. “How are you feeling?”

“Tired,” Junior answered. “Being pregnant is exhausting.” He plopped down into a chair beside me and ran a hand through his hair. Mark appeared behind him and began to rub his shoulders.

“Imagine how your wife feels,” JB chuckled, patting him on the head.

“Y/N,” JB’s wife smiled, coming up to me and giving me a tight hug. Her own pregnant belly hit mine.

“I think your kid’s just high fived,” Bambam laughed.

“When are you going to start having kids BamBam?” Mark asked, looking at the younger member. “You’ve been married for so long now.”

“Aish, don’t rush it!” BamBam grumbled. “And don’t get any ideas in to my wife’s head. We still have plenty of time!”

“Plenty of time!” Youngjae gasped. “You know, Jackson is on his third.”

“But are you surprised?” Mark laughed. “Because I’m not. He’s never had self control.”

“I heard my name,” Jackson chimed, reappearing with his son on his hip.

“Bother Yugyeom!” BamBam sulked. “He’s not even married yet.”

Yugyeom looked up, his face full of food. “I’m the maknae.”

“You’re 26,” JB nodded.

Yugyeom stuck his tongue out at JB and went back to his food.

I looked around, appreciating our friends and Got7 family surrounding us when I noticed Junior was gone. I squinted across the park we had arrived at and saw him a few yards away, on his knees, speaking to a small crowd of the got7 kids.

JB’s little girl, who was around three, wrapped her arms around Junior’s neck gleefully. Jackson’s twin boys stood to his other side with giant grins as well. Mark’s son sat motionless in front of Junior, legs crossed, while Youngjae’s daughter looked like she was trying to do a handstand. They were all laughing wildly at whatever my husband had just said. I couldn’t help but smile. He was going to be such a good dad.

“Ouch,” I muttered, leaning on the table beside me. I had the worst stitch in my side and the baby inside of me wasn’t making it much better. I heard what seemed to be an audible pop and I felt something wet begin to trickle down my leg.

“Jae-jae-bum,” I gasped, as he was nearest.


“I think…my water just broke,” I blurted.

“Ah!” he said, his eyes growing wide. “JUNIOR! GET OVER HERE! Y/N WATER JUST BROKE!”

It seemed like in that moment, the park exploded into chaos. Junior came running, a small flock of children in haste behind him. Jaebum put one arm around my shoulder and took one of my hands as he began to guide me to a vehicle. Junior began feverishly picking up our bags, assisted by a relatively unfazed Mark. BamBam and Yugyeom looked on in shock and horror while Youngjae jumped excitedly beside his wife. Jackson and a few of the other wives began to gather the children.

18 hours later…

“It’s a girl,” I whispered, wiping the sweat from my forehead and leaning back in the hospital bed.

“It’s a girl,” the doctor confirmed, looking proudly at Junior. Junior’s face turned white as he turned from me and exited the room.

“Ju-junior?” I asked trying to angle myself to see out of the delivery room’s door.

“IT’S A GIRL!” I heard him shout excitedly down the hall. “IT’S A LITTLE, HEALTHY BABY GIRL!”

I heard cheers and hoots erupt from the waiting room. He came racing back in and beamed at me proudly.

“It's a girl,” he whispered, kissing my forehead. I could see tears begin to form around his eyes.

“Would you like to hold her?” the doctor smiled.

He nodded cautiously, taking the small pink bundle from the physician and holding her like a porcelain doll. He looked at me with aw in his eyes. “We made her. She’s perfect.”

He began pacing, holding her close and singing beneath his breath. After a few minutes of the fluffiest and sweetest thing I’ve ever seen, he stopped suddenly and looked at me with wide eyes. “Is she too young for me to start reading to her?”

I laughed, tears escaping from my eyes. “Of course not  my love, of course not.”

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