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Shadaloo’s Apprentice Dolls

Name: Junior Dolls
Equipment: Night-Vision goggles, Psycho Power amplifying devices
Duties: Serving each of the Four Heavenly Kings, Infiltration, Base Security

Name: Intermediate Dolls
Equipment: Chest rigs, Headsets, Psycho Armor (Epaulets), Psycho Stun Guns, Psycho Grenades
Duties: Serving the Four Heavenly Kings, Battle, Base Security, Sabotage

Name: Senior Dolls
Equipment: Psycho Armor (Epualets)
Work: Serving each of the Four Heavenly Kings, Commanding troops and directing battles, Training the Junior and Intermediate Dolls, Battle, Sabotage

anonymous asked:

What kind of junior psychos hero-worship a masked shooter? If Sweetpea, Toni, and their bitches think people need to be murdered, they're absolutely sick. FP Jones would not approve.

Not even remotely