junior year is rough

3/9 happy miku day


1. Be nice to all of your teachers this year – be a class pet or kiss ass if you have to. Befriend all of your teachers, work with them, help them out in class, be a good student. You will want to ask your favorite teachers (who like you) to write your college recommendations. 

2. DO NOT procrastinate college things. I know it is nerve-wracking, but plan ahead and stay on top of things. Take the SATs early on and take them more than twice so you can improve and superscore. 

3. Start thinking about what college experience you want. Big or small school? City or country? What state or country? How close to home? How far away is the school from outside activities like towns? Do you want to participate in Greek life? How important is diversity to you? What clubs do you want to look into? Do you want to take a gap year? Do you want to study abroad? Seriously do thorough research on each school, prioritize your preferences, and narrow down a list. 

4. Discuss college with your parents and guidance counselor often. It is annoying, and incredibly intimidating sometimes, but discuss your preferences with them and figure out what schools will work for you and what you need to do to apply. Discuss financial aid or scholarships as well, just as a possibility.

5. Keep a planner with you at all times. Organize To-Do lists for high school things: homework, projects, club meetings, sports events, etc; and college planning things: SAT dates, SAT classes (if you use this), college visits, college talks with your counselor, etc. Stay organized and complete all necessary tasks on time.

6. Wear pajamas often or plan your outfits ahead of time. I literally can’t stress this enough. Be comfortable and lazy all you want. I get the amount of stress you’re under so it is okay to have a lazy day as often as you need. No one really cares.

7. Eat as healthy as possible. Start learning to cook for yourself and prepare simple but delicious meals. Get in the habit of providing for yourself so you don’t go to college and pig out on take out.

8. It’s okay if you get overwhelmed and cry sometimes. Trust me, it does happen and it’s okay. Find things to help relieve stress for you like taking a bath, reading a book, cooking/baking, throw a little dance party, write a story, make some art. Anything. Breathe.

9. SLEEP. Do not stay up all night studying for a test or for the SATs and don’t party the night before a big exam. Sleep will be your best friend. Make a night routine and go to bed as early as you can. Your body and health will thank you.

10. TAKE SELF CARE DAYS OFTEN. I cannot stress this enough. On weekends please take a day to do things you like and enjoy. Go out with friends, take a bath, read a book, go out to lunch, go to a spa, do nothing, whatever you consider self care - DO IT. You’ll need to take a break from the world sometimes and it’s worth it.

Good luck my friends.

everyone will tell you junior year is going to be rough and no matter whether you were a slacker or on top of all your classes during the last two years, junior year will be faster and there will be more work to do.  This is a list of things to do and not to do during junior year

  • do NOT slack off on readings in AP classes oriented around textbooks.  your teachers want you to read for a reason.  If you understand a concept fully then skim but if you’re struggling its like that your textbook can help you out a lot.
  • DO ask questions - believe me there are tons of other kids who want to ask the same question as you during class and if no one ends up asking it how will any of you know the answer?  Ask the question - it helps - don’t be scared about being judged because everyone is at school to LEARN
  • DO take a break every now and then - if you work super hard throughout the week leave Friday evening to yourself.  Read a book, take a walk, exercise, hang out with friends just do whatever makes you happy
  • PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE - I cannot stress how important this is for all your classes.  Doing practice FRQ’s or MC or just math problems periodically before a test can be RIDICULOUSLY helpful
  • do NOT procrastinate - this will lead to falling behind which makes it very hard to catch up especially in junior year
  •  DO keep the things in your life that make you happy - don’t feel obliged to keep things out of guilt - if it isn’t working out anymore just slowly distance yourself
  • DO read!! Reading is so important + broadens your writing abilities + increases reading speed and comprehension for standardized tests
  • DO get into the habit of drinking teas instead of coffees - they’re so much better for you!!
  • DO stay healthy - this is so important and I mean staying healthy in all ways.  Eat well, sleep enough and drink plenty of water!!
  • DO know that it’s not a competition - there will always be someone one step ahead of you and that’s okay.  The only person you should compare yourself to is yourself.
  • DO create smart goals and use them as inspiration to push yourself to do the best you possibly can
  • do NOT let one bad grade frustrate you or demotivate you - school is a learning process.  Realize your mistakes, pick yourself up and do better next time.
  • DO realize when you’re overworking yourself - we are not superheroes.  we’d like to be able to work for 15 hours straight but that is slightly impractical for some of us and that’s not a bad thing.  take breaks when you need to - you know yourself better than anyone else

If you found these tips helpful let me know and I’ll make a part 2!!

Another chapter is coming to a close, woot woot! I am finally done with junior year! In celebration and disbelief at how I survived. So in no particular order, here are some things I’ve learned this year:  

1. Your friends in high-school are not necessarily going to be your friends       forever

High school is an emotional rollercoaster. It’s the time where everyone is trying to figure themselves out and figure everyone else out. You are going to get into fights with your friends, and that is ok. It is all part of the process of growing up and maturing. If these fights help your friendship become stronger, great! If they don’t, well then you don’t need them. I have gotten into so much drama this year- all of which could not have been avoided, but could have been lessened. So, yes; continue to be friends but please also remember that these friends may not necessarily continue to be your friends for the rest of your life. It is A-OK to drift apart, especially if they behave in a manner that is not worthy of your friendship. Ya don’t gotta be all cynical, but keep an open mind

2. Put yourself first

Continuing on that same line of thought, you gotta put yourself first homeslice. I don’t want to pat my own butt, but I am a pretty nice person that likes to help other people. This year, I became more aware of how much I was taken advantage of and I don’t want that to be you! There is nothing wrong with helping other people, I advocate strongly for it, but save yourself the pain and suffering that I put myself through and think about yourself too.
Do things for yourself and value yourself, because you are the only you :)

3. Take Breaks

It’s very very very easy to tell yourself you don’t have time to hang out with friends or go out, and very very very very easy to succumb to locking yourself up in your room all day. Continue to study and work hard, but also learn to take a break and have fun every once in awhile. Work hard and play hard- it keeps you sane and alive. It doesn’t always have to be going out to party, but it can be small breaks like watching some vines, stretching, updating your tumblr, watching some netflix, or taking a quick nap. It’s important to let your brain take a break and let your body take a break so you can attack your studying with new fervor.

4. It is ok to cry

You are going to feel overwhelmed and feel like everything is falling to pieces. It is completely normal and your emotions are completely valid because Junior Year is rough!

5. No one has any idea what they are doing

Honestly people will try and talk a big game, but no one really knows what they’re doing. People will seem like they have everything together, but everyone is just as confused about everything as much as you are.

6. Talk to your teachers

Teachers understand that you are dying. They went through the same process and they see hundreds of them dying in their classes. There will be teachers that are completely rude and obviously hate children. It’s terrible that there are teachers who really can’t teach or don’t even try, but sadly it exists. You don’t need to be best friends with those kinds, but still be civil. Most of the time teachers are more than willing to help you and love that you are taking the time to talk to them  It is so important, especially Junior year, to find a couple of teachers that you can talk to. They

7. Start early

It’s incredibly hard not to procrastinate, and I have definitely, 100%, done my fair share of it (and I am still doing it as I am putting off studying for the SAT right now, oops). But even if you have no motivation, no energy, and you just want to surf the internet, it is much better to do even a little bit of it, than none at all. I can’t tell you how many times I have regretted not starting on something, and having everything pile in all at once. It’s not just homework, this is the time to also get ready for Standardized Tests and College. Practice, practice, practice for SAT/ACTS (I have a post about the [ACT here]) Get started researching about colleges so that you have an idea of what college visits at your school to go to and which colleges to visit. Also start planning your summer plans early so that instead of lazing around all day (do do some lazing and relax), get involved in volunteering, interning, working, and planning for college apps.

8. Make a resume and update it as needed

Seriously. Build a resume. I have so many friends that did not/still do not have resumes that were scramming in the end when they needed it. It’s something that is helpful to have even if you aren’t applying for a job or internship. For example, when running for BPA state officer, I needed to submit a resume and used that resume to meet new people and convince them to vote for me. I also gave my resume to my counselor so she would have a better understanding of my experience thus far. It’s good to make/update it when it’s still fresh in your mind so it’s easier to write about, instead of wracking your brain months later and forgetting important details. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but make one!

9. Don’t be afraid to ask for help

It’s so easy to pretend like you understand everything and so hard to actually come terms with the fact that you need help. People in high school and even your friends might come off as obnoxious and rude, and even sneer at people asking for help. Asking though, in turn gives them an opportunity to show off their “immense knowledge” and clears up confusion for you. Even if you’re afraid of being judged, the worst that can happen is someone can say “I don’t know”. Which is perfectly fine because you can always ask someone else. Asking teachers can also be incredibly hard. I always had this thing where I was afraid to approach teachers because I was afraid of wasting their time and asking stupid things, but teachers are there to help- it is their job, to teach. It doesn’t even have to be about academics, if you need help for any reason- there are so many great resources at school that will be there- resource officers, nurses, coaches, counselors, deans, etc. School is a place of learning and if in the environment you cannot do your best for whatever reason, seek out the help that you need and do not be afraid to do it.

10. If it doesn’t make you happy, ditch it

That applies to everything. If there are people in your life that treat you terribly and don’t make you happy, you don’t need them. If there is a significant other, class, activity, whatever, that don’t make you happy, you don’t need it. High school is too short to waste on insignificant events that eat you up emotionally and physically. Do things for yourself.

Junior year has been a roller coaster ride in terms of academics and emotions. Were there things I wish I did differently? Of course. But there is no need to dwell in the past. I am so thankful for all the support I’ve gotten thus far on my blog. I started Junior year with no idea what a “studyblr” was, and went into it with no idea what was going to happen. There is still a lot I can improve on and more ways I want to help people on their personal journeys. All 500+ of my followers, I am forever thankful of you and your belief in me. I truly never thought I would see the day.

As always, my ask box and messages are always open- so feel free to contact me about anything. Have a good summer everyone!

anonymous asked:

I love your writing so much! You really know how to grasp the characters and I find myself looking forward to more ~! May I request a scenario with Kuroo becomes friends with benefits with a his crush in his college class on the condition that it ends when one of them finds a person they love. one night, Kuroo goes over to her place because she needs to talk and she says they need to stop because she found someone and he gets upset until he realizes it's him she loves. This was long I'm sorry..

guys you’re never gonna believe who this is,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it’s me! I finally wrote something! I know, amazing right. Im so so sorry I’ve been gone for so long! Junior year is literally so rough like I took wayyy too many AP classes and if im not in the top 10% I wont be able to go to the college I want to ahahahah

but anyways admin emma has been doing such a good job! thank u all for being so nice to her and I hope my lil scenario isn’t too bad


“You know, we should really stop doing this.” He whispered in your ear, but you were able to hear the smirk through his words. Feeling his soft kisses against your sensitive skin shot electricity through your body, and you felt a warm feeling spread as you cuddled up to him.

It was the third night in a row you had called him over, all past 1 am. Not to mention this little “friends with benefits” thing had been going on for over two months now. You never thought that this would be your kind of thing, ever, and you couldn’t understand why you weren’t able to just let him go.

Actually. You thought, biting your lip a bit to keep from smirking yourself. He wasn’t terrible in bed. In fact, he was excellent. Which didn’t make a lot of sense considering he had only slept with a handful of people before you. But there was no denying, he was good. Too good for you to let go, in fact. Or, that’s what you tell yourself.

Turning back to face him, you caught his soft lips in a tender kiss. You could feel the smile on his face, and always wondered if that was meant for you. “But,” you whispered back, pulling away ever so slightly, “I don’t want you to leave yet.”

He let out a playful sigh, tightening his grip around your waist and pulling you close. This was always where the lines would become blurred. It was dangerous territory, and could almost inevitably leave one of you with a broken heart, but you let it slide. For now. You had to, because Kuroo was…because he was Kuroo.

When his breathing evened, you realized he had fallen asleep with his head still close to yours. Of course, it was against the rules for him to sleep over.

“So, what does this make us?” Your face was red, and body hot as you only used the sheets as a necessity while you laid there. It seemed almost impossible to be able to turn and look at the boy next to you. The boy who you had only met a few days ago. The boy who you just slept with.

“Friends.” He breathed out. But something didn’t feel right. The word felt awkward and small as it hung in the damp air around you two. “Good friends?”

Friends who sometimes sleep together. “But also, friends who can talk and hang out in public too, right?” Though it was obvious you two wouldn’t be doing much of that, and you knew that too. So why did you feel like it was something you had to say?


It feels like you guys were so different back then. You two knew so much about each other now.

But he had never slept over. That’s not something that friends do. That’s something that couples do, and you guys were not a couple.


A pang shot through your heart and you visibly deflated. Though, you weren’t supposed to feel like this! It shouldn’t make you sad, you should be happy, right? Being single is fun. Right?

Though as you laid there, it finally dawned on you that you didn’t want to be single anymore. You wanted someone to fall asleep next to you every night and hold you close, even if it meant being a bit squished. You wanted to wake up in the morning and find out that the last of the creamer ran out, because it would mean someone would’ve been there to use it. You wanted to find clothes around the house, and have to do more dishes.

But most importantly, you realized, you wanted him.

“What did you want to talk about?”

Kuroo’s face seemed a bit worried as he walked through the door to your tiny apartment. The fact that he had known to take off his shoes made you smile. But what if this doesn’t work out. What if he doesn’t want to be more than what you are.

Your face was scrunched and quickly realized that this might be a mistake. Would it really matter that much if you guys just continued the way you were? Sure you might not be able to do everything you wanted, but you were still able to see him.

“_____?” He said, walking up to you, “Is everything alright?”

“I, uh,” you stammered, trying a bit to straighten out your face. You knew it wasn’t working. Come on, ___. Just spit it out! “There’s, uh, there’s something I need to, clarify.”

Almost immediately, his face fell. No! That’s not what you wanted. Suddenly the air grew thicker, and it might have been one of the first times you found yourself unable to look at him in the eyes. “You found someone, didn’t you.” His voice was stoic and deep, with his eyes in malicious slits. You could tell he was hurt, but you still weren’t able to speak.

“Well, yes, but I-”

“You want to end things?” After cutting you off, his demeanor changed almost completely, Suddenly you found no trace of emotion, no trace of sadness or even anger. When he began to turn you finally leaped up, grabbing his wrist and holding it so tight it probably hurt.

“No! It’s you, you dickhead!” Finally, you were able to get out the words you wanted, but you still felt as if you couldn’t breathe. He made no move to talk, or even turn to face you. “Testurou,” you whispered, “please, answer me.”

Suddenly, he turned around, and engulfed you in a kiss. You could feel the tears that had been on his face, and now, you were able to feel the curve of his lips. Pulling back, you wiped away his tears, and let out a small laugh. The built up tension seemed to flow out of you two easily in this moment.

Kuroo’s eyes briefly scattered your face while his grip secured tighter around your waist. “Don’t scare me like that.” He said, letting out a small laugh after.

You began to follow suit, your giggles escaping when his mouth wasn’t on yours. All the laughs and tender kisses that you two shared felt so different than the countless before. 

You were finally able, to express your love.

How to Survive Junior Year (or any school year, really!)

Hey there everyone! I’ve had this guide bouncing around in my head for a while, so I thought I would sit down and writing it all out. As a senior who went through a rough junior year, I want to share my tips and tricks for surviving junior year (but a lot of these tips will apply to any school year you’re in, regardless of your grade level or location!).

  1. Plan, plan, plan. In the few weeks before school starts up for people, it’s important to sit down and figure out your schedule. Grab your (pretty!) planner and some pens. You’ll want a calendar in it, hopefully. You don’t need to set anything in stone, but you’ll need a game plan that will help you get through the year. Start thinking about your testing dates. When is it feasible for you to take the SAT/ACT? Will you take both? Ideally, you’ll take at least one test in the fall- that was my biggest regret. Knocking at least one out in the fall (& maybe you won’t have to retake!!) will make the spring semester a million times less stressful. Look on Collegeboard and ETS to see what the test dates are, and schedule them in. It’s also a good idea to keep subject tests in mind. If you want to take any (and I recommend you do- if you want any advice on this, let me know!) ideally, you’d take them in May or June. Since you’ve planned out your SAT/ACT dates, you can make sure they won’t conflict with when you want to take subject tests. Now look at your extracurricular schedule. Any big events happening? Schedule those in. You’ll also want to think about your schedule on a week-to-week basis. What are your other obligations? What time do you have available to rest, to study, to spend time with family? It’ll help you schedule in some relaxation time (which is SO important) during the school year.
  2. Find an organizational system Set something up that you know you’ll use, and something that’s relatively quick. Of course this can be tweaked during the school year, but at least figure out how you’ll keep track of assignments (I’d always recommend a good planner!), where you’ll keep old papers (they’ll be a great resource for exams), where you’ll study (you definitely want to have a pre-determined space to maximize your productivity!), etc. You want to make the school year as easy as possible. Trust me when I say losing papers and having to re-do assignments last minute is never fun.
  3. Make your schedule challenging. But also remember that it needs to be feasible. I took 6 AP classes (lol, yeah, don’t know how I survived that). Don’t let what other people do affect you though- if you know your max is 1 or 2, then do 1 or 2. But I’m always a firm believer in pushing yourself. I think people would be surprised by what they can handle, with the right motivation and organization. So definitely keep that in mind. But don’t forget…
  4. Focus on your extracurriculars This is the year where you really need to buckle down with your extracurriculars. If you still haven’t found what you like, that’s fine! Do some research, think about what you like, and then just go for it. No hesitation. Ideally, second semester, you’ll start thinking about leadership positions and applying. I think junior year is really important in terms of extracurriculars, so put in the time and hopefully you’ll see some reward senior year!
  5. Stay the heck away from drama. This was my fatal mistake of last year. I got sucked into drama and there was a time when I couldn’t live without my phone becase of it. Take a step back, and re-evaluate your position if you find yourself in a situation like this. What’s important? Who’s important? If you need to cut some friends out of your life, that’s okay. It happened to me, but you can always make connections with other people that aren’t going to drain you.
  6. Set out some YOU time. Yeah, another thing I kinda sucked at last year. I’d suggest setting out some time every week, so say, every Saturday morning, to sit down and fully unwind. Do whatever it is that you enjoy and relaxes you. Catch up on some TV, take a bubble bath, take a drive, whatever it is. You need to refuel or you’re going to get burned out really quickly.
  7. Keep college at the back of your mind. A lot of kids at my school became college-crazy this year, and that’s not something I’d recommend. Definitely start researching schools and think about what you like/dislike in terms of college. Start forming connections with your teachers, to hopefully get some teacher recs in the future (and get a great connection in general). Don’t let it become your obession, though. Work hard, study hard, and live your life. You want rich experiences that you can write about in your college essays senior year. Sure, thinking about it and going to some college fairs/talks is great, but you need to focus on building yourself up first.
5 Things I Wish I Had Known in My Junior Year

So, I am a rising senior, and my junior year was rough. It was my first time taking any AP classes, and I got involved with about eight clubs and two music groups. Due to my overstretched schedule and rigorous work, I was always tired and upset. These are some tips I wish someone had told me or given to me when I started my year. 


1. Ask questions. I was once one of those kids who never had to study, and never needed to ask questions. In junior year, your course load will get harder. If you’re in class, and there is something you don’t understand, ask. Your teachers want to help you. (And the kids who ask the most questions usually get the highest grades.)

2. Don’t overextend yourself. Like I said earlier in my post, I signed up for roughly 8 clubs, and I was heavily involved with all of them, and I still had things to do outside of school. Focus on one or two things you are really passionate about, and throw yourself into those. I personally think it’s better to be a master of one subject instead of a jack-of-all-trades.

3. Community service matters. The required amount of community service hours range from school to school. One of the best things you can add to your transcript for college is your community service experiences. If a college can see that you make a consistent commitment outside the classroom, they can guarantee that you’ll be involved on campus.

4. SLEEP. As a former APUSH student, sleep was compromised for me. As a result, I could barely focus in class, and my writing for both APUSH and my writing class was shoddy. I was also grumpy all the time.

5. It’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them. I personally made many mistakes that will be hard to reverse, but I know I can learn from them and move on. If you can prove to a college rep that you know what you’re doing or what you’re aiming for, and you make an effort to do so, you will always have a chance to apply to any school. 

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kagehina, semi-AU, 2600 words.  ☆

“There were always walls.” Hinata’s jaw clenches. “I didn’t have a team in middle school. That was okay. I only played in one competition—that. That was okay, you know? I thought— it’s okay, if the walls are looming over me. As long as I keep trying. I can leap over the top. I can see it. The place…beyond. But—” There is a war forming in Hinata’s eyes, then, and Tobio can’t tell just what has won, when the other boy finishes, “What can I do now? The walls are still there. They’re still there, and I can’t climb a single one.”

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You Will Always Be My Only One | Ch. 1

College AU: Let’s all pretend that Amy and Karma did date after the kiss at the assembly and let’s pretend they didn’t fake the relationship. 
Amy and Karma went through a rough break up in the end of junior year and haven’t talked ever since. In senior year Amy started to date Reagan and their relationship still grows stronger. Now they find themselves as college roommates and things get complicated. 

A/N: This is an introduction chapter, there isn’t much plot, that will come with the next chapters. The story tells their college story and how their relationship went in the form of flashbacks. Almost every chapter will have a flashback. I hope you’ll like the introduction, please let me know what you think about this story. 

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here’s a little more detail to my poly ot5 idea

i spent a little too much time thinking about the way the hive five would make their relationship work after i made that photoset, and people seemed to respond pretty positively to it, so here’s some head canons put into a plot-thin for ya:

they are still the same old gang from middle school, but they’re just about to start their junior year of high school. it’s been a little rough on them in high school because everyone made a pact to explore themselves a little and took different electives. maya’s been dominating her art classes; lucas has been working hard on his sports; riley joined the garden and writing club, along with pep club since she never did make cheer squad; farkle and zay are both on the school’s dance team and in the drama department.

they still have the same history class together, but it’s still hard.

that summer, no one can pinpoint exactly when or how it happened, just that one day they were laying around in the huge minkus media room, watching a movie, when the subject came up. relationships, longevity, what ifs.

it hadn’t seemed like a big deal at the time, and it wasn’t exactly a surprise. maya has come to terms with her bisexuality ever since freshman year; with the help of her friends, riley was able to look into and own her pansexuality; lucas and farkle were still figuring it out, but they weren’t straight. zay never did have a thing for labels, for he had an eye for more than just girls, and everyone knew it.

their relationship was a little rocky at first, but things settled into their own place as the group took it upon themselves to acknowledge their mutual attraction for each other and looked into the possibility of just being together.

lucas and maya were the protectors. by the time the new school year started and progressed, everyone seemed to know about the five of them, because they weren’t exactly hiding it.

when a jock built like a marble statue came up to maya, screaming bible verses at her, she’d never punched someone harder in her life. the jock had only managed to backhand her before lucas was stepping in, giving him two black eyes and a bloody nose before he even knew what’d hit him.

riley and farkle are the lovers, always planning date nights and bandaging bloody knuckles with gentle scolds and forehead kisses. riley is the best at dealing with nightmares and thunderstorms, which are the nights that maya and zay spend the night, because they both hate storms. she’ll hold them both and look out her window from the bed, watching the rain hit the glass and lightning flash as she runs her fingers through their hair. farkle does all the planning, from movie nights to attending social gatherings for lgbtq+ teens at the gsa center in brooklyn.

sex was a conversation, but not a long one. zay was asexual, and all thoughts of sexual interaction turned him off completely. the others respected this, and mutually agreed that high school was no place for sex anyway. but lucas has made farkle flush from intense looks at his bare chest, and maya appreciates the view whenever riley shows off a new bra.

maybe the best part about the entire relationship was the parents. they waited until they could all of them into a room together on a weekend, piled together in the matthews’ living room, and proudly told them, linked arms and holding hands and shaking with nervous energy. they had papers printed and forming a mountain of facts on the coffee table.

at first, they were concerned - how would they stick together, how would they make the dynamic work?

riley was possibly the boldest, wiggling her way to the front of her partners and boldly staring each adult in the eye - from her parents to uncle shawn to katy to the minkus’s to the friar’s to zay’s mother.

“we love each other. all of us, all together, in every way, just the way we are.”

after that day, the support became coming in waves. for maya’s birthday, topanga and katy made her a three layer cake with rainbow frosting that made her cry. stuart and jennifer sat down farkle and down him they had set up an account for the five of them to get their own place once they graduated high school and settled into college.

the only bump they ran into was when maya’s father blew in, out of the blue, marching into the bakery to see maya sitting on lucas’s lap and giggling as riley played with her fingers. farkle and zay had been at rehearsals for the fall musical that day, and came to riley’s to see lucas lividly pacing the length of riley’s bedroom as maya sobbed.

apparently, not all father’s can be a cory matthews or a stuart minkus.

but they moved past it. after a long cuddle session and her favorite movie, maya realized that it didn’t matter what her father said. her sexuality, their relationship, was not something to be altered by a man who leaves when times get tough.

together, the five of them grow and love and live, graduating high school and all managing to get the same path to nyu, creating their own happily ever after.

oh god this was so long what happened oh my god

You Will Always Be My Only One | ch. 4

College AU: Let’s all pretend that Amy and Karma did date after the kiss at the assembly and let’s pretend they didn’t fake the relationship.
Amy and Karma went through a rough break up in the end of junior year and haven’t talked ever since. In senior year Amy started to date Reagan and their relationship still grows stronger. Now they find themselves as college roommates and things get complicated.

A/N: Yeah, sorry for the long wait .. I’ve been very distracted, but I’m back to writing now :) I hope you guys still like the story, it’s kinda a foreshadowing on where I wanna go with this story. This time I worked the flashbacks inside the story, as memories. What do you like better? The flashback in the end, or inside of the story? Please let me know :)
I hope you enjoy this chapter, feel free to leave some feedback :)

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