junior walter girl hailey

Fanbot sketchdump part 3

Another round of me butchering beautiful people’s characters by drawing them.

(L to R)

@whimmy-bam’s fanbot Lamella. I saw her fanbot when I first entered the fandom but for some reason didn’t save it, which resulted in many odd and vague google searches until I finally found her again and I’m so glad I did, she’s so beautiful! Please go look at her page, her prettiness is beyond my skill to draw.

cheetah-buttcup’s Junior Walter Girl Hailey. Um, I think we can all agree she’s one of the cutest Walter Girls on the planet? Yes? Everyone, yes? Okay, good.

quorgi’s undead cyborg cannibal engineer Nemo. This is another character I saw during the first couple months after I entered the fandom and I hadn’t known about or followed quorgi yet, so it wasn’t until I went back through my kazoolander favorites recently that I realized Nemo was quorgi’s creation. So, uh, good job on hoarding so many badass characters, quorgi. Go check him out, he’s seriously very awesome.