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request? (iloveyourartomgomgomg) 707 doing a kpop dance routine then caught by MC (^~^)

ok this was the only dance that came into mind when i thought of drawing this

i downloaded a new brush and i thought it would be fun to try it out!! it’s so clean T_T!! ✨✨

(just in case you dont know this song (though you probably do huhu) -> link )

(and also thank you so much!! /)///(\ <3)

If doctors were pokemon*…

Docling is the medical student pokemon. Chirpy and enthusiastic, they can usually be seen trailing a ducktor or swantsultant, dropping stationery as they go. They are keen to prove their knowledge, and can often be found enthusiastically trying to ‘clerk’ patients.

Ducktor are junior doctor pokemon, evolved from Docling. Competent but easily flustered, they are usually trying to be in three places at once, often dropping items as they go. Frequently relying on help from Nurbys, most Ducktors enjoy a relatively good relationship with their more senior evolutions, however bullying is not unheard of.

Goostrar are middle grade doctor pokemon (not currently pictured; they are so busy that photographic evidence remains elusive at this point in time!). Goostrar evolve from ducktors. Having refined the psychic ability to be in many places at once, the Goostrar is rarely spotted in the wild, so busy are they with the sickest patients.

Swansultant/Swantending, the senior doctor pokemon.The final evolved form of the Docling, the Swansultant is a powerful pokemon and the leader of the doctor pokemon group. Outsiders may think them elegant, however they can be fearsome if angered. Usually protective of their junior evolutions, Swansultants ae known to clash with other Swansultants, resulting in epic battles and juniors running for cover. They have a truce with Matreon based on mutual respect.

The grass is always greener, right?

Being a doctor is amazing. You get to be directly involved in someone’s care. See them from the moment they come into hospital, through being diagnosed and treated, until they are ready to go home. You get to feel that you are making a real difference.

However, with great power comes great responsibility.

It’s scary, and excting, and absolutely tiring being responsible for so many things. There are times when you’re going to look back, and reflect on just how much easier it was when you were a student and the only thing people expected you to do was not mess up your exams.

That said, when it comes to it, I don’t think most of us would go back. When you get used to making decisions instead of watching others make them, you can’t go back to watching from the sidelines any more.


Amazing Spider-Man #227 and Marvel Knights Spider-Man #10

In 1982 Felicia was actively trying to trick Spider-Man into becoming an outright criminal so she could date him on her terms. 

In 2005 she was offering to do something illegal on his behalf so he didn’t have to and so spare him a guilty conscience, even though she knew she had zero romantic prospects with him.

And that kids is what we call character development. 

I can’t stop thinking about modern au Owain calling Inigo at like 3am to rant about an episode of an anime he’s in the middle of watching.

“Owain, it’s 3am.. what the hell do you want-”