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Lucas Vazquez , Macarena Rodriguez /
Sergio Ramos , Pilar Rubio , Sergio Jr. , Marco /
Cristiano Ronaldo , Dolores Aviero , Georgina Rodriguez , Cristiano Ronaldo Jr.
( Real Madrid )

pic: Lucas Vazquez , dailymail , gettyimages , reuters , shutterstock , EPA


um???? I like Georgina but they don’t look happy one bit…Cris looks frustrated, Gio looks completely done and Cristiano jr looks uncomfortable…


Happy 7th birthday, Cristiano!

,,The little one of the house” - Georgina

,,ALL THE BEST, my love. You’re becoming a man. Proud of you, soon we’ll be together. I love you ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️7″ - Cristiano

,,Congratulations, my dear to your birthday, it’s already 7 years (magic number) of many that God will give you. Kisses!” - Jose Andrade, Dolores’s partner

,,All the best, my beautiful grandchild! Today is your day! You’re becoming a man! Granny loves you very much! 😘🎂🎉” - Dolores

,,Little other man of my life is 7 years today 🙏🏻  7 years of love and blessing…You’re lovely, you’re our light and only who knows you knows how special you are.  With your arrival  came more smiles, more blessings, more joy to our family. Aunt’s love, my beautiful auntie’s boy, you know how much we love you and how important you’re for all of ,7 years have gone by and there will surely come over more 7777 years of life by your side and these years will be so few to tell you how much I love you. Proud of being your aunt, happy birthday my love ❤️❤️❤️ I love you to 777 years and back 🙏🏻😂” - Katia

Cristiano Ronaldo imagine ft Junior

You woke up with muscular arms around you, a smiled appeared as you saw Cristiano sleeping peacefully. You heard little footsteps making its way into your room. You pretended to be sleeping knowing it was junior. You pretended to be sleeping when he walked in. You heard the giggles escape his lips as he got on your bed. He started jumped on your guys bed screaming to the top of his lungs “BOM DIA PAPAI AND MAMA!!!!!” Cristiano shoot up looking at junior and your. You giggled at Cristiano’s reaction “good morning to you too junior ” you said to junior. Junior hugged you both good morning and then speed of to his room before Cristiano could say something. Cristiano got closer to you and said “I’m going to wake up to a heart attack some day”

You looked at him and he looked at you, you both stared at each other before being interrupted by junior again. “Papai, mama can we go to the zoo today pretty please” he said with a puppy dog eyes he knew you couldn’t resist. “Ask your papai” you replied. “Hmmmmm I don’t know junior you almost gave me a heart attack this morning ” Cristiano said. Junior frowned “I’m sorry papai, I didn’t mean to” he said as he hugged Cristiano. Cristiano knew he didn’t mean to almost cause his death in a way this morning. “It’s okay and yes we can go to the zoo today. ” junior smiled and kissed both of your guy’s cheeks and hoped happily downstairs. You and Cristiano headed downstairs after getting ready for the day.

Once downstairs everyone had breakfast and then you got junior ready for the zoo and headed off. Once you got there Junior was telling you how much he wanted to see the penguins and the tigers. The day passed quickly when you guys spend family. On the way the home Junior feel asleep with his stuffed tiger Cristiano got him. Cristiano placed his hand on your thigh as he drove with the other. “You know what today made me realize ” he asked you. You asked what and he said “Today spending all this family time with you and junior made me realize that I want to expand our family… I want to have a kid with you. I know that Junior isn’t yours but he loves you as much as i love you. We’ve been married a year now and I’m ready for another addition to our family if you are.” You were shocked in a way, you wanted to start a family for a while now but didn’t say anything because you weren’t sure if Cristiano was. You smiled and told him that you been ready for a while now. Cristiano parked the car and carried sleeping junior to his room. After laying him down he came back to you in your room and said “Making babies with you is going to be fun. But we have to be quite now” he said with a smirk. You know what was about to happen(;


And you can keep your symbols of success
Then I’ll pursue my own happiness
And you can keep your clocks and routines
Then I’ll go mend all my shattered dreams

Maybe today, yeah
I’ll slip away
Sixto Rodriguez, “I’ll Slip Away” (1970)

Alfa Romeole’s 1970 GT 1300 Junior on today’s jaunt towards autumn. Nature slowly takes its color.