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Until My Feet Bleed and My Heart Aches Official Timeline

Some people have been asking for a full timeline of the events of the Rivals Series so I’ve decided to finally make one. This will be updated as the series progresses. Also, I am listing the events by calander years (January to December) but the actual skating seasons usually cross from the August of one year to the March of the next so keep that in mind as the fic tends to refer to the skating by season.

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do grand prixs and jgps have galas?

The senior Grand Prix events have galas. Most Junior Grand Prix events don’t, though the one in France usually does (but there is no JGP in France this year).

Hi, I am a fan for only less than a year. I wonder if this question is already asked or not so if asked, you can ignore this. The rules say the top 1-3 and 4-6 cannot compete each other in the GP competitions. However, the result of Worlds2012 is Daisuke 2nd and Yuzuru 3rd; but they also both competed in NHK Trophy 2012. How was that possible? Or maybe the rules were different?

The “rule” about 1-3 and 4-6 not meeting on the GP is more like a guideline, it is not set in stone. What happened in 2012 was that NHK Trophy and Trophee Eric Bompard “swapped” skaters so they could have two of their own top men at their home events - Takahashi (2nd at Worlds) and Hanyu (3rd at Worlds) both ended up at NHK Trophy, while Joubert (4th at Worlds) and Amodio (5th at Worlds) were both assigned to TEB. Normally, this wouldn’t happen, but it did happen that year and could conceivably happen again. The ISU does not publish the exact procedure for GP assignments so there are many details about the process that we do not know.

Hi! Does the ‘official’ season start with this week’s Lake Placid competition? If not, when does it start? Thanks

The season officially starts on July 1st every year.

tanaka keiji x hino ryuju: jgpf 2012

From Cutting Edge 2013+Plus. This interview took place after the finals in Sochi at the end of 2012. Yuzuru was originally supposed to be part of this. All three of them made it to the finals in Quebec in 2011, and it was promised that if the three of them made it to the finals in Sochi, they would sit down for a talk. Yuzuru got sick after the GPF though. So that’s the context for this to keep in mind. Things can be dated. And Keiji and Ryuju are supes depressing as fuck.

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——Once again, the three of you all made it to the Final. It’s a shame all of three are unable to do this together. The three of you really all made it to the venue where the Olympics will be held……  How was this particular road to Sochi?
Keiji: My road here was terrible. So many people told me how lucky I was. Geez, without it, I wouldn’t have made it. [In his first event of the circuit, he came in second, and in the second one he came in fourth. The points from those finishes just barely made it through. In the final event, Uno Shoma-senshu crept up with a second place finish. This helped put Keiji-senshu above Russia’s Alexander Samarin to secure his berth.] You can’t make it to such an important competition with just luck. Next season, I want to advance to the final through my two grand prix events on my own strength.
Ryuju: I also made it because of a fluke. My placement was a fluke, too. [He placed third and earned his first JGPF medal.] I really can’t believe it happened.

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