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Mini Female: Jill Vertes
Mini Male: Bus Driver Jim
Junior Female: empty chair
Junior Male: Guy Fieri
Teen female. The water bottle Kira threw
Teen male: The purse Cathy hit Abby with
Senior female: Jill’s season 6 extensions
Senior Male: The trophy Cathy threw at Aldc

I know Marcus very well, he’s one of my friends in formula 1 so away from the race track I get on with him really well. As a driver I actually think he’s very very talented. I know as a junior driver he was very high prospect, and he got pole position at Macau which is one of the most difficult race tracks we’ll ever race on, so that alone is something that shows he has a high standard for sure. I think this year is a really good chance for him. He’s got Pascal as a teammate, who’s regarded as a very strong driver, so it will be a good test for him and I think if he can produce some good results this year that will raise some good awareness about him in the paddock.
—  Daniel Ricciardo on Marcus Ericsson

anonymous asked:

what's your opinion on every prema driver now that the season is over

adjkghdhsjkg i somehow missed this! but let’s get cracking shall we?

jüri - SO PROUD. he earned that adac f4 title ok? nah but srsly, he didn’t make the mistakes a lot of junior drivers do which is to just go all gung ho and go for the win every time. he knew when that wasn’t gonna happen and played his cards right. ALSO he’s literally come to occupy such a large place in my heart over the course of the season. I LOVE HIM A LOT. this one is v long.

juan - problematic fave because he left prema (he’s still going on this list). i hope he gets a full time gp3 or f3 drive next season cos i want to seem him do well.

marcus - HE BETTER FUCKING SEAL THE ITALIAN F4 TITLE THIS WEEKEND OK? also to come runner up in adac in his first season was like so good. baby kiwi i am so proud

enzo - the smolest of the smols. admittedly he hasn’t really impressed me in terms of his driving, but it is only his second full season in cars. but also, italian f4 isn’t quite as competitive as adac, so??? bless his little heart though i feel bad being even vaguely critical.

jo - ah, our resident fuckboy. had a really good last round randomly lmao. his results were fairly average bUT i should point out that the f3 field was stupidly closely matched in terms of performance this year, so if you didn’t quite get it together that was it. i can see him potentially doing really well next year.

mick - IDEC I JUST WANT TO PROTECT HIM. jk, if this boy could learn how to qualify his results would sky rocket. his first laps are also 10/10 and his actual race craft is pretty good for his age. he just needs to learn how to put a lap together ok? if he can do that then he’d do much better.

maxi - MY FAVE TOL GERMAN. honest tho. he’s done so well this season. he has a bit of a habit of letting pressure get on top of him. but u can tell when he’s chill and it properly shows in his driving. solid all-rounder, NEEDS MORE OPPORTUNITIES. he’s gonna end up in dtm which would i wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t a dying category.

callum - stop. making. bad. decisions. literally his speed is unreal when he’s on it. but sometimes he does things and i’m just like ?????? WHY ??? honestly it’s probably mostly a maturity thing. but if he minimised mistakes he’d have been closer to joel and maxi, and maybe even lando.

antonio - people should have cut him more slack in the early season, obviously he’s just taken time to adjust to the series and cars. his late season run of form has been so good and i’m so happy for him. if prema can still put it together next season he’ll be a title contender.

charles - WHERE DO I START? he’s literally had the season of his life. why is he so quick? no one knows. he has made a few mistakes but how little they’ve affected the outcome tells you just how good he is when he’s on it. he had rotten luck this year as well. and with shitty personal things going on he’s honestly a fucking superstar. i just love him the most.

Just Sorry? A Mini Series (Chapter 3/??)

Warning: This chapter contains mild smut. Following chapters will contain Smut, Angst, Explicit Language, Daddy Kink, Rough Sex

Previous Chapter: 2

Word Count: 2141

“Okay so, a meeting on Monday, dinner party on Tuesday, graduation speech on Wednesday…” Natalie continued to give Jaebum an overview of what next week’s schedule was going to be but the other wasn’t registering a thing the woman said. All morning his head had been spinning as he tried to figure out what had him constantly thinking about you? Catching feelings for a woman was certainly not on his life agenda and he needed to gain control of it before things became to hectic.

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Top 5 drivers from junior racing series because I wanna watch you suffer :))))))))

Uhm okay in no particular order:

Ralph Boschung (I will defend my stupid tol pilot son to the death tbh)

Jüri Vips (we all love the peacock boy he’s too good for us)

Lando Norris (and also Ralf Aron tbh I can count them as one if I like fight me)

Artem Markelov (soft russian deserves all the love)

Gustav Malja and Louis Delétraz whom I refuse to separate bc I love them both equally


Bonus: Sophia Flörsch because she’s such a badass that she deserves to be recognised


Lamborghini Young Drivers & GT3 Junior Programs

Lamborghini Squadra Corse is back on track in Vallelunga (Rome) for a two-day test session reserved for the drivers who are part of the Young Drivers and GT3 Junior Programs.

The test session continues Lamborghini’s investment into young talent, and comes just a few days after the successful debut of Patrick Kujala and Alberto Di Folco (both aged 19) in the Misano Blancpain Sprint Series, where Kujala along with Mirko Bortolotti seized P3 in the Main Race.

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Chained Rose, Chapter I

A/N: Set in an alternate universe where Ruby and Yang never went to Beacon and a terrifying virus threatens the populace instead of Grimm, Ruby Rose is hired by Cinder Fall to be her bodyguard.

I wrote this for many people but my dedication is to hoistdatrag for commissioning me actual money to write this, and to theivorytowercrumbles for writing the original Mafia Au. I consider Chained Rose to be a parallel universe to that series.

You can also read Chained Rose on AO3

Or if you want, read it here on my blog in chronological order 

                                      Chapter One: She Knew My Name

Six months after Yang left me, I received a phone call from our boss.

Junior’s voice rumbled low through the speaker of my scroll. The screen flashed his image every time he spoke, the only source of illumination in the darkness. No street lights cast a beam in, no neon signs. I had special curtains to block out everything, and sound proof walls. There would be no living in the place otherwise; one of the downsides of living in an apartment above a nightclub, I suppose.

“Newbie, I need someone to drive my friend around.”

That’s how this started.

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060916 King’s Saturday Driving School