junior bodybuilder

Muscle before College

Gregory had always been a loser. Graduating near the top of the class in high school was no consolation when you still looked 12 preparing to go into your freshman year of college. At 5’2” ,he was looked down upon by nearly everyone, including freshman. Gregory jerked his stubby 4” dick off for hours looking at muscle mags and wishing he was confident enough to stand up to the bullies that teased him growing up, all of whom were muscle jocks with no problem getting all the girls and pushing his stick frame into lockers.

Determined to have a better time in college, he decided to Summer was getting to a close and he was getting desperate. He tried all the basics, a pathetic attempt to bulk up with protein powder and small weight lifting. He showed no improvement and it seemed that his efforts would mean that college would be just as humiliating as high school.

Gregory said his nightly prayers and before he went to bed wished that somehow wished he could live the life he imagined the muscle alphas in his magazines lead.


Greg woke up to his alarm, and slapped his paw onto the nightstand with a thud on the alarm clock. He noticed getting out of bed that he felt different, heavier in fact.

Rubbing his eyes with his astonishingly heavy and bulbous hands, he noticed how close to the ceiling his head came. And looking down saw his new washboard 6pack that tapered in a perfect V-shape to his

Amazed at what he seemed to be seeing, Greg (no longer the wimpy Gregory) asked in a deep voice, “But it’s not possible, is it?”

He walked quickly to his closet mirror, seeing all his newfound bulging muscles. He had grown by over a foot, and judging by the way he had to hunch to seen himself fully in the mirror he must be close to 7’. All his clothes, usually ratty and several sizes too big, were replaced by form fitting and stylish new pieces that complemented his huge frame. On his dresser were new photos of him and his family, featuring familiar places and vacations but with his new and improved body. Based on his age of the photos, he must have looked like he was ready for junior bodybuilding competitions from the age of 15.

He looked through his phone contacts. Usually just a short list of family and DnD friends, he scrolled through the countless names of the local  slutty girls around town, many of them who had sent him pictures of how eager they were take his new 10 inch cock.

He found messages from Peter, a dumb muscle kid from highschool, who was now an eager twink who sent embarrassing photos in the effort just to suck Greg’s giant dick.

*Get ready bitch* he texted *coming over in 20 minutes*

He hurriedly pulled on his clothes, his eager cock already hard. Peter would be a nice good bye fling, but Greg looked forward to all the fun he was gonna have in college. He hoped his roommate could suck good dick.