junior bacon cheeseburger

Cheeseburger with an order of revenge

I work at a fairly small warehouse-about 20 employees on a full day. Unfortunately we have to share a refrigerator that’s located upstairs out of eyesight unless you happen to be up there eating. I had a hot pocket stashed in the freezer to eat on a day where no other options are available. When I reached said day, I went up to eat my hot pocket and it’s not there. I went back downstairs bitching because I was hungry and someone stole my food. A couple of employees saw another employees eat my hot pocket and quickly snitched on him. I confronted and drilled him until he finally confessed to eating my stash.
Fast forward a couple of weeks later, said food thief was super busy the whole day and had to send for a really late lunch through a co worker because he was too busy to pick it up. Mind you it was around 4pm and our hours and from 8am to 5pm. The coworker bought the thief’s food back and left it up front with me. It was a junior bacon cheeseburger, nuggets, & small fry. I was still pissed about my hot pocket. I called him over the radio and announced that his food was up front with me. I then proceeded to eat his food. When he finally made it from the back of the warehouse to up front with me, I was finishing up the last of his fries. Revenge never tasted so good!

Chapter 7

Alani Casey Rodgers ~1 week later ~ “There’s my child”, my mama said as I made my way over to her. I laughed a bit and took a seat next to her. Today is the day that she gets checked up so they can see how’s the baby doing, “hey mama”, I greeted leaning over the seat kissing her on the cheek. “Mhn hmn hey mama nothing why haven’t I seen you in a week”, she questioned looking over at me. “Sorry mama I’ve had a lot on my plate plus I’ve got so much to tell you”, I explained making her nod a bit. “Yeah OK we can talk over lunch since your daddy didn’t want to feed me”, she frowned a bit making me lightly chuckle. “Yeah speaking of him where is he?, I asked. Before she could answer he walked in smiling a bit, "Hey daddy”, I spoke as he sat down. “Hey baby”, even though I’m still upset from the whole him bashing Chris I’m still going to speak to him. “Alex Rodgers”, a nurse called my mama name. She sat her magazine down and stood up walking over to the nurse. We trailed behind her as she led us in a room. My dad and I sat down in the chairs as mom laid on the bed, “ok let’s see how the baby is doing”, the nurse said as she lifted up my mama’s shirt putting some blue gel on her stomach. “That’s cold”, my mama whispered making me laugh out a bit. “Ok mom as you can see this is your baby.. now we can’t find out the sex of the baby because it’s not big enough for me to see”, she explained making my mama nod her head a bit.  “But when you get around 3 months I’ll be able to tell you the sex of your little one, everything looks find which is a great thing. Have you been taking the vitamins we prescribed you?”, she questioned wiping the gel off of her stomach before handing her the ultrasound. “Yes I have every single day”, my mama replied before thanking her and taking the pictures out of her hand. “See you soon”, the nurse smiled at us as we made our way out of the room. “Daddy I’m stealing mama for a few hours we need to talk about some things”, I said as we made our way outside. “No problem.. I’ll see you when you get home”, he kissed my mama before hugging me and walking the opposite direction to his car. We got inside of my car and I started it up looking over at my mama, “So where should we go?”, I asked backing out of the parking spot.  “Well I’m craving some Wendy’s so we can eat there”, she suggested placing her hand on her stomach lightly rubbing it. “So what did you want to tell me”, she said looking over at me as I stopped at a red light. “Well I don’t know where to start to be honest”, I said looking over at her. “Start with the good”, she said making me smile a bit. “Well me and Chris talked about our relationship again and he said that he was going to take me out on a date so we’ll make it official”, I explained watching a smile appear on her face. “Aww look at my baby growing up”, she cooed leaning over and pinching my cheek .“Mama you gone make me crash”, I groaned swatting her hand away causing her to laugh. “I’m happy for you baby.. I can tell that you and Chris are going to make a cute couple”, she said making me smile but I soon stopped thinking about the whole Asia sitaution.  “Yeah me to but I’m not ready for the baby mama drama I mean me and her already have problems”, I said sighing out. “What happened baby”?, she questioned looking over at me as I parked in the empty parking space. “Well she came over to his house looking for Ava and I had her at the time so when I got there she tried to get loud with me calling me out my now. She was talking about how she don’t want me to play mommy to her daughter, so she’s threatening to take Ava from Chris”, I explained watching my mama shake her head as we got out of the car. “She’s just jealous that your dealing with Chris and he doesn’t want her anymore, don’t stress about her because even if your playing mommy to Ava your doing a hell of a job. Your doing more then she is”. She stated making me nod my head, I am doing more for Ava then she is I mean don’t use your parents as an excuse not to see your daughter.  “I honestly don’t want her to take Ava from Chris ma I mean she is his world and if she takes her than he’s going to be devestated”, I said sighing out shaking my head a bit. “If Chris has a good lawyer and faith I’m sure everything will be fine now come on chile I’m hungry”, I couldn’t help but laugh as we made our way inside of the Wendy’s. “Hi welcome to Wendy’s how may I help you”, the lady behind the counter greeted smiling at us. “Hi I’ll like a Junior bacon cheeseburger, a large fry and a frosty”, I said looking over at my mama watching her rub her chin. “Um I’ll like a chili, a Junior bacon cheeseburger, a fry and a vanilla frosty”, she nodded ringing us up. “That’ll be $20.01”, she said making me pull a $20 bill and a penny handing it to her. “Your food should be ready in about 10 minutes”, I nodded going over to an empty booth. My mama sat across from me and smiled a bit. “So have you found a job out here yet”, she asked making me nod my head. “Yeah I’m a part- time model, I felt as of I might as well do something that I like plus I’m getting paid a decent amount of money”, she nodded as tears clouded her eyes. “Mama why are you crying”, she sniffed and wiped her tears. “Your growing up into a beautiful independent and I’m so proud of you”, I couldn’t help but smile extra wide.  “Aw thanks mama I’m glad your proud of me”, she smiled again and the lady walked over with our food. “Enjoy your meal”, she smiled at us making me thank her before getting my food out of the bag. As I was eating and talking to my mama my phone vibrated making me furrow my eyebrows, I grabbed it out of my purse and unlocked it to see that I had a picture message. I opened my message app and saw that it was Ava smiling brightly, I smiled extra wide and showed the picture to my mama causing her to aw. I decided to text him back. To: ChrisAwww look at my widdle baby she’s to cuteFrom: Chris I know with her bad self.. she misses you thoughTo: ChrisYou miss me to don’t front sir From: Chris Of course I miss your big headed ass To: ChrisSir my head is not that big :( From: ChrisI’m kidding ma but I want to spend some time with you and Ava again do you mind coming over?To: Chris Aw I’ll love to spend time with ya’ll.. I’m out with my mama though so after I’m done spending time with her I’ll be over thereFrom: ChrisAlright Ma I slid my phone back in my purse and looked up to see my mama smiling at me, “What”, I said eating one of my fries. “You all over here blushing. I know you was texting Chris mhn hmn I want to meet him and his daughter soon”, she said smiling making me nod my head. “You will I promise”, I replied before eating my food again. I mean him meeting my parents shouldn’t be a problem… Well I hope nothing goes wrong

Christopher Maurice Brown  “You wanna see Lani huh chunky”, I said tickling Ava watching her face flusher red as she laugh. “You a silly baby”, I laughed picking her up fixing her jean jacket. I pecked her lips a few times causing her to smile and grab my cheeks. I just pray that Asia don’t try and take her away from me, I swear Ava is my world and I feel like without her I’m incomplete. “I love you baby”, I said kissing her fat cheeks. “Dada”, she said making me smile brightly at her. I sat her on my lap and grabbed her moisturizer and poured a little on my hands before rubbing it on her hair, her hair began to curl up. I put her headband on her head before tying her Taxis up. Yes I do know how to do her hair, I mean I have to start learning now. “Look how cute you look”, I cooed tickling her stomach listening to her giggles. I stopped and got off the bed taking a look at my self in the mirror real quick.  What I have on is nothing major I mean I really didn’t feel like dressing up, I brushed my hair before going over to Ava and picking her up and placing her pacifier in her mouth. “Alright let’s go fill your sippy cup up”, I said looking at her to see her pressing the home button on my Iphone, I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to see my mama sitting there drinking coffee. She glared at me and shook her head turning back around, I sighed and sat Ava on the counter grabbing her sippy cup out of the cabinet and going over to the refrigerator opening it up grabbing her apple juice out. I know your probably wondering what happened between me and my mama, lets just say I told her about me selling drugs and she flipped the fuck out on me. She told me that she won’t allow that in her house so I need to move out, she was saying how she never thought I would stoop that low and she raised me better than that. I know I hurt her and I was trying to explain but she wasn’t having it, she told me I need to get my shit together so I have about a week to move out.  I know that I should of been moved out but face it I’m a mama’s boy so it hurt me when she said that I needed to find my own place since I want to sell drugs.  I poured the juice in Ava’s cup and gave it to her before putting the container back in the refrigerator. The door bell rung causing Ava to look at me and hold her arms out, I picked her up and walked to the door and opened it to see Alani standing there with a smile on her face. Ava quickly reached out for her causing me to laugh, “Hi my baby”, Lani cooed kissing all over Ava’s face causing her to giggle. “Where’s my love at woman”?, I questioned causing her to look up at me and smile. “Hey Chris”, she said before she leaned up and kissed me. I grabbed her waist and bit her lip slightly listening to her moan before she pushed me away. “I swear your a freak”, she said laughing a bit making me laugh to. “I can’t help it.. but I thought you was chilling with your mama”, I said closing the door as she took a seat on the couch. “I was but she told me to go head and come over here.. she was sleepy anyways”, she explained and I nodded grabbing my keys off of the table. My mama walked out of the kitchen and smiled at Lani, “Mama J”, Lani greeted smiling at her.  “Hi Lani how are you”? my mama questioned making Lani smile a bit. “I’m fine how are you”, she asked making my mama sigh a bit. “Stressed but fine”, she replied before kissing Ava on the cheek and going up the stairs. I sighed and headed to the door with Lani and Ava behind me. “What’s wrong with mama J”, she asked looking at me as I strapped Ava inside of her car seat before opening up the door for her watching her get inside before I closed the door. I got inside of the car and started it up backing out of the driveway, “She’s mad at me.. I told her about me selling drugs so she kicking me out”, I explained making her shake her head a bit. “Chris you should of told her sooner”, she said making me sigh out. “I know Lani.. it’s not easy telling your mama that you’re a drug dealer and expecting everything to be alright”, I said not looking her way because I already know she was shaking her head. I pulled up to the small ice cream parlor that was located down the street. I decided that we should have another mini date like we did at the pizza shop, I parked my car and got out also getting Ava out.  “I wanted to have another family day like we did at the pizza shop”, I explained to Lani watching her smile and nod a bit. “Ok”, she said before walking over to the counter since it was a outside parlor. “Hi welcome to Frosty’s how can I help you today”, the man greeted smiling at us. “Can I have a cup of cookies and cream ice cream and vanilla with sprinkles”, he nodded and grabbed two cups putting the ice cream in the cups placing them on the counter. “And you miss”, he asked looking over at Lani. “I’ll like a vanilla cone with strawberry dip”, he nodded and made her ice cream passing it to her. “That’ll be $3.00”, I nodded handing him the money taking our ice cream and sitting at a empty table. I placed Ava on my lap handing her the spoon letting her feed herself. “So I was wondering if you can help me look for a condo”, I said eating some of my ice cream. “Mhn sure I don’t have no problem with that”, she said smiling at me eating some of her ice cream. “So I told mama about our upcoming date and she said that she wants to meet you soon”, I nodded a little..speaking of the date I know exactly where I’m taking her. I want our first date to be remember able and special. “Speaking of our date can you tell me where we’re going”? she questioned making me shake my head. “Nah I want to surprise you”, I said making her pout and continue to eat her ice cream.  "Your no fair", she said making me laugh out. “Trust me when you see it you’ll thank me latter”, I said smiling cockily at her watching her roll her eyes a bit, “Yeah ok sir”, she said smiling  at me again.. I swear she has the prettiest smile ever, I can’t wait to officially call her mines.  “So have you heard from Asia”, she questioned making me shake my head. “Nah and I really don’t plan on to but I know that I’m ready just in case she try some shit”, I said making her nod her head. “Yeah I just hope she don’t try and completely take her.. I’ll be devastated without my little pooh bear”, she said reaching over and pinching Ava’s cheeks causing her to smile with a face full of ice cream. “Yeah me to”, I looked at down at my baby and smiled at her. I just hope that Asia don’t try something like I said before.  And hopefully this date with Alani goes well because boy what I have in store for her…. It’ll be the best night she ever had