Highlights from The Silence of the Rings

Ruel has died from a heart attack.

Friends are gathered to to pay their final respects to the late Ruel.

Tears are all around, from Ruel’s pet Junior to-

… Yugo.

Oh wait… Ruel’s not so dead after all.

The other two shipmates spent the whole episode thinking Ruel is dead.

Black Ink: It’s always the good ones who go first.

Elaine: He was so… full of life!

Black Ink: It’s hard for those that are left behind.

Elaine: No one can replace him.  He was so generous!

Black Ink: Generous?!


As soon as the camera turns off, yugyeom is dead 😂😂

a fan: *calls jinyoung jr./junior*

Jinyoung: bitch, come again???

photo (cr.)

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youngjae pretended to kick jinyoung out of the chat by typing like an automated message you’d see in an online game and fooled jinyoung