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[Translation] Yamada Ryosuke +Act Nov 2016 Interview

This was one of Yamada’s magazine interviews for his Cain & Abel promotions, Yamada Ryosuke shares a lot of great thoughts in this interview, about Cain & Abel, about his co-stars, and his view on acting as general. We thought we really need to share his thoughts to everyone. 

This interview was re-translated from Mandarin by twitter user @CeliaSee from a weibo user Ciarin (original translation here). Both Ciarin & CeliaSee had agreed to have me publish it in this blog for everyone to read and enjoy, so here you go!

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[T/N: I think I have seen some quotes of the interview on twitter or weibo, but with a lot of Yamada interviews, you need to read the whole thing to get a better sense of what he is trying to say.

Sorry for spoilers - I can’t help making snarky comments as I have already watched the show.  The article is too long, so please excuse the grammatical errors.]

Fuji TV will start transmitting the new Monday 9pm drama, “Cain and Abel”, on October 17th.  The story is a modern adaption from the Old Testament about the fateful brothers; exploring the themes of families, love, etc. in the series. Yamada Ryosuke of Hey! Say! Jump is playing the lead.  It is his first time starring in a Getsu 9 drama as well as his first role in a love story.

The momentum of Yamada Ryosuke, the actor, is unstoppable.  He received the Newcomers of the Year award at the 39th Japan Academy Prize for his lead role in Assassination Classroom, and the sequel, Assassination Classroom Graduation, was also a big hit at the box office.  In addition, he received the Rookie of the Year award at the 25th Japan Film Critics Award for his portrayal of Semi in the movie Grasshopper.  Even now, though he just finished filming in the live action adaptation of the popular manga series, Fullmetal Alchemist, he was immediately cranking in for Cain and Abel.  He had accumulated many experiences while juggling between his role as a super popular idol and acting in many dramas through the years.  How does Yamada feel about acting in a drama again after the last couple of years, where his acting skills had been discovered and watched by the movie industry? We will talk to him about his dual roles as an idol and an actor, his views about the newcomer awards, and many other topics.

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Ohno Reminisces His Coming of Age Day

From “Arashi Discovery” on January 13 (FM Yokohama)

On this day Ohno Satoshi-kun shared the “Quote of the Day” by Kawai Kanjiro, a potter based in Kyoto from Taisei to Showa era, “The past blooms right now, the future buds right now.”

Ohno-kun then went on to reminisce about his Coming of Age ceremony.

Ohno had his Coming of Age ceremony a year after Arashi debut. It was the first time he bought a suit and he remembered celebrating while standing alongside V6’s Okada Junichi and TOKIO’s Joshima Shigeru.

It was the first time he was surrounded by the media not as Arashi, but as Ohno-kun.

He was asked, “Now that you’ve become an adult, tell us your ideal type of women.” He didn’t know how to answer, so he said, “I want to date a foreigner.”

After that segment aired on TV, many of his classmates texted him, “So you’re like that.” He replied, “I don’t know how but I said that.”

As January 13 was Coming of Age Day, he said that he had sent congratulatory messages to his juniors Chinen Yuri, Yamada Ryosuke and Nakajima Yuto from Hey!Say!JUMP and wished all his “newly of age” listeners well.