The kids loved this wheel at Junibacken. They had so much fun running like hamsters in it.

Vi var fem vuxna som gick på Junibacken pga muminutställningen, de visade en pjäs - Vad hände sen?.

Innan pjäsen frågade en av skådespelarna om någon hade läst eller hört eller tittat i boken Vad hände sen, inget av barnen sa något eller räckte upp handen. Till slut räckte min kompis upp handen. Sedan resten av oss. Mvh bara de vuxna Mumin-nördarna hade läst boken.

Det var en jättebra pjäs dock! På bilden är de i skogen bland hattifnattar. Mumintrollet, Mymlan(s dotter) och Lilla My är i fokus.


The Children’s Museum thats not just for kids 

Do you remember the children’s books about the little red headed, pig tailed, freckled faced girl named Pippi Longstocking? The one who lived all by herself with her pet monkey Mr. Neilson, and horse in Villa Villakulla? Well you cant even imagine my excitement and surprise when l discovered that she was Swedish and there is a whole museum dedicated to her and the author who created her story. Astrid Lundgren is a very popular childrens author and she and other Swedish childrens authors have their work immortalized in this really cute yellow house just on the island of Djurgarden.

Inside you will actually find Villa Villakulla. Kids (and big kids) can walk around and play inside. There’s even a community of small houses. Inside you can follow a path to a small town where there a child sized homes. They are much better than your average North American club house. These homes have everything from stoves to couches, coffee tables, dining rooms and there’s even a tool shed down the street. Its great place for kids to engage in dramatic play with real live props. Even the adults enjoyed it. I stepped inside one house and pretended to have my friend over for tea. 

Even better was the ride. Yes there is a ride. It takes you on a journey through a popular Swedish childrens tale. You step inside a small cart and it lifts you through the house. Hold on tight because it does go up pretty high. The effects are amazing. There was a dragon, a huge rat and a little boy who was so small he fit inside a tea cup.

I had so much fun at Junibacken. I highly recommend going here. And don’t forget to check the gift shop where you can purchase your own authentic Pippi doll.

i’m on vacation in stockholm this weekend. me and my mum. we’ve been to skansen and junibacken, and last night we saw the swedish musical version of romeo & juliet. it. was. amazing. this whole vacation thing is amazing. we’re staying at a friend’s place, and she lives in the archipelago and it is so beautiful out here. and she just… serves us dinner, and dessert with sparkles!

so, yeah. we’ve been having the greatest time ever. going home tomorrow. then i have to study. not cool.

1° maggio: gita a Junibacken

Il Primo Maggio ha infatti origini internazionali e anche qui in Svezia viene festeggiata. Cadendo di venerdì in molti hanno approfittato dell’occasione per farsi una bella gita e Stoccolma si è popolata di turisti.

Noi abbiamo deciso di fare un giro in quella che è sicuramente una delle più caratteristiche e affascinati isole della città: Djurgården. Le attrazioni, su quest’isola non si contano,…

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