play-acting pt 2

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Athena: When I think about it now…that princess play-acting we did was actually kind of ominous
Juniper: You two sure were close. It is a little strange to think that little Thena back then could get so attached to a grown-up man like that

J: Actually, to be honest…being one of the few friends of a shy girl, a brotherly relationship…all the conditions are met…svarri!

J: I see that your first love was actually Prosecutor Blackquill!
BGM: Objection!
A: Wh…whaaaaaaat?!

A: Nonono my first love was totally Tux*do Mask
J: See, what did I tell you….wait what?! The famous First Love Heartbreaker? That one…?
A: Uh…w-well, it’s true that when I watch it now after I’ve grown up, there are several aspects that I want to yell “Objection” to…

A: And what’s more, I would make Simon play the role of that smartass character, now that I think of it…
S: I’ve come to rescue you, Sailor M**n. But it’s not particularly for your sake.
A: He did act that out, didn’t he…


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