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How B.A.P Sounds in Bed


Yongguk is going to want you to be more vocal than him. To react to his deep complements and comments and he’ll want you to tell him how’s he doing too. The reassurance will be so fucking sexy to him. Yongguk is by default (and blessing) deep toned. So whatever he says in bed will be low and it will drive you crazy. Yongguk won’t over do it though. He’ll mostly be honey groans and deep moans, especially when you’re giving him head. When he speaks (lord bless you) it’ll be in whispers. Against your neck or stomach. Compliments and just pure (not pure) body worship.


Himchan has no problems being vocal in bed. He’d love to dirty talk to you while he teases your body. Imagine (!) you’re on the bed and he’s letting his fingers trace over your body while he comments on your rocking hips and indulging on the things he wants to do with you, for you, to you. Himchan would be okay with just being himself with you, so you’ll hear many of his beautiful groans and grunts. His hand will be flat on your stomach as he rocks into you. The feeling of you making him groan, he might say something like “Ah, Y/N. You feel so good. Just for me.” To cover up his moans a bit because he’d rather see and hear you. 


Daehyun lives to praise you while you two are having sex. He’ll tell you how good you’re doing or how absolutely amazing you feel. “Damn, you feel so good, baby.” Or “Ah, Y/N.” just all breathy. When he’s not talking he’ll either want you to praise him back while he looks into your eyes or splatters kisses, literally wherever he can get his thick lips. Or, and hold on; he’ll be moaning. The most beautiful, body rocking moans that make you moan with just the simple thought of them. And Daehyun will moan right in your ear, he won’t care. Just because he wants, no, needs you to hear how good you’re making him feel. 


Youngjae wants the reassurance that comes in your moans and screams for him. Your sound is his praise and he craves each of them, needs them even. Youngjae will go harder, faster, stronger for your loud sounds that award him the title: God of Sex. There is honestly nothing Youngjae won’t do to get your sounds just the way he wants them. He’ll try his best to keep his own sounds at a low to hear you but that won’t always work. His hums and grunts will still be in your ears but he’ll want you to be louder than them. Honestly Youngjaes shaky moans he releases when he enters or pulls out of you are the best things in the world. If you’re loud enough he smile sweetly after you’re both done and praise you for each sound you made.


Jongups sounds will be at the same volume throughout your sex-capades. He’ll love that moment when you get loud towards the end, signaling to him that you’re close. His heavy breathing and groans will be steady, in line with his hips motion. Jongup will have no problems controlling his sounds and movements but when he lets go and you get to hear some of his deliciously sweet moans. You’ll be hooked, doing anything to hear one of them again. They’re the best sounds to make you feel properly praised and cause your whole body to shudder. Jongups sounds will haunt your wet dreams and bless your daydreams. 


Two words. Heavy. Breathing. Junhong loves to hear you out of breath. He’ll pull you onto his length and bring his head closer to your face to hear you gasp and then pant at his size. His head will fall to your chest as he continues to move, listening to every sound and breath you take. Junhong will also be a loud breather with a few hisses and hums. Every now and then you’ll get a grunt that will knock on your sexuality. He loves to hide his sounds in your chest, neck, thighs, anywhere!  At the end when you’re both laying in bed, holding each other. That’s when Junhong will be vocal. Asking about your day or telling you about his.

Dating Zelo would include:
  • you would be dating this giant 
  • he is a tree
  • he would always tease you 
  • him petting your head because of the height difference
  • he would look up in the air over your head /pretending he doesn’t see you/ and ask “where’s y/n?”
  • or when you are walking in the park he would ask you with a smirk “how’s the weather down there?”
  • Junhong in general would be a cutie for you 
  • he would be buying you a lot of gifts like flowers 
  • whenever he’s stressed he would want to see you and only you because you are making him calm 
  • piggyback rides are a must in this relationship 
  • he would also carrying you when you are tired 
  • he treats you like royalty
  • he would compliment you 25/8
  • “you are so beautiful!!!”
  • “what a hottie”
  • “i’m so lucky to have you in my life” 
  • “omfg shut up junhong”
  • taking baths/showers together
  • him calling you at like 2:00am just to go on a date with him
  • “junhong r u crazy”
  • “so is that a yes?”
  • “let me sleep”
  • “i’ll be there in 5 be ready!!!!”
  • stealing his clothes all the time
  • cuddles cuddles cuddles and cuddles!!!
  • him being the big spoon most of the time
  • always has an arm around you
  • long, sweet kisses
  • also eskimos kisses
  • jawline kisses a lot of them
  • on the dates he open doors for you and pull out a chair and get your coat
  • he whines when you don’t want to hug him or kiss
  • he would always want to show you new choreography he learned
  • would rap how much he loves you 
  • he would love to make you laugh 
  • so he would joke a lot 
  • okay so junhong would be an amazing boyfriend, he would love you so much and you would be the happiest girl on this world im emo 


// zoey xoxo


Rated: Mature
[A bath with Zelo]


“Get the hell out of my bathtub you giant!” you yelled as Junhong made himself comfortable in your tub, making the water uncomfortably high, sloshing over the edge.

You had an entire day of tattooing due to the flash designs your shop was doing and you just ached. Your everything hurt, your back was sore from crouching over, your wrist cramped from holding your tattoo gun and you spent close to forty minutes setting up your playlist, candles, bath bomb and bubbles. And here comes this giant throwing off your zen. 

“Why’s the water blue~ Hey it’s glittery” he chuckle at the water, taking a sip of your wine.


There was no way he was comfortable, he was all long-limbed and broad shoulders and your tub was the perfect size for you. You might even consider it a little on the small side. And yet here he was with his legs spread wide on either side of you, trying to make room in a place where there was no room. 

“You said you wanted to take a bath together” he gave you a sheepish look.

“No! I said I’m going to take a bath. That was in no way an invitation for you! You’re too big!”

He smirked, quirking a brow. “Not the first time you said that”

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Jongup and Junhong Reaction to You Falling Asleep on His Shoulders

Part of Falling Asleep on His Shoulder

Part I, Part II, Part III

Honestly, I love doing B.A.P and Monsta X requests the most {my two favorite guy groups}! Thanks for the request~~!!


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Zelo - Homecoming

Anon request for football player Zelo confessing to you at the game! The requester also asked he have the blond curls. This could apply to college or high school (but was written more with high school in mind) I hope you enjoy this fluff! - Admin Em

Warnings: None

“_________________!” A cheerful voice says as someone settles in the seat in front of you.

“Hey Junhong,” you muse as you close your book and look up at him. “Finish your reading or did the guys drag you away for homecoming rituals?”

He chuckles at you. “We don’t have rituals.”

“So you just naturally spring one of your curls ten times before every game? Daehyun naturally has to pat Jongup’s butt four times? Yongguk and Himchan always have to chest bump?”

A small blush creeps up his face. “You’ve seen that?”

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Oral With: BAP

Recommended: Dirty Talk With BAP

Rated: M

Warnings: oral

If you don’t like smut, don’t read this.

Thank you @suhotrashanon​ and @btsbiaslove​ for help on Youngjae!


Giving: He is experienced. He knows exactly where to touch you and exactly how to use his mouth to bring you the most amazing pleasure you’ve ever felt. He loves to eat you out from behind so he can get delicious handfuls of your ass.  He’s so in tune with you he knows exactly when to back off and tease you before you can cum. He wants to hear you whimper and beg just a little longer before giving in and letting you cum all over his tongue.

Receiving: He is rough. His hands tangle in your hair and hold your head as he fucks himself into your throat. His deep ass moans reverberate through the room. He’s pretty vocal, growling out your name and moaning. When he cums, it’s in your throat with a shout of your name. Afterwards, he’ll stroke your hair  and tell you what a good girl you are for him.


Giving: He is passionate. Moaning into your pussy as he licks every single inch of you. He loves your taste. His tongue laps at your core, taking great care to get every drop you give him. He’s whispering soft praises the entire time. Telling you you’re so good to him.  

Receiving: He’s soft. His hand is constantly touching your hair, and caressing any skin he can access from his position. He takes his cock out of your mouth and gentle taps it on your tongue with a dirty smirk on his face. When he cums, its on your face and his head is tossed back with a low, husky whine of your name.


Giving: He is eager. He’ll drop to his knees the second you ask for his mouth. He’ll pin your legs down so he can get the perfect angle to your pussy. His tongue laves over you, eager to make you cum. He loves to make you cum. He lives for it. He thinks you’re the most beautiful when you cum.  

Receiving: He is talkative. He’s constantly giving you praises and soft words of encouragement. He’ll be calling you beautiful and all sorts of compliments. He won’t shut up unless he’s moaning. His moans are a work of art as well, you won’t ever tire of them. But they have nothing on seeing him cum. Both his hands tangle in the sheets and his mouth falls open in a long, drawn out moan.  


Giving: He is a tease. He works you up with his mouth so easily. Once he knows you’re close to cumming, and he knows the signs even if you try to hide them, he’s backing off to watch you squirm on the bed. But when he finally makes you cum, his fingers slide into you and his lips attach to your clit and you’re cumming on him and he’s grinning like a little devil with your cum on his lips.

Receiving: He’s playful and vocal. He’s whispering dirty little thing to you while his cocks down your throat. He’s a tease even when he’s at your mercy. His favorite thing to do is thrust suddenly down your throat when you least expect to just to watch you glare at him from the floor. But when he gets closer to cumming, he loses his teasing and starts giving you beautiful moans with his head throat back. He cums in your mouth and loves when you show him you’ve swallowed it all. It could probably make him hard again.


Giving: He is shy. Jonguppie is unsure in his technique and it shows at first. He’s worried he’ll do something wrong even if he’s done it millions of times before. His tongue unsurely rolls over your clit and he catches all your juices. But he doesn’t get more bold until you start whimpering his name in little begs for more. Then, he finally becomes more bold and finally makes you cum with a proud smile on his face.

Receiving: He’s needy. His pants are around his ankles before you can even finish asking to suck him off. It’s amusing. The second you get your mouth on him, he’s begging for more. His voice comes out breathless from the pleasure you’re giving him. His hands are softly in your hair, giving you soft nudges to take him deeper but never forcing you. When he cums, his whole body trembles and his back arches off the bed. He loses what control he had and cums deep in your throat, something you’ve come to grow used to. When he’s done he apologizes profusely and will most likely go down on you in return.


Giving: He is enthusiastic. He’s always up for it if you ask. Though, he prefers receiving. But he lays on his tummy between your spready legs and goes to it. He licks up every inch of you, swirling his tongue around your clit to make your body arch. He giggles a little when your fingers tangle in his hair and pull his mouth closer against you. Following your hints, he wraps his arms around your thighs and goes to town. Eager to make you cum, he sucks your clit into his mouth just the way you like and you explode for him.

Receiving: He is uncontrolled. He’s exctied to have your mouth on him. When he finally gets it, he looses any control he possible had. He wraps your hair around his fist and forces your throat down on him. He whispers out soft apologies through his pants. It takes a while to get used to giving him head but the reward it him cumming. He takes your throat off him, wraps his fist around his cock until he cums on his stomach with his back arching and broken moan falling off his lips.


[Zelo gets tattooed]
Rated: Mature

You sighed heavily turning the page of your book. You’d been bored out of your mind lately. A lack of motivation and inspiration was going to be the death of you. It was like you wanted to tattoo, but you just couldn’t find the right client.

You needed a new muse.

Sleepy walked up the narrow staircase holding a bag of from your favorite street cart. “Hey, I brought ya somethin~”

“Oppa!” you grinned seeing your older brother make his way inside “You can be amazing when you wanna be” you chimed reaching out for the bag. “Gimmie”

“Ah- say please” he held the bag just out of reach.

“Yah, Sleepy-Oppa! Give me my food you tree”

“Alright here” he set the plate of tteokbokki in your hand. “You really should consider eating something other than tteokbokki”

“Give me one good reason why?” you pouted, shoving the skewer in your mouth. “If you’ve already found perfection, why seek anything else?”

He groaned, raking a hand through his hair. “Why are you like this?” He made himself at home, flopping down on the tattoo bench, and resting his arms behind his head. “Where is everybody anyway?”

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Get You Out | Zelo (M)

Originally posted by bangedhim


Angst. Smut. Gang!AU


violence. guns. blood. sweet smut.



You could hear the door slam open and shut even harder. The sound jolted you awake, making you sit up in bed. You could hear soft cusses coming from the living room. You sighed, knowing it was Junhong. You climbed out of bed and opened you bedroom door to peek out.

Junhong was standing in front of the couch, his head in his hands. His leather jacket had been tossed carelessly to the floor. You could see his shoulders rise and fall with each breath he took. You stood for a moment, just observing him. You weight shifted and cause the wood flooring under your feet to creak. Junhong’s head snapped up and found you standing there.

“I didn’t think you’d be up.”

You smiled softly. “It’s hard to stay asleep when someone comes barging into your place slamming your door.”

“I know,” He pushed a hand through his hair. “I’m sorry. I just couldn’t go back home or to the hideout.”

“I figured, my home is always open to you Junhongie.” You walked up to him, your bare feet making the lightest tapping sounds on the floor. “What’s going on?”

He scoffed. “You know I can’t tell you about this shit.”

“I know,” You chuckled. “I just thought I’d ask.”

There was a brief pause in the conversation. Junhong dropped himself down into the couch with a sigh, bouncing slightly on the cushions from his drop. You stood beside him with your arms crossed over his chest. You listened to his breathing in silence for a long moment before letting out a huff.

“Junhong…you can’t keep doing this.” You whispered.

“_____, not this again.” Junhong growled.

“Don’t give me that. Junhong…you’re going to get killed one day.” You whispered. “You keep coming to my house when you’re in trouble but I’m scared one day you’re not going to come. What will I do then?”

“Nothing bad will happen to you.” He whispered, his gaze falling out of a window in front of him.

You scoffed. “That’s not what I’m worrying about Junhong. I’m worried about my best friend getting shot on some bullshit run and dying in the middle of nowhere.”

Junhong stood up quickly, using his height to intimidate you. He always did this when you confronted him. He got mad.

“I’m not even in fucking trouble this time, _____. I just needed to get away. I thought I could relax by coming to your place. Like I used to.” He chuckled darkly, his glare piercing you. “But you’re just being a pain in the ass…trying to tell me what to do. I’m a big boy, _____.”

“Then fucking act like it Junhong.” You hissed.

Junhong and you shared a gaze for moment, both of you waiting for the other to break it. Junhong was the one. He scoffed, backing up to the couch to snatch his jacket up. Then, without another word he stormed out of your house, slamming your door hard enough to shake the walls.

You sighed softly, running your hands over your face in frustration. You always did this, he’d come to your place and you’d tell him how you felt about his…activities. And he’d get defensive and angry and leave. And now, you wouldn’t see him for days. Which meant you had days of worrying ahead of you.

Honestly, it wasn’t until about a year ago that Junhong got caught up in the gang. Or well, you should say that you found out about it.

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Bright And Early

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Bright And Early

Junhong smiled looking over at you soundly asleep against his chest. He pecked your hair softly as he moved it out of your face. This was the first time he’d ever had you spend the night. You were both in denial that this was anything more than just a hookup for so long it was almost surreal that you reached this point. He slept so well with you by his side, he just knew he wouldn’t be able to go back to the way things were.

He moved you onto the pillow as easily and steady as he could before crawling out of bed and heading into the living room. He chuckled seeing the line of discarded clothes that led from the couch to his room.

After your talk last night you were officially his girlfriend now, and he wanted to treat you as such.  He gathered up your clothes and brought them into the laundry room.

He wanted to do something special for you.

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idolsclub extras:

Jongup and Junhong Reaction to You Trying Running Away From Him After Finding Out He is in a Gang

Part of Trying to leave him

Part I, Part II, Part III


B.A.P: Part I, Part II, Part III ; BTS: Part I, Part II, Part III; EXO: Part I, Part II, Part III; Got7: {coming soon}; Monsta X: Part I, Part II, Part III ; Dean: {Coming soon}

The OC is names Jimin as it is a uni-sexual name. Basically, you are in a relationship with a member and after being with him for so long, you find out he’s a leader of a mafia group and you try to run away, but failed.

Angst and violent

Note: This is JUST a reaction. I do not think you should EVER be in a violent relationship. NEVER let yourself get abused by another [mentally or physically]. You’re worth more than that kind of life.


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B.A.P Bodyguard Zelo 'Choices'

Anon said: Hello! Can you write an expansion for the “B.A.P as Bodyguards” drabble on Zelo please?

A/N: Of course! Thank you for being polite sweetheart. *hugs* I hope you like your expansion. ^^

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

It wasn’t that you were some massively important head of state or celebrity but this was a bit much. “Really? This is your first assignment?” 

Junhong’s ears were red and shoulders hunched in an effort to appear smaller. As if that were possible. The kid was a veritable giant despite being a newbie. Well, you guessed they had to break them in somehow. And what he didn’t have in experience he made up for with eagerness to please. 

Polite but nervous he stood with his hands clasped in front of him, ready to do whatever was asked. When it was just the two of you he was quick to get you water or grab some papers in his effort to help. It was almost as if he had the professions of bodyguard and butler confused. After seeing no end in sight to this behavior you had to establish boundaries for his sake and yours. 

“Junhong, I really appreciate your enthusiasm but you don’t have to do anything but keep me safe.” 

Obviously embarrassed he ducked his head. “Yes, sorry.” 

“No, it’s very sweet of you to be so considerate.” It wasn’t your intention but he looked ready to combust. Flustered and feeling bad for him you tried your best to make it better. “It’s a wonderful quality to have. I’m sure you’ll make someone very happy being that way.” 

He only nodded this time so you tried to move on from whatever weird exchange that had just been. Getting busy again didn’t stop your mind from drifting back to the thought that you would have liked to know if he did have someone special in his life that appreciated him. Idly your mind thought about being with someone so thoughtful. Somehow that imaginary person always had Junhong’s face. 

Junhong didn’t have much to do in the way of being a bodyguard. Difficult situations were avoided completely just by having him next to you. When he wasn’t smiling his stare could be very icy let alone the fact that he looked like he could break someone in half if he so chose. No one needed to know underneath all that he was a giant fluff ball.

Unfortunately there was one person who wasn’t repelled by Junhong’s presence. A pest of a man who was always flirting with you despite your obvious disinterest. Junhong clearly disliked him, much to your amusement, but could do nothing to him directly. That didn’t stop Junhong from ‘accidentally’ stepping on the other man’s foot or dropping a door on him. He’d quickly glance at you to see your response after such an occurrence but you didn’t have the heart to scold him. You hated that little toad too. 

In retrospect you supposed you had underestimated him. The toad cornered you one day when Junhong had left to take a call from his boss in private. He’d never seemed a threat before but apparently he’d had enough of being rebuffed. While not physically touching you he was threatening by coming into your personal space. You warned him once and when he didn’t back off you kicked him in his balls. He barely had the first wheeze out before Junhong came up from behind and roughly pulled him away from you. 

Once security picked the toad up the two of you were alone. By Junhong’s stance you could tell he was upset. “I’m sorry,” he blurted. “I shouldn’t have taken the call.” 

Confused by his level of agitation you replied, “Don’t worry about it. It’s not like you left me in an unsafe location. We knew he was a jerk, we just didn’t realize he was depraved as well. Besides, it gave me a chance to practice my aim.” 

Ruefully he chuckled, “Yeah, I guess you don’t need me like I thought you did.”

“Of course I need you. But I can save myself on occasion just so you don’t get cocky, right?”

“You don’t understand.” He was getting frustrated.

What was wrong with him? Shouldn’t you be the one upset? “What?”

“I love you.” It wasn’t a confident declaration. Choking on the lack of finesse young love brings, he barely got the words out. “Please don’t tell my boss, he’ll replace me. I promise I won’t be like that guy. I’d never force mys-, ugh, I can’t even say it. I just, I want to stay near you, protecting you, even if you don’t want me that way.”

In your mind’s eye stood a door. Do you open it or not? What would it be like to acknowledge those stirrings you’d felt since he entered your life? Maybe you should find out. Turning to face him you asked, “What if I did want you that way?”

Features melting from anxiety to hesitant excitement he exclaimed, “Really?”

“Really. Would you like to go on a date with me Junhong?”

Rolling his eyes in exasperation he said, “Would you let me do something tonight?”

“Ok, ok. Fine.”

“Maybe I changed my mind.” He waited a beat and then grinned.

It was that moment you learned he could be a cheeky fellow as well. But it was only the first thing of many that you were looking forward to learning about him.​


Dirty Talk With: BAP

Bias: BAP

Rating: R

Warnings/Kinks: Dirty Talk, sexual themes


If you don’t like sexual content, don’t read.


Yongguk: Lets me real; the king of dirty talk. Whispering words of encouragement, praises, curse words. Honestly no ones better than Bang Yongguk. Daddy kink too. BET ON IT.

Examples: “take it all, baby. take call of Daddy’s cock”,“my princess is so wet for me, what do you want? tell me”, “heh, you want me to touch you where?…dirty girl”

Himchan: That husky voice will whisper endearments and compliments until you tell him to shut the hell up.

Examples: “I cant believe how gorgeous you are”, “perfect tits, don’t hide from me”, “fuck baby, squeezing me so tight, so good baby…you’re so good baby. such a good girl for me”

Daehyun: Between the millions upon millions of kisses he’ll whisper complements and praises. Talks a lot tbh. Wants to be told how good he is tbh so he asks you a lot of questions.

Examples: “pretty girl, does that feel good?”, “do you like that? you like my tongue baby?”, “you’re so hot inside. god i love you so much!”

Youngjae: When he’s not dragging kisses along your jaw and leavin hickies on your neck; he’s whispering curse words and praises in your ear.

Examples: “good girl, cum for me”,“fuck princess, you’re so tight”,“you’re so sexy, look at me baby”

Jongup: Honestly, this man is so pure and selfless. He just wants you to know he appreciates you and finds you the most beautiful person he’s ever seen.

Example: “You’re so perfect”, “i love you so much baby”, “You can take another, cum again beautiful…one more time please”

Zelo: Shy and embarrassed easily but still want you to know how hot you make him and how sexy he thinks you are. Not really dirty talk, just sweet talk. Curses a lot tho.

Examples: “how are you so pretty?”, “your body’s perfect, you look so good on top of me”, “fuck, that feels so good baby”

Gym Battle

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Gym Battle (Zelo)

Summary: Pokemon Go gym battles are serious business guys, so serious… #Valor

Rated: T

You yawned widely, stretching your arms over your head as you made your way into your bed. You settled yourself, snuggling your face into your pillow with your comforter wrapped around you while the AC buzzed in the background. You sighed contently, hands groping around your head before you found your phone. You did your usual routine of checking your SNS for messages and what not, laughing softly when you came across a few funny memes here and there.

Suddenly your phone vibrated in your hand, notifying you of a new text message. You quickly minimized your apps and opened your inbox. It was from your new friend, it read:

Noona!ヾ( •́д•̀ ;)ノ Emergency! Our gym got taken over by team Instinct!!!! We have to take it back! -  ChimChim

You groaned covering your head with your blanket. You recently got into Pokemon Go, and while you loved the game, you weren’t into these weird turf wars it accidentally created. You loved the aspect of walking around and exploring different neighborhoods or even cities and meeting fellow players and even becoming friends with them. But you couldn’t help but think some people take the whole team concept a little too seriously.

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