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Jinhwan was riding bicycle but he stop and talk to some fans for around 10 mins. Some other fans told the fan that Jinhwan can’t speak English but he smile, look at her and said, “no, I can speak English~”
Donghyuk was very cute but he walk too fast. The fan had to run to catch up with him lol
Yunhyung look very handsome. He wore white shirt and black pant and many fans gave him fan gifts.
Junhoe is the last one and he walks with 8 others fans.

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jinny is so cute I cannot I wanna meet my b babies too u_u

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How would B.I Bobby and Junhoe react to you saying you love them right before falling asleep on their chest while you were out stargazing on your birthday? I'm sorry if it's weird >\\\< but thank you! Your blog is amazing! Baii!!!

(a/n: THIS IS NO WHERE NEAR WEIRD MAN. OMG IT’S SO CUTE! AHAHA Thanks for summiting anon!)

B.I: Hanbin would be in the middle of telling you what happened during his day when you suddenly confess. He’d be a hot mess, his head would be playing ping pong volley basketball as he tries to register what you just said. He would stay dead still as the words you said to him slowly sink in. After replaying the words a few times in his mind, he would come to the realisation that what he heard was indeed very real and smile. Cocking his head up, he’d peer down to see if you were awake only to be met with your peaceful sleeping face. With that, Hanbin would hold you a little closer and whisper “I love you too…” whilst gently playing with your hair he would also slowly close his eyes and drift off to dreamland.

Bobby: This would be so sweet, he’d be holding you close humming a new beat to a newly composed song on the mountain tops or something when you suddenly blurt out your small ‘I love you’. Bobby would turn his head in your direction and say ask “What did you just say babe?”, whilst anticipating for a reply he would catch a glance of you already well knocked out on his chest. He would chuckle a bit, knowing all too well himself what you just said. Looking up into the stars Bobby would want to freeze time and capture the perfect moment. He’d slowly close his eyes and snuggle his head next to yours whilst taking in your scent muttering “me too…”

Junhoe: Oh boy, once those three words ‘I love you’ come out of your mouth Junhoe will probably freak (in a good way of course). His natural reaction would be to scream bloody “WHAT?!” and sit right up, obviously stirring you in your sleep. He’d grab your shoulders lightly and sit you up, he’d look straight into your eyes and ask you to repeat what you just said. If you confirm it, he’d break out into the trademark ‘Junhoe’ smile and embrace you in a long long long hug. In between the hug, Junhoe would return the confession with a small peck on your cheek. Again if you denied confessing, he would break out in a little protest and argue saying you did. He would keep bugging you over and over again saying that he heard you clearly to the point you give up and say you love him anyway. Being the snarly kid he is, he would smirk and say in a sing song voice “I didn’t hear properly~”, prompting you to repeat it a few more times even with you protesting that it wasn’t fair on your birthday. This moment would mark the start of a long chain of teasing for you. ^^

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I hope this is okay to ask, but what is the controversy about June about rn? All I know is that many are defending him saying he's an adult and can make his own decisions. You're one of the v few ikon blogs I follow so its hard to keep up w evrything

people are just overreacting and freaking out because he was in the club with another girl

i honestly don’t understand why people are blowing this up and making such a big deal out of this. it’s sad that it’s even a controversy because he is an adult as many already said and he can do what he wants. i also don’t understand what’s so wrong about it or why people are hurt?? i think it’s mostly younger fans because it’s their oppa doing “”””bad””””” things like that when it’s NOTHING bad  AT ALL. it’s pretty normal if i look around, most of the people in my age (who are even a year or more younger) do stuff like that, so why shouldn’t june do that? isn’t he a human being? they think just because he is an idol he has to dedicate his entire life to us fans and oh never even look into the direction of a girl because oppa you’re mine??!!?!?? some people sometimes forget that they’re just like us and that they don’t belong to us. who are we to judge them anyways? or even make decisions to not go to the club or whatnot. he is just a human-being, he is an adult, it’s his life and he can do whatever the hell he wants. isn’t it already enough that they’re not allowed to date and barely have any free-time because of us? let him live for gods sake. he probably already got enough scolded for this, for something which he shouldn’t be scolded for. 

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