150903 Mnet M Countdown - Next Week - Junho

I can’t tell you how much these boys mean to me. They’ve given me years of happiness and joy. I was blessed the day I went to their concert and finally witnessed them in front of my face. I’ll never stop supporting, loving and thanking these boys for the rest of my life. Being a HOTTEST has literally been the best decision I could have ever made for myself.

♡ We’ve made it, boys. It’s been 7 years and I’m counting on many more. ♡


@dlwnsghek: 2PM 7th anniversary. This was possible because of everyone’s love. Just like up till now, please look over us in the future. Our members, let’s keep on fighting♥ @Jun2daKAY @taeccool @Khunnie0624 @2PMagreement211 @0430yes

trans. by @2pmalways

I knew 2pm would have been my favourite boy group when i saw this video few months later in 2010. They won the Song of the year at Gayo Daejun in 2009, and they donate the victory to Jay Park, who left the group few months earlier that year. 

Since then they became my role model, their loyalty blew me up and  made me believe that nice people exist. 

#7HANKYOU2PM for changing my life - in better.


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