2PM Reaction: You blurt out 'I love you'

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“written reaction from 2pm when you blurt out ‘i love you’ - you’ve been casually dating in private for about three months.”


Jun. K: When you two got into your first heated argument would be when you realized how much you did love him and didn’t want to be angry with each other. You would tell him you loved him, that you were sorry and didn’t want to fight. He would need a minute to cool down, but would thank you for voicing your feelings to him and would reply that he had the same emotions for you. After some time, you two would be much happier and would have a stronger relationship.

Nichkhun: Going on relaxing walks with Nichkhun would always be the best time to converse with each other. So when you said ‘I love you’ when he was telling you about his day, he would be a little startled, but very delighted. He would immediately grab your hand and interlock your fingers. He would smile brightly, tell you he loves you, too, and continue walking with you, swinging your hands out of joy. If there were other people around, he would share his (heart-flutter-inducing) smile with those who passed you, and it would be an overall optimistic time for all parties. 

Taecyeon: “We are dating, you know, of course we love each other.” He wouldn’t be surprised, but he would be sure to tell you he felt the same way. Although he may not say it verbally often, you would be able to tell he does, in fact, love you as well. When you two were alone, he would show more skinship, even if it just meant holding your hand or giving you a quick back-hug. You may even occasionally find a gift sitting on your table with a cute note, signed with hearts. He would find other ways than just talking to show you he cares for you.

Wooyoung: When you blurted out ‘I love you,’ his expression would become pouty. If you began to apologize or think something was wrong, he would jokingly cross his arms and cutely state that he wanted to be the first one to say that in your relationship. He would hug you and say that he was actually very happy you shared that with him before he got the chance to. That would just make him love you all the more.

Junho: He would slightly blush and respond in a slightly more shy voice than usual that he shared the emotion. Since you were already dating, you would both know you had initially felt something for one another, but to say ‘I love you’ would really be a milestone in your relationship. Starting since you first said it, it would soon become a routine for you to chime the three words to each other when there’s an appropriate moment, such as on the phone, when departing from each other, and before falling asleep.

Chansung: You two would be lounging around on the couch, watching a movie. However, that wouldn’t last very long. He would initiate a tickle-fight, which you would happily participate in. Knowing that you were losing, you thought quickly and grabbed the pillow that was next to your torso. When you hit him in the shoulder with it, he would grab the matching one behind him. Both standing and lightly hitting each other with your fluffy weapons, you would giggle and grin. You would lose your balance and fall backwards, your boyfriend stumbling down onto you. This would cause you both to laugh even harder. “I love you,” you would remark, looking into his eyes. The atmosphere would change, and he would express his same feelings in a serious tone. After a moment of awkwardness, he would peck your cheek and would return to thumping you with the pillow, to which you would smile and do the same. 


I have to apologize, it has taken me more than too long to complete this + more requests. The summer was a little hectic for me, but now that I am ready for school again I will be able to finish everything much faster. I hope you can understand :) Thank you very much and I hope you like it! 


20160829 - 2PM to come back in September!

2PM will be coming back in September!

It’s been a little over a year since the boys’ 5th full album ’No.5’. Insiders revealed that the boys are preparing for a comeback. They’ve chosen a title song recently and are filming an MV near Seoul.

Instead of the ‘beast-dol’ images that they’ve had, the boys will be going for a 'boyfriend-dol’ image this time around. Instead of the boys’ usual color, they’ll be going for a friendly, more mellow song this time around.

Are you excitied for their comeback?

source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2016/08/2pm-to-come-back-in-september



anonymous asked:

Can I get a reaction from 2PM of them accidentally walking into your room while you're getting dressed? Add tension cause they are attracted to you but hasn't done anything about it yet.

Hi there^^ Thank you for requesting from us! :) Hope you’ll enjoy it^^

Chansung: *gets mad all of a sudden, at you and at himself* “But like, hello, couldn’t you have locked the door?! I live here as well and I happen to be a male lik - gosh!”

Junho: *walks out instantly* “OMGOMGOMGOMG! WHAT THE HECK DID I JUST DO?! Did i blow my chances? Yup I did, fml TT^TT”

Wooyoung: “I got this massive headache all of a sudden than I can’t see in front of me, so don’t worry I didn’t see that your panties are made fo black lace, nope”

Nichkhun: *forgets to breathe and turns red* “This situation… I mean… I would like to apologize and tell you that i like you as well. Ah, I’m dumb!

Jun.K: *dazed* “What, no, I didn’t see anything, don’t worry, I mean, it’s not like I’m in love with you, I mean I like you, but I wouldn’t stare at your half naked body like I do now without confessing first… yeah.”

Taecyeon: “Oh… I should have knocked no i was right :>