Black Redstart ~ Hausrotschwanz ~ Phoenicurus ochruros

This is my submission for NO EDIT FRIDAY  - and gawd, despite the minor editing I usually do, it’s really difficult to find a suitable picture!! :-P ;-)

2014 © Jesse Alveo  

European Blackbird (Fledgling) ~ Amsel (Jungvogel) ~ Turdus merula

The latest “addition” to the yard’s wildlife is a giant baby - a European Blackbird fledgling, an only child. :-) His/her father has a constricted foot, anti-bird netting has cost him a toe but he can use his leg again now. :-/

Blackbird chicks hide on the ground mainly and are very prone to predation, so let’s hope the best for the little big spotted guy. :-)

2014 © Jesse Alveo 

Chaffinch (fledgling) ~ Buchfink (Jungvogel; Ästling) ~ Fringilla coelebs

And here is the orphaned baby Chaffinch, only survivor of a clutch and found and saved last minute, who is slowly growing, developing and making progress.

2014 © Jesse Alveo

House Sparrow (fledgling) ~ Haussperling (Ästling) ~ Passer domesticus

House Sparrow fledgling I photographed on one day, the next I found him/her run over by a car. :-( It makes a lot of sense to check all kinds of locations for hiding baby birds who might no be quick enough to escape a dangerous situation during breeding season. Fledglings like the one above still depend on regular food rations from their parents. If healthy and unharmed, they can be (carefully) touched with bare hands and placed in a safe spot close by where they will reunite with their parents. 

2015 © Jesse Alveo ~ All rights reserved

European Blackbird (juvenile bird) ~ Amsel (Jungvogel) ~ Turdus merula

My submission for NO EDIT FRIDAY PORTRAIT - argh, I had to edit my caption now but I’m still submitting my unedited PORTRAIT (hehe) of a giant baby blackbird. :-)

2014 © Jesse Alveo 

European Robin (fledgling) ~ Rotkehlchen (Jungvogel) ~ Erithacus rubecula

This is a young Robin turning from invisible spotted mouse thing to a splendid orange-chested much beloved backyard birdy (aka first molt) and you can see from his/her facial expression and general scruffiness that molting is no fun at all. :-P

2014 © Jesse Alveo  

Common Raven (young) ~ Kolkrabe (Jungvogel) ~ Corvus corax

Here is one of the raven teenagers, three in a whole, the whole family was present. It’s not a good picture but I love the intelligent over-the-shoulder are-you-following-me?? look in my direction. Just look at the beautiful blue-grey eyes that will turn dark brown at a later stage. ;-)

2014 © Jesse Alveo