Things to live for:
  • Epik High performing Happen Ending live, but Tablo and Mithra replacing the ‘me’ with “Jungshik”, Tukutz’ real name, and telling him to go home more often, his wife is waiting.
    For the you that’s living such a lonely life, no, for Jungshik, I pray that you go home more often, you really need to go home.
  • Mithra trying to a girl’s voice in a roleplay, and giving up halfway and scaring everyone with his high-pitch to manly man voice change
  • Tukutz trying to be the boy in the roleplay and trying to hiphop with really broken, hilarious English
  • Tablo saying 'That’s no-no" to people to reject them
  • Epik High discussing GD’s ability to convert anything into fashion
  • Dreaming radio playing first generation hip hop music 
  • Epik High singing a clean version of Born Hater that they made so Haru and Yunwoo could listen too on air
  • Tablo freaking out that he might accidentally sing the original by accident on air and lose his job
  • Tukutz singing
  • Tablo saying at the end of the kids version: “You brushed your teeth and want to eat candy? That’s no-no!” and “It’s already time for school and you want to sleep some more? That’s no-no!”