bolded are primary / main ships; n/a means that i still need to confirm with others


dohyun //   n/a
sangwoo //   yooseob; sora
kibum //   n/a
hansol //   none
sukmin //   none
yoonsung //   emery

il //   soohyun; kimshin
88 //   jun
jin //   none
jae //   none
iseul // none

lulu //   none
jungoh //   none
kon //   none


chi //   none
hanui //   none
jinwoo //   dione
mina //   none
damian //   none
jungmin //   none


jangmi //   none

     that being said, feel free to like this if you want to ship with one or more of the muses mentioned above ?   i’m always up for talkin’ about stuff, for those ships that i haven’t quite confirmed yet i’ll go &.   talk to the respective muns tomorrow, peace !