Street Racer AU: Jimin is a street racer in Busan who has gained some popularity through his instagram. Jungkook is convinced by his best friend to go to a street race and ends up in the passenger seat of an incredibly fast car. (25/25)

That’s a wrap on the Street Racer AU! Thank you so much for your constant support and love! It means so much to me that I’ve been able to complete two AUs that have been shown so much love! Thank you!!

Little love stories (one shot collection)

My one shot collection about various ships from Exo, Bts, Got7 and Seventeen

Little love stories

♥ Jikook ♥ (Jimin and Jungkook) 

1. Beautiful Omega -wolf au

2. Smol Jimin, Jealous Jungkook -fluff

3. My Little Jimin - cat hybrid au

4. Valentine’s Day -fluff

5. Sugar Daddy -fluff, cross dress, daddy kink

6. Hybrid Minnie -cat hybrid au

♥ Baekyeol ♥ (Baekhyun and Chanyeol)

1.Cat Hybrid Baekhyun - cat hybrid au

2. I love my taller boyfriend -fluff

3. Jealous Baekhyun -fluff

4.New toy for the Kitty - cat hybrid au

♥ Meanie ♥ (Mingyu and Wonwoo)

1. Clingy Omega Wonwoo -wolf au

2. Snowflake -fluff

3. My Student, my Headmaster - teacher and student

4. Waking up beside my Omega -wolf au, fluff

♥ Kaisoo ♥ (Kai and Kyungsoo)

1. I can protect you -bullying au, romance

2. My pregnant husband -mpreg

3. Cute Vampire -fluff, vampire au

♥ Hunhan ♥ (Sehun and Luhan)

1. Handsome Professor Oh -teacher and student

2. Blonde Omega -wolf au

3. Bad Kitty Sehun -hybrid au, fluff

♥ Markson ♥ (Mark and Jackson)

1. Money boy -romance

2. Alpha Jackson -wolf au, mpreg

3. Beautiful neighbor -fluff

♥Jeongcheol ♥ (Jeonghan and S.Coups)

1. Jealous S.Coups -romance

2. Kiss Kiss -fluff

3. Cheater or not? -fluff

♥ Namjin ♥ (Seokjin and Namjoon)

1. Mommy, how did you met daddy? -mpreg

2. Alpha in love -wolf au, mpreg

♥ Vhope ♥ (Taehyung and Hoseok)

1.Clumsy Taehyung -romance

2. Little Kitty -romance

♥ Taoris ♥ (Tao and Kris)

1.Arranged Marriage -mpreg, wolf au

2. Clingy Omega - wolf au

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Little love stories


Social Media AU: Jeon Jungkook is a famous KPOP idol and Park Jimin owns a fan account that seems to catch Jungkook’s attention. (21/?)

- Unfortunately, the story is coming to an end! I only have two post left and they will be the final post for this AU. It will be set 1 year into the future!

- I will be coming out with another Jikook/Kookmin Social Media AU in the next week or so!

- Thank you for the endless support with this AU! It’s my baby and i’m so proud of it!