Guaraná’s reference is finally up! i know I should have done this like yeeears ago but I just couldn’t @.@ That’s why I haven’t been answering asks and because university really started by now , it took pretty much a lot of time x)

But it was fun! I hope you enjoy it too ^^ Her body anatomy most likely will change, but I certainly don’t want to redo all of this xD Let it be for now!

Thanks for all the support guys, and new followers, welcome! ~<3

Mod: There you go fellas! Thanks Luh for helping out when I nedded!
Guys, this is her new ref~ I didn’t do a back view because well, the only thing that changes is her head and because my eyes are hurting pretty badly. I don’t know what’s happening but I’ll try to go to a doctor next week. I’ll draw her like this for a while cause I forgot how to draw non blockheads! @.@

Anyway, I hope you like her! Wanted to show you guys with and without her red paint. She’s 27 now since Sammy is older too.

Hope to be around more often! *hugges you forever for the support*


Mod: So that’s pretty much it! Luh thought I was kiding at first, but eventually came to like the idea xD And my little panda is just always there for me in the cutest way ever ~<3

And that’s also how Guaraná got addicted to, well, guaraná! She used to steal from humans when she got the chance, but she’s not very proud of that anymore…

So to answer one last question: 

Well, Guaraná isn’t, but the mod is!!

Guaraná: I came from the End… Actually I went there through a forsaken portal looking for someone. I couldn’t find her there, so I came back and traveled around the Overworld searching until I arrived here, in this village.

(Artist: The “I liiive!” thing is just a joke, it’s how Mushu, from Mulan, first appear in the movie. You can check that on the link below ^^)


Guaraná and mod: Mery Christmas to you all guys! Here, I have 483 gifts here, one for each and everyone of my dear dear dear followers! Don’t worry, I have a few more saved for the new followers to come! They are huge right? That’s because inside of it it’s full of the love and caring I fell for each one of you! And inside your unique box is a reminder that you’re beautiful, no matter what! And that you’re very special, so never forget that! 

I hope you have a wonderful holiday, and I thank you with all my heart. Without you this blog would be nothing <3

NEW THEME! I did not do the code, you can find it on the credit link who did it! This is the new background image guys! I hope you like it! And don’t worry, there’s no water inside that bathtub!

Well, I have a background side of it so If there’s people interested in it I may post it somewhere… 

Ah! Don’t forget to check patterncooler if you want cool patterns, I used the one in the picture from there!

Please, if you have the time, go check the new theme and tell me your thoughts! What you guys think?

Hey guys! Long time no see huh? Sorry for being away for so loong! But unfortunately my internet condition hasn’t changed so yeah… And uni is still taking almost all my time. BUT I’ve been working on a little something! I’m not sure if I’ll continue it the way I was hoping to… To much work @.@ But I must say I like this how it turned out and just wanted to share this with you to make you sure that I LIIIIVE!
I hope you like it for now, stay tuned for more <3